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Black And White Photography Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: If (like most DSLRs) your camera has a creative black and white mode, try switching it on while shooting RAW. This gives you a handy mono LCD preview that you can refer to in the field, while keeping all your RAW colour data intact. BLACK AND WHITE MODE DESTRUCTIVE VS NON-DESTRUCTIVE ISO AND WHITE BALANCE PHOTOSHOP METHODS SHOOT IN RAW For the best-quality mono conversions, shoot in RAW. RAW files not only capture more data that JPEGs, but they can also withstand more fundamental mono image-editing techniques, such as dodging and burning. BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY -Converting to Grayscale (Destructive): The simplest black and white conversion method, converting to grayscale discards all the colour information in the photo. -Hue/Saturation tool (Non destructive) -LAB Color Method (Destructive): This technique converts your photo from RGB mode to Lab mode, which records the brightness and colour values separately, then discards the colour information leaving a black and white image. -Gradient Map (Non-Destructive): The gradient map tool maps a black and white gradient to the brightness values of your photo. Dark areas become black or dark grey and highlights white or light grey. -Channel Mixer (Non-Destructive): The Channel mixer conversion method lets you adjust the ratios between the red, geen and blue channels. PHOTOSHOP METHODS CON'T Setting your ISO at 100 or 200 is ideal unless you want the grainy affect. The higher the ISO, the more the noise, or grain. Colour casts affect mono conversions because they shift the grey tones onto which the colours are mapped. It’s therefore important to ensure that your white balance is correct during shooting, although with RAW files you have the safety net of being able to correct white balance inaccuracies in your RAW software before converting to mono. Destructive methods are ones that can't be re-adjusted afterwards. Once you've made the conversion, the only way to change it is to undo the conversion and start again. Non-destructive methods use Photoshop's adjustment layers. The changes that you make to your photo are stored in a layer, and the original photo remains unchanged underneath. MELISSA ATEFI

Black and White Photography

Transcript: Resurfacing of B&W Photography Ansel Easton Adams February 20, 1902 – April 22, 1984 American photographer and environmentalist Adams founded the photography group known as Group f/64 Thank you Black and white is back because it's part of the power of photography and when used well can accentuate the picture Black and White Photography Yousuf Karsh December 23, 1908 – July 13, 2002 Armenian–Canadian portrait photographer Notable work Portraits of Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Elizabeth II, John F. Kennedy, and others From an artistic viewpoint; color depicts reality. Black and white is an interpretation of reality. When shooting my own pictures, I kept 3 main things in mind in order to have successful pictures. Low ISO When to shoot Composition Karsh's portrait of Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld Before there was color photography, there was black-and-white photography. the first hundred plus years of photography was etched in monochromatic tones in the past fifty years, there have been lots of reasons to use black-and-white film In today's world, everything is in color whether it be movies,newspapers, any type of screen. We are focusing on trying to make the colors clearer and more vibrant. Yousuf Karsh portrait of Winston Churchill on the cover of Life magazine. It is considered one of the most iconic images of the 20th century Cathedral Peak and Lake History of Black and White Photography Yousuf Karsh Ansel Adams Tetons and the Snake river

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