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Create more engaging, persuasive, and memorable presentations with Prezi, the alternative to boxed-in slides.

A new perspective on presenting

Prezi gives you unprecedented visual storytelling power, combining the freedom of an open canvas with spatial dimension and motion to keep audiences engaged as you guide them through your message.

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With our rich library of templates and tutorials at your fingertips, it won't take long before you're giving the best presentations of your life.

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Import any media you already use in your presentations. Prezi supports all popular file types.

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Our desktop and mobile apps let you practice and present on the go, on virtually any device. Where you take your audience is up to you.

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Cloud convenience

Store, share, collaborate, and present anywhere with secure cloud access.

Embedded videos

Add storytelling impact by embedding videos in your prezi with a simple YouTube link.


Create vivid illustrations of your data with impactful charts, graphs, and diagrams.

Present offline

Our desktop apps for Mac and Windows let you present and edit even when there’s no Internet.

Image editing

Make your images even more stunning with advanced image editing.

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