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Future City Presentation

A presentation on Prezi presentations that will amaze and inspire your audience.

Kingsten Banh

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Future City Presentation

opportunitiy Got Learning experience Engineering and Science Future City? the things that simple to improve our lives and become
a part of our To build skills for 21st century - a.k.a "The 4 C's" planning cities,
research and write solutions
to an engineering problem ... :¬) ? What is future city Future City is a... What will they learn? Future City engages kids in ( Critical-thinking | Creativity | Communication | Collaboration ) It's time to build your Future
Get involved... Getting to know more about the purpose of Future City past + Hint:
It's more than
just learning Hint:
It's a creative competition
for middle school students future gives students Future City wants Convey perspective as you move to/from detail Have you * Warning: You will be amazed by the students' models, presentations, and professionalism. Some side effects might occur once you involve in Future City, such as addiction to the program, receiving signature awards for your awesomeness, proud of yourself, and anticipation for next year program. No refunds will be accepted. to experience engineers do combination of greatnesses ideas future. Why should you be involved? get to work with build your Resumé (Future City is well known by many employers) develop patient intelligence enthusiastic students and and extremely FUN * Today is history. Thursday. "The clock is running ... sign-up Yesterday is Tomorrow is Mystery. That's why you should now." :¬) donate You can your brain power time energy unknow
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