The Basics

With Prezi, you move seamlessly from brainstorming your ideas to presenting them. Create a more cinematic and engaging experience
and lead your audience down a path of discovery.


Prezi's zooming presentation software lets you choose between the freedom of the cloud, the security of your desktop, or the mobility of the iPad or iPhone.

And because Prezi is 3D, you can guide your audience through a truly spatial journey. Zoom out to show the overview of your prezi, zoom in to examine the details of your ideas, or simply move freely through the prezi and react to your audience’s input.

Prezi offline on a laptop

Work online or off

Work online and store your prezis in the cloud, or work offline with Prezi Desktop and keep your prezis on your own computer.
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Prezi makes it easy to share your ideas with your clients, colleagues, classmates, or the world. Co-edit in real time, from across the room or across the globe.

Sharing prezis globally

Prezi for teams

Prezi Meeting is perfect for teams. Brainstorm, create, and present your ideas in one shared virtual whiteboard. Collaborate across times zones and in real time with up to 10 colleagues.
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Start your prezi in the cloud, finish it on the plane, show it on your iPad or iPhone.

Sign up for our public license and get our basic cloud-based service. To work offline on your PC or Mac, check out Prezi Desktop. For ultimate mobility, download Prezi for iPad and Prezi for iPhone.

Desktop, Laptop, iPad

Go mobile

The touch screen is ideal for zooming into the finer details of your pitch or portfolio.
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