Prezi is best-in-class

Only Prezi lets you create zooming, moving, visually stunning presentations that grab and keep your audience’s attention, in any subject.

The science says...

Prezi is more effective than slides

In a double-blind study of Prezi vs. PowerPoint, Prezi was found to be:


More organized


More engaging


More persuasive


More effective

More engaging

More attention

Using visuals and movement instead of static text, Prezi catches and keeps your students’ interest. Jump freely from topic to topic, focusing on the material you want to cover.

More memorable

More retention

Prezi’s unique format lets you show the whole story in context, displaying relationships between ideas in ways slides just can’t. Any subject is easier to remember when it all makes more sense.

Present everywhere, online and off

Prezi’s cloud-based software lets you create, collaborate, and share around the world. Or take your work offline with our desktop app.

With Prezi, there’s no lapse between what I’m saying and what I’m presenting. Words and visuals just melt together. You can’t create that kind of connection with slides.

Tearanny Street

Director of Marketing and Communications

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