Prezi Video for Dropbox

Create Prezi videos and presentations faster by uploading images directly from Dropbox

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Works on Mac, Windows, Chrome



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Now you can upload your Dropbox images directly into Prezi Video and Prezi Present, making it easier than ever to create engaging, highly personalized videos and presentations for education and business.

Prezi Video

Prezi Video is the only video maker that shows you right alongside your graphics as you present them, keeping that face-to-face connection even when you’re remote. Record to share later or go live with your favorite videoconferencing tool.

Prezi Present

Prezi Present is the only presentation software that lets you move freely about your content on an open canvas, zoom in to show details, and use space and motion for deeper meaning and context, whether you’re in person or online.


Prezi Video and Prezi Present are simple to use, with designer templates to get you started fast. You can even repurpose your existing presentations and slides to use the content you already have. Now together with Dropbox, it’s never been easier to really connect with your audience.


Prezi Video lets you do all this and more


Keep a human connection
Even remotely, Prezi Video keeps you face-to-face with your students.

Start with a template
Save time and effort with templates, icons, and images for any topic.

Share in your channels
Share instantly to Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, and more.

Keep them engaged
Seeing you on screen with your visuals helps students stay focused.

Reuse an existing video

Search our library of shared Prezi videos and add your own content.

Present live
Use our desktop app to present live using your conferencing tool of choice.

Help them “get it”
The visual context of video makes it easy to understand and retain.

Repurpose a presentation
Have a Prezi or PowerPoint deck you like? Convert it to Prezi Video!

Record to share later
Record your trainings and lessons for students to review at their own pace.


No matter where you are, Prezi Video brings you closer to your students

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Works on Mac, Windows, Chrome