Prezi Video: Best Overall
Save Our Ocean
Kris Flegg from Presentation Design Co

This incredible video explores how plastics are affecting both our oceans and our health.

Prezi Video: Staff Favorite
SEO Tip #5 - Know Your Keywords
Kelly Coulter

Improve your SEO with the help of the graphics and well-delivered content in this video.

Prezi Expert: Best Overall
Hidesato Fujiwara's Golden Armor

A Japanese fairy tale is brought to life through spectacular animations, sound effects, and visuals.

Prezi Expert: Best Business
Zaanse Mayonaise

Take a visual tour through a mayonnaise company's processes and history.

Prezi Expert: Most Innovative Use
Blade Runner in the Year 2019

Get an immersive experience through clever imagery and sound effects.

Best Overall Design
Explore Your Digital Mirror
Open Project

This presentation is a prime example of using metaphors to create engaging business content.

Best Storytelling
The Dawn of Captivating Presentations
Attila Gyori

Follow along in this compelling story, told with original characters and art.

Best Use of Animations
Authentic Intelligence
Elke Geraerts, Better Minds at Work

Explore the concept of authentic intelligence through this gorgeous presentation.

Best EDU/Nonprofit
CMHF Overview
Canadian Men’s Health Foundation

Nonprofit CMHF clearly lays out their mission to help men lead healthier lives.

Best Business
Philip Friedman

A business overview that stands out by being sleek, organized, and conversational.

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