Prezi Video for virtual conferences

Make your conference stand out

We’ve created eye-catching video presentations for business professionals and global educators at some of the biggest virtual conferences happening today. Prezi Video allows speakers to bring any content — including PPTs and Prezi presentations — onto their video screen and interact with it as they present, eliminating the need to screen share. We’d love to do the same for your upcoming conference, at no cost.

Below are a few ways we could work together and promote your conference — as well as testimonials from speakers who have used Prezi Video for their sessions.



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What Prezi Video can provide for your virtual conference


Custom-branded templates for your virtual conference

Use Prezi Video to promote your conference across your social channels (and our ~736,000 followers as well).

Free 6-month Prezi Video Premium upgrades for all speakers

Speakers can download our desktop app and record videos in 1080p; they can also livestream their Prezi videos using their favorite video conferencing tool, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex, and more.

Custom-designed video presentations for keynote speakers

Our award-winning presentation design team can work with your keynote speakers to bring their content to life in Prezi Video.

Prezi Video training sessions for your team/speakers

We will work directly with your event team and speakers to ensure their sessions run smoothly on the big day.

Promotion to our audience

Your speakers’ Prezi videos may appear in email campaigns (audience of ~600,000), blog (~175K visits/month), Video Gallery (up to 100K visits/month), and more.

Additional Speakers

Add one (or more) top-rated virtual keynote speakers from Prezi to your speaker lineup (per their availability) providing insights and actionable tips about hybrid meetings, presenting, video communications, storytelling, and more.


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When we help speakers standout, events standout

Keynote speaker Brian Fanzo created a dedicated Prezi landing page after receiving so many inbound requests about the tool he was using. On his site, Brian says he has already delivered 30+ Prezi Video presentations in the last 60 days. The page also features social media reviews about his presentations and he even shares 4 ways you can easily leverage Prezi Video. You can view a clip from Brian’s session at Content Marketing World 2020 below.



Here are just a few speakers we’ve worked with to create beautiful Prezi videos


Virtual conferences

Tamsen Webster

Keynote Speaker + Message Strategist
@CMWorld 2020

I've always believed that it's the combination of presenter and visuals that has the most impact. When it comes to virtual speaking, though, so often the audience has to choose which one they want to see. Prezi Video has solved that problem for me, and in the most audience and speaker-friendly way. I get the benefit of brand-reinforcing visuals that support what I say, and the audience gets the best of both worlds.

Randy Frisch

CMO, Uberflip
@CMWorld 2020

Standing out when presenting is hard enough normally - but when right now every day feels like a webinar as we live on Zoom - we need to break out. Using Prezi Video allows me to stand out so my audience leans in on my ideas. I love that I can combine my passion and expression with my content on the same video screen vs needing to choose whether my content or my face is the main focus. I always say experience wins and Prezi creates a great experience.

Carla Johnson

Marketing & Innovation Strategist + Global Keynote Speaker
@B2B Ignite USA 2020

When I wanted my presentations to stand out, I turned to Prezi. When the world went virtual, Prezi Video became my go-to presentation platform. I wanted a way to capture the attention of my audiences and give them the same “wow” factor that my Prezi presentation did. As a speaker who focuses on innovation and creativity, the industry standards couldn’t deliver the experience I wanted. Prezi makes creating captivating presentations intuitive, and stories flow naturally. One of the first questions I’m asked is, ‘What did you use to create your presentation, it’s amazing!'

Paxton Gray

CEO, 97th Floor
@CMWorld 2020

Prezi was a great format for my presentation, especially in a remote environment. Prezi Video helped my content stand out without significantly increasing production costs and, more importantly, allowed me to better connect with the audience and hold their attention. I'm looking forward to building my next presentation using the Prezi platform.


Christina Sanders

Inbound Marketing Manager, Lucid

Creating pre-recorded speaking sessions that are actually engaging has been such a challenge. Prezi made this so much easier with full-view video and engaging presentations.

Chris Dayley

Owner, Smart CRO
@CMWorld 2020

Prezi Video gave my conference presentation a unique flair. Being able to have the content of the presentation on the screen with my face made the entire presentation more cohesive, and made the slides less distracting and MUCH more engaging. Such a cool platform.




Tiffani Bova

Global Growth Evangelist, Salesforce

“When it came time to present the latest update to my annual Future of Sales presentation, I knew I wanted to do something different - to help bring life to the presentation and stand out in the virtual world we now live in. Prezi Video allowed me to seamlessly integrate beautiful visuals on the same screen as my face, creating a unique and engaging experience for my audience. I’ve already gotten feedback from multiple people asking how they can use Prezi Video to do something similar with their content.”

Jay Baer + Brian Fanzo

In a sea of presentation sameness, Prezi Video stands OUT. It's by far the easiest way to add spice to whatever you're presenting. With Prezi Video, you don't need to be an AV warlock to make your presentations amazing. Highly recommended!
-- Jay Baer, a Hall of Fame keynote speaker and certified virtual presenter

Customized a Prezi Next presentation and then converted it to Prezi Video as the video becomes the background. This can be used to create the desired emotional connection needed to maintain audience attention and drive interactivity within virtual events.
-- Brian Fanzo, a virtual keynote speaker and digital futurist

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