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Transcript: Focus on feedback from observation - refine guided reading prompts Continue to innovate based on the needs of my learners Extend the thinking of my learners through engaging activities - push towards HOT My inquiry continues As with any project goals are a necessity Accelerate learning to achieve 'national standards' Sustained engagement of the learners Increase oral language particularly with learners reluctant in this area Address the individual learning needs/styles of each learner - personalisation Balance all the above to an achievable teacher workload Retelling ... Generic Reading Activity Increase "Reading To" "There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates' loot on Treasure Island" - Walt Disney Explain Everything - allowing to use existing tools and introduce new ones Compliment rather than replace book specific Explain Everything activity Enable revisit of a text on a second day A range of activities - retell, vocabulary work, pictures, noticing, recognising Use of sound bites to scaffold Combination of known slides and gradually introduced new activities "Individually we are one drop ... together we are an ocean" Where to Next? - Ryunosuke Satoro Need to model - many times Improvement over the term Literacy focus Great with comprehension Even in "rereading" there is some purpose Aim of reading three books a day to my learners Extrinsic motivation to engage learners that have difficulty sitting and listening Use a book(s) as motivation for our writing to unpack the vocabulary and extend the experience Creation of a vocabulary wall on words unpacked during the reading Turning more pages

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Transcript: Turning Pages Textbook Recycling Level of Knowledge Addressing Affordable Textbook Prices Turning Pages offers affordable pricing Need: Wakefield Research found that from 1,000 students in a U.S. university, 85% of students delayed or avoided altogether purchasing textbooks due to costs. How: by gathering used donated textbooks from colleges in the West Coast area and creating a database list which students can access. $70 membership vs. $100-$300 for a new textbook copy Creating this lending cycle guarantees students lower textbook prices. Turning Pages has a high level of knowledge of textbook prices and where to find the best prices We are all college students who know what markets to target We are able to identify fair price points for students who struggle to afford books & offer our own monthly membership with access to 100s of e-books. Social Issue that the idea is addressing: Other Organizations addressing this issue: Financial stress to buy required books is keeping students from graduating. Students are skipping meals to afford course materials. 1041% increase in price for textbooks Student Financial Stress Affordable textbooks Bottom Line Students are stressed because they don't have enough money for materials and need access to affordable books. Average Student Expenses: Tuition $$$$ Room and Board $$$ Equipment $$$ Food everyday $$ Transportation $$ Bills $$$ AND TEXTBOOKS??? Mission: To Provide Affordable and Accessible Educational Material to Students Locally and Abroad. It all starts with a donation -> Donate, Resell, Recycle Turning Pages was created to help the everyday student in need of textbooks. Costly textbooks can be a burden to those who's finances are limited. By offering an option for students to donate their used textbooks to our organization can help with the needs of costly books. Offering a way for students to gain access to e-books and textbooks by offering a monthly membership at a lower rate can also generate revenue into the enterprise to recycle funds for us to purchase textbooks at a discounted rate and also resell them to students in need at an affordable rate. It allows students more than one option in getting their textbooks that they need without breaking the bank. What's the problem? "By Students, For Students" Reasons for Turning Pages

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Transcript: THE THIEF LORD By: Cornelia Funke SUMMARY SUMMARY After losing their mother, two brothers, Prosper and Bo, run away to Venice, Italy, the city that their late mother had told them was full of magic and wonders. Prosper and Bo are brought in by a group of lost children, just like them. All of the children look up to their charming leader, the Thief Lord, who is not much older than them but has a completely different sense of mystery surrounding him. Prosper and Bo undergo many challenges along their way, as they maneuver through the city of Venice that holds many secrets yet to be discovered. There are many reasons why I chose to read The Thief Lord: The novel's summary intrigued me. The story has an interesting plot and setting (Venice). I had read another novel by Cornelia Funke in the past titled Inkheart, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I usually like reading fantasy books with a realistic setting. The cover art was appealing. Why I Chose to Read This Book Why I Chose to Read This Book Primary Audience I think that Cornelia Funke wrote The Thief Lord primarily for children and young adults. Today, it is considered a children's novel by many, but people of all ages continue to read it. Primary Audience One of the main characters of The Thief Lord is Prosper, who has a younger brother named Boniface, or Bo. Prosper is very protective of his younger brother and would do anything to keep him safe. He tends to worry excessively about the smallest things, but he is quite mature for his age. Even though he lives on the streets, Prosper usually doesn't steal from or pickpocket anyone, and forbids Bo from even attempting to steal. Throughout the novel, Prosper faces many internal conflicts such as his guilt for running away from his aunt with Bo in the middle of the night. He wishes that Bo could live a normal life in a normal home, but if it had to be with his Aunt Esther, he would rather live in the streets of Venice. Prosper also feels responsible for everything his brother does, which leads to him being in a constant state of worry and anxiety. He is motivated to prove to his aunt that he can survive on his own with Bo, and that Bo doesn't need anyone but his older brother. Character Analysis Character Analysis 3 SYMBOLS 3 SYMBOLS Symbol: Lion The lion represents Prosper's strength and courage throughout the novel. Symbol: Angel Wings The angel wings symbolize how Prosper used his deceased mother's words to guide himself and Bo to Venice. Symbol: Linked Chain The linked chain represents how Prosper's and Bo's fates will always be linked with the friends they made in Venice. 2 QUOTES 2 QUOTES “Children are caterpillars and adults are butterflies. No butterfly ever remembers what it felt like being a caterpillar” (Funke, 53). Riccio responds with this quote when he is asked by Prosper if he wishes he was grown-up. This quote relates to the theme in which Riccio says that he would rather be a child than an adult, whereas Prosper, who asked the question, wishes to be an adult. Prosper thinks that, as an adult, he is "free" to do anything he wants, as opposed to the Conte and Contessa, two middle-aged adults who come in later in the story, who desire for the innocence and freedom they had in their lost youth. "'Wouldn't it be great if someone really nice was after you like that?' Riccio pushed his tongue into his tooth-gap. 'Some nice filthy-rich uncle or grandfather, just like in the stories Hornet reads to us'" (Funke, 147). 2 QUOTES 2 QUOTES Riccio is part of the group of children that took in Prosper and Bo. He was brought up in an orphanage, never knowing who his biological parents were. In this quote, it is shown that Riccio wants to have a family and live in a house of riches, but he has never had the opportunity to live in a true home. "'I hope you brought some decent goods this time,' the man murmured disdainfully, but the boys noticed how he stared at the bag in Prosper's hands, like a hungry cat eyeing up a fat, juicy mouse" (Funke 40). LITERARY DEVICES LITERARY DEVICES This is an example of a simile, a direct comparison between two things using "like" or "as." This simile expresses Barbarossa's cunning personality, as he talks to the children pretending he has no interest in them while his eyes are glued to what is in Prosper's hand. There are a couple major differences between the novel and the movie adaptation of The Thief Lord. The most evident difference is that Prosper and Bo had met Scipio through Hornet in the novel, but in the movie, Scipio had caught Prosper shoplifting medicine for Bo. Another distinct difference is Bo's age where he is stated to be 5 in the novel, but says he is 6 years and 3 months old in the movie. Overall, I definitely prefer the book over the movie. The book captures more details and is quite enjoyable to read multiple times. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE BOOK & THE MOVIE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE BOOK & THE MOVIE

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Transcript: Book PowerPoint Period 6 The Shining The Shining By Stephen King 1. Introduction - Jack Torrance, his wife, and his son all move in to a haunted hotel. 2. Rising Action - The Overlook residents convinces Jack to kill his wife while he is drunk. 3. Climax - Jack couldn't resist to kill his wife, so he did it and went crazy. 4. Falling Action - The Overlook explodes, and Jack dies. 5. Resolution - Hallorann guides two women to safety from The Overlook. Plotline Plotline This is a Man vs. Man story. The manager of The Overlook, along with the workers there convinced Jack to kill his wife, which lead to more than just his wife's death. Conflict Conflict This story takes place at a hotel in the Colorado Rockies. This hotel is a fake one, and it has the name "The Overlook". Setting Setting Jack Torrance - An average man that ends up going crazy and doing horrible things to hurt people. Wendy Torrance - Jack's wife, she got murdered by Jack, after The Overlook convinced him to do it. Danny Torrance - The child of the two, has "the shining" which means he has psychic powers. Characters Characters Dick Hallorann - One of the people who had the "shining" powers. He shared this with his grandmother. Stuart Ullman - The Overlook's manager, warns people of "cabin fever" where someone killed their family and themselves. Horace Derwent - An accountant who owned The Overlook. Tony - Someone who is thought to be Danny at 15. Characters Characters The Shining is the story of a desperate family of 3, and their son has disturbing sightings in his psychic thoughts, and Jack's writings go nowhere, and The Overlook forces Jack to kill many people. Theme / Main Idea Theme / Main Idea My personal reaction to this story was that I love this story, and wish that I had seen the movie to see both representations of this story. Personal Reaction Personal Reaction 1. The Shining (May 23, 1980) There were no similar books. One similar movie. Similar Books/Movies Similar Books/Movies October 1st - October 5th: Periodic reading of the story. October 20th - October 22nd: Thinking about, and creating the presentation. October 30th - November 2nd: Rehearsal for presenting and then presenting. Timeline Timeline Stephen King was born in born on September 21st, 1947 in Portland, Maine. He married Tabitha King, and they are both authors. King's first professional story was The Glass Floor, then to Startling Mystery Stories in 1967. King's first novel was Carrie, and was accepted by publishing house "Doubleday". About Stephen King About Stephen King That's all? Thanks to my editor: They don't want their name said. That's all?

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Transcript: * Books, novels, poems, music it all plays a huge roll in the way that children act, speak, and conduct themselves within society and towards people Should be banned * To ban a book is to take away the possibility of educational expansion and imaginative growth and maturity * Banning a book is an act of fear an demand for censorship, closest act in history to men burning women in witch trials * More than 6364 books have were put to challenge from 1990 to 2000 *Challenge (a book): an attempt to remove or restrict materials, based on the objections and personal opinions of a person or group Books Shouldn't be banned continued * If people worried less about books being read in classrooms and more of what is going on behind closed doors the percentages of teen pregnancy and rape cases could come to a bare minimum _________ * Books like Harry Potter are banned because they glorify witch craft and promote acts of evil and violent nature Free the Pages Thesis Background * keeping children from these words wont work forever, eventually they grow up and go into a society where anyone can do or say almost anything they want and not get reprimanded By: Samantha Geisel * Banning books is like taking someones ability to speak away , which is against the first amendment to to Constitution of the united states * 60% of challenges are brought up by parents trying to protect their kids from inappropriate language, sex, and violence Books Should Never Be Banned Although it may happen all the time, a book should never be banned or challenged

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