Prezi Business is for Human Resources teams

Give your team the tools to create, manage, and share presentations that make important information more engaging and easier to remember.

Proven 25% more effective than slides

A recent study by Harvard researchers found Prezi to be more engaging, persuasive, and effective than the usual slide-based tool.

To read the study, click here.

More than presentations. Conversations.

Prezi gets your audience involved by letting you focus spontaneously on the topics that come up as most relevant, without pausing to search through slides.

Better trainings. Less trains and planes.

Use Live Prezi to present to multiple locations at once. Let our voice-over feature step in when you can’t be there in real time. All by sharing a link.

The clear advantages of being cloud-based

Prezi’s secure online software lets you share resources and work together from anywhere. Keeping materials up to date is easy, since there’s just one global version.


Prezi has enabled my team to have a broader conversation with our audiences. By advancing beyond a slide-based structure, we're able to bring more value and education about IBM Watson in HR and Recruiting to potential clients. I can jump around as I'm telling a story, as well as seamlessly discuss a larger portfolio of products. It's perfect.

Ed Crowe

Solutions and Sales, IBM Talent Acquisition and Optimization


Other great features for H.R. teams

Embed anywhere

Easily place your presentation on a web page or blog with an IFrame.

Designer templates

Save time and effort with our ever-growing library of themed templates.

Shared folders

Team members can securely share content, no matter where they are.


No team too big. No commitment too small.

Your needs are unique and your Prezi Business package should be, too. Request a demo and talk to us about our scalable pricing options.


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