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A government presentation should be more than just talking points or a few poorly-formatted slides. If you want to truly reach the different groups of people you work with, you need to deliver something that’s eye-catching and easy to follow.

Whether it’s a policy update, a training session for a new hire, or something in between, Prezi’s visually dynamic and conversational approach will help you to grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged.

We even have a few government templates and other resources to help you get started: 

Conversational presenting

When your government presentation is slide-based, there’s no room for adaptation. Presenters simply talk through an often over-rehearsed script full of complicated vernacular and hope for the best. With a shift in approach, you can easily turn a presentation into a dialogue, giving clients and prospects the opportunity to ask questions and learn at their own pace.

Visual storytelling

Why make your audience read a thousand words if you can just sum them up in a single picture? Prezi’s focus on visuals can help communicate the gist of your message faster than a bullet point or a paragraph on a slide.

Remote Presenting*

Delivering a government presentation to a global audience has never been easier. With Prezi you can create your own password-protected virtual meeting room and host an HD remote presentation for anyone, anywhere.

*With Prezi Plus and above


One of the most important things for us as a municipality is engagement. We constantly have to educate and train different groups of people. Prezi allows us to deliver material in a way that’s easy to follow and understand, whether it’s a presentation or simply sending a link for citizens to view at their leisure.

Gavin McRoberts

Corporate Communications, City of Fayetteville

The science of effective presentations

In a double-blind study of Prezi vs. PowerPoint, Prezi was found to be: 

More organized 

More engaging 

More persuasive

More Effective

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