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Transcript: Next, Porter revealed that the cluster-based economy capable of encouraging competitiveness in three ways, namely: 1. By increasing the productivity of the industry in the area. 2. By encouraging the creation of new innovations. 3. By encouraging the strengthening of the cluster itself. (Porter, Michael E., Clusters and the New Economics of Competition, Harvard Business Review, 1998). Most references to the origin of industrial districts go back to the economist Alfred Marshall. Marshall expressed his view that when the industry is in a particular geographic region, the handling of the machines and materials will be much easier to do. Marshall also said the positive impact (positive externalities) of industries are concentrated in one area, among others: 1. The existence of knowledge spillover between the existing industries. 2. Input unspecialized of supporting industries. 3. The labor competitiveness (competitive). (Marshall, A, Principles of Economics, 8th ed., 1920). It could be said that the concept introduced by Marshall is closer to the concept of industrial zones or industrial district. Industry cluster consists of: Alfred Marshal The development of the cluster definition starting from a study of the success stories in Northern Italy in the 1980s encouraged the use of terminology industrial district given by Marshall (1920). The definition of cluster is simply a collection of companies sectoral and spatially dominated by one sector. design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi In principle, there are three pillars that are the foundation for cluster-based economy, namely: 1. The geographic area (geographical area). This is a specific area that became the center of activity. 2. Creation of value (value creation). In a cluster composed of various business sectors and industries, each of which create value in the production of goods and / or services they offer. 3. Business environment (business environment). The business environment has a significant influence in shaping the relationship between industry, labor and local government institutions. The existence of the cluster will give more strength to the creation of a competitive business environment. Perspective Michael E. Porter. According to Porter, a cluster-based economy is a concentrated area where there are companies and institutions are interlinked in a particular field. Porter confirms that the keywords in the development of the cluster is the competition (competition). Competition, he said is very dependent on productivity; while productivity lies in the ability of the industry to create products and / or services. Humphrey and Schmitz (1995) The Success of Northern Italy In 1995 the definition of cluster started distinguished from the industrial district, as seen at the time of Humphrey and Schmitz (1995) clarifying the concept of collective efficiency. Cluster is defined as a gathering of the company and sectoral goegrafis. By association, the cluster will benefit from external economies. While the industrial district will arise if the cluster develops more than specialization and division of labor between companies with the advent of the collaboration between the agents of the local economy in the region, and increasing local production capacity and sometimes the innovation capacity also increased (Rabellotti, 1995), as well as the emergence of a strong sectoral associations. Based on the success of the phenomenon of Northern Italy, defined the key characteristics of clusters or industrial districts (Schmitz and Musyck, 1993) as follows: (1) Dominated by small businesses who move in the same sector (specialization in sectors) or sector related; (2) Collaboration between businesses adjacent to the sharing of equipment, information, skilled labor, and so forth; (3) These companies are competing to be based on the quality of the product rather than lowering the cost of production, including wages; (4) Employers and workers have a long history on the site. This facilitates mutual trust in the good relations between small enterprises, between workers and skilled labor; (5) Employers are well organized and actively participate in self-organization; (6) There are local and regional governments are actively supporting the development of local or regional industry cluster. 1. Industrial core 2. Industry Suppliers 3.Buyer / Consumer 4. Supporting Industries 5.Related Industries 6. Organization / Institutional Support The concept of industrial district (cluster)

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Transcript: Have you Future City? "The clock is running ... Future City wants What is future city * Warning: You will be amazed by the students' models, presentations, and professionalism. Some side effects might occur once you involve in Future City, such as addiction to the program, receiving signature awards for your awesomeness, proud of yourself, and anticipation for next year program. No refunds will be accepted. Engineering and Science Future City engages kids in :¬) Getting to know more about the purpose of Future City * What will they learn? time You can energy ( Critical-thinking | Creativity | Communication | Collaboration ) donate + brain power future. combination of greatnesses simple Future City is a... Hint: It's more than just learning It's time to build your Future Get involved... Got ? To build skills for 21st century - a.k.a "The 4 C's" Hint: It's a creative competition for middle school students planning cities, research and write solutions to an engineering problem ... past your :¬) ideas Convey perspective as you move to/from detail unknow future to improve our lives and become a part of our Learning experience and get to work with intelligence enthusiastic students Today is Thursday. build your Resumé (Future City is well known by many employers) Why should you be involved? history. Yesterday is opportunitiy the things that gives students to experience engineers do and patient develop extremely FUN sign-up That's why you should now." Tomorrow is Mystery.

Future City

Transcript: The Sub-Urban community of, Sherrobok. We decided that our city would be made in BC on Vancover island we did this for many various reason's witch we are going to tell you about First is natural resources Natural resources of Vancover island are; fish Lumber Salt water lots of clean water (with desaltation plants) copper coal zinc natural gas oil gold silver nickel iron Many Lumber company's work out of Vancover island and there are a couple of paper and pulp factories on vancover island. This can create jobs and help the econemy Since,Victoria island is surronded mostly by ocean, desaltation plants could be set up to provide clean drinking water for the city, and provide jobs Because of it's location next to the Ocean it can provide jobs for the fishing industry, and the fish can be exported to help the economy British Colombia has the closest ports to Asia which is good for imports and exports to and from Asia. Next is tourism There are alot of reason tourist's would visit BC like: Whale Watching Historic Sites Kayaking & Canoeing Camping Fishing Hiking amd many more! Third is climate The climate of Vancouver island is one of the mildest in Canada with records above 0°C in January Vancover island gets 2000 hours of sunlight per year which keeps the temperature warm in janurary and solar pannels can be a reliable and renewable source of energy There is a high precipitation fall rate that is good for agriculture and soil.We can collect it and purify it to make purified water for many other purposes. fourth is education There are many Universities, trade-schools and colleges, through out Bc along with hundreds of public schools, One of the universities in BC is the University of Victoria, on Vancover island Then there is population Population of BC in the next 30 years Estimated population Density of B.C in the next 30 years, 5.41/km square Credits; Bronson.Pitt Sumanth.Aithal 5,007,166(Estimated)

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