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Disney World Powerpoint Template

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Disney World

Transcript: Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom IV. Animal Kingdom is the fourth theme park that was opened at Disney World. a. Animal Kingdom if the world’s largest animal theme park b. It consists of 500 acres of landscape c. It is home to more than 1,700 animals from 250 species d. There was controversy at its opening i. it was under investigation by the United States Department of Agriculture due to the deaths of at least a dozen animals in the park, some of which were of endangered species 1. Illness and accidents e. Nonetheless, Animal Kingdom prospered and has become known for its conservation efforts Disney Hollywood Studios III. Disney Hollywood Studios was introduced. a. Opened in 1989 b. Originally called MGM Studios c. Attractions i. Stunt shows 1. Car stunt show – walks spectators through how stunts are done for action movies 2. Indiana Jones II.Epcot is the second theme park to be added to Disney World a.Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow/“Every Person Comes Out Tired” b.Conceived between 1962-1966, but came to a halt after Walt Disney’s death c.The park is divided into two sections i.Future World – the “prototype community” ii.World Showcase – a group of pavilions that represent different countries 1.Not originally in the plan for Epcot a. When the park was first conceived in 1971, it consisted of just the M.K. and 2 hotels b. The park is famous for its use of “utilidors” i. A network of underground passageways beneath the park ii. Walt Disney was all about “the show;” he didn’t want a cowboy walking through Tomorrowland c. The park is divided into six areas i. Main Street USA – Cinderella’s Castle ii. Adventureland – Pirates of the Caribbean iii. Frontierland – Splash Mountain iv.Tomorrowland – Space Mountain v.Liberty Square – Haunted Mansion vi.Fantasyland – It’s a Small World Epcot Animal Kingdom

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