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Blue sky

Transcript: All the school here would not give homework because all the work will be in school and next to finish class , children will do a sport, something cultural and learn a new language (it is opcional). 4° Article 10° Article All people have to take cover somewhere before the final bell ring, if a person is walking outside after that time, he/she will be considered as if were doing improper things and will be led with the Council of Elder's building. If the person doesn't present sufficient reasons, he/she will be punished. 9° Article If you are a woman your groom would be taller or the same height than you. And if you are a man your bride would be smaller than you. This is for ensure the security of the future community and the good distribution of couples. All the people who have lost someone who was related by blood ties, either by an accident, a disease, beasts, or any other situation must be rewarded. The Council of Elder's building is going to analyze the compensation depending of each situation. Exceptions: if a person didn't has any parent with blood tie, but he or she had a tutor and he/she died, this person must be rewarded too. 11° Article 7° Article Everyone that lives here would have a pet, it could be a cat, a dog, a hamster or any animal you prefer, but it can not be an insect or something related with. It will help for the order and education of children, the obligation of see for other living thing, the learning of be clean, responsibility and have the most loyal friend in the world. 5° Article 1° Article 2° Article 6° Article All the boys and men would have short hair and slicked up it, for uniform the society, the cleaning and avoid the green sickness of the head (men or boy with long hair will have green hair next it will disappear and finally the face will be always green and in a few days, he will die) .And all the girls and women would have short hair (to the shoulder) or long hair (to half of the back) for issues of clean and appearance. Our society will be order, clean and all the people here is good - looking. Every weekend would be of three days to rest well, do the house and coexist with the family and friends. This is for ensure the specie, the order of society and the good production of it. All people have to respect work of others. It doesn't matter the sex, age, or what kind of person is. If someone is caught stealing the work of others, missing the respect or doing something that he/she shouldn't be doing, that person will be punished. These laws were created to bring peace, order and harmony to society of “Blue sky”, they will protect the rights and obligations of every single person in this village which has a dictatorial regime and a council of elders. They have to be fulfilled for all the society if someone does not follow it, he or she will be punished by the council of elders, in the worst case he or she will be abandoned in the desert. Each week, when the bell indicates the end of the day, all people must show to the custodian their work of that day. The person who doesn't show his or her work of the day, should go with the Council of Elder's building to present his/her reasons. If the reasons are not accepted by the Council, this person must double work the next week and show his/her results to the custodian. If he/she doesn't present good results again, consequences will be taken by the Council. FONTS Blue sky 3° Article 8° Article All people in the village, regardless of race, color, age or sex, each Sunday, at 8:00 am must get out of their homes, breath deeply, and extend their hands in sign of gratitude for the end of another week of life. To any person who is caught not doing this ritual, will be taken to the Council of Elder's building, to carry out his or her sentence. A bell is going to sound to give the signal. Exceptions: if the person has a disease, or any reasonable situation that could hamper the ritual, the law can be omitted.

Blue Sky

Transcript: 1. Out-deliver larger agencies 2. Leave egos at the door 3. Act in the best interest of the client 4. Adaptable agency 5. Remain a flat organization 6. Seamlessly integrate all media channels to ensure brand consistency and cost efficiency 7. Engage brand's fan base 8. Measure traffic driving the campaign 9. Spirit of company shines through in work and relationships 10. When a client wins, we win "We possess the will and determination to out deliver larger agencies. We have the ability to seamlessly integrate and manage traditional, promotional, social and digital channels which ensure brand consistency and create time as well as cost efficiencies." Creativity Understanding of industry and target audience Experience and competitive perspective Innovation & variety -Megan Niager, Account Manager "The main philosophy of our agency is remembering the importance of keeping a good relationship with the client. We always put the client first, which helps those we work for build a strong trust in us, which means they will keep coming back." A Little More about Rob Farinella & His Company Print Atlanta Braves - "This is Why We Chop" Conan - "Conan is Back" CMT - "A Whole New Country" BBC America - "Bloody Hell" Television Moe's - "In Every Hand" Atlanta Braves - "This is Why We Chop" Off Broadway Shoes - "How Do You Holiday?" Radio CNN - "Presidential Debate" Conan - "Quick Answers" Digital Off Broadway Shoes - "How Do You Holiday?" Quick Blue Sky Facts Advertising Examples Clients and Campaigns Company Organization Ten Key Points Clients Blue Sky's Philosophy Ten points of company's philosophy Blue Sky's Specialties Atlanta, Georgia Founded in 1994 by Rob Farinella Standout creative agency Small Independent Agency One office with 20 employees Full Service Agency Equality in the workplace Leadership Creative Minds Business Minded Laid back office Accounts downstairs, creative upstairs "The Green Room" "The Stage" Founded Blue Sky after number of years being a leader on Madison Avenue Built a well respected company Success in positioning, launching & reinvigorating local, regional and national brands Grown from small company to one with over 25 major clients today Ad Agency Tour Kat Wardell

Blue Sky

Transcript: Black and white jean shorts $35 White high waisted shorts with natural aztec fabric top $32 Comfy All Natural Cotton Dresses Blue Sky Black all natural cotton comfy shorts $18 Organic Cotton Shorts To make our clothes we use all natural fabrics and cotton. We use only natural dyes that are good for the environment. When making our jean shorts we use only reusable jean materials. Our summer 2015 lines goal is to make very comfy and stylish items that all teenagers would love. We try our best to make clothes that are good for the environment while making them stylish. We have all different clothing styles made for teenagers. Everything we make is better for the environment then products from other stores. We have a store that we just opened in SoHo which is in New York City. We have sales and special offers very often. Natural blue denim shorts with lace bottom $40 Open back dress made with natural materials and dyes $35 We are a company that's goal is to help the environment by making clothes with organic and all natural materials including dyes and fabrics Presented By Sydney Avrick Our Company FOLLOW US @BlueSky Criss cross back dress made from all natural cotton $35 Jean shorts -Made From Reused Denim Jean shorts dyed with all natural dye with organic aztec fabric $45 CLOTHING THAT IS ALL NATURAL AND ORGANIC FOR YOU Flowy patterned dress made from organic cotton and natural dye $35 Located in SoHo New York City Follow us on instagram and twitter for a 15% discount off of your entire purchase Also if you spent over $125 you get 20% off your next purchase Cotton Aztec shorts with pom poms $28 Blue Sky Target Market

Blue Sky

Transcript: Advertising Getting our name out there Selecting the right advertisement for each demographic Areas of improvement Create and implementing a mission statement Updating our website Our target market varies with each location and having the right target market is crucial to our success Environmental scanning History of Blue Sky Distinguish market segments for each location - College Geared – 4th and Indiana Family Oriented – 98th and Quaker Short Term Goals (6 months – 1 year) Sponsor Events Partnerships Increase revenue by 5-10% within first year Increase use of our website Incorporate more specials and coupons Marketing Strategy Measuring Results Weekly Reports Expenditures Profits Net Income # of Customers/Average Bill What sets Blue Sky apart from others The Live Bands could be our cheapest or most expensive cost. Free - 6K Place We are in the right place Through our generic change in advertising the surrounding community will be better informed of Blue Sky’s existence and as a result profits will increase as customer satisfaction will continue to be met and/or exceeded. Strengths References What Blue Sky set out to do from the start Campus coupon books cost about 3K to get in the book Introduction Environmental Scanning S.W.O.T. Short term Environmental Scanning Promotion Campus Coupon, New Website and Live Bands! Tip Blue Sky! Blue Sky Burgers Our Company’s Philosophy Keep a friendly atmosphere and great quality food Our Company’s Goal Making our company more renown Expansion Marketing Plan Focus on our S.W.O.T analysis Pinpoint and advertise to our target market Blue Sky’s new marketing approach of upgrading the website and increasing its advertising efforts, if successful, will result in a rise in social awareness and in turn show a swell in profit. Number of employees New websites will cost us around 20- 35hr Blue Sky Marketing Plan Major competition Product Our food quality is exactly where we would like it to be Group 6 Brandon Dickerson Abby Shelton Corey Bond Travis Clark Hallie Hannermann Opportunities Use other sources of advertisements - Coupons - Campus Cash - Facebook Weaknesses Price Our prices are competitively based upon quality Long term Consequence of Negative Results Not enough Profit Change in menu variety Some profit with increase in customers Chance in menu pricing Products they offer Long Term Goals (1 year to 5 years) Conduct surveys for customers -Customers will receive $3 off coupon for completing Marketing Control Threats

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