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Vine collective presentation

Transcript: Launched Instagram account as our initial social media platform to gain attention quickly. Built an audience from Vine Collectives followers and WA wineries to create a target market. created introductory content first to make our presence and identity more substantial online Posts follow four main themes Determined and focused on posts most popular with followers. Worked to drive engagement through commenting and liking to communicate with followers Promote other mediums and encourage further engagement from our followers Maintain and build upon our current level of engagement Focus an equal amount of attention on different mediums Hedonic content is the most engaging and thought leader is effectiveness Wine event posts! Tag another relevant organization that featured in the post WeKnowWine! Vine Collective Promotion Thought Leader: Wine-Food Matching Instagram Performance Introduction Lifestyle post: DIY Facebook Performance Endorsement Thought Leader: Wine Events Recommendations Hedonic Facebook 112 likes Average post reach 51, page reach 121 Average engagement rate - 9.5% Average total engagement - 6.77 Photo posts reached more people than links - 90 vs. 55 Similar engagement scores - 7 for photos, 6 for links Lifestyle Post Wine of the Week Related most content to Vine Collective to drive traffic to their sites Engagement is measured through likes, comments and shares 3 main types of posts Instagram Vine Collective Engagement tactics Statistics Recommendations Target Market: Young professionals living in Western Australia Reached 375 followers Average of 32.61 likes and 1.44 comments per post Lifestyle posts most popular - 36 likes and 1.4 comments on average Direct promotion posts least popular - 29.81 likes and 1.17 comments Wine Education Thought Leader: Western Australian Wineries Instagram Performance Facebook Performance Vine Collective Instagram Performance Thought Leader: Different Types of Wine Across page likes, post reach, and engagement, 18-24 women were top group, followed by 18-24 men Partly captures target market - need more focus on 25-40

Signal Vine Presentation

Transcript: Retention Rate of 1st time Freshmen returning their 2nd year (2010) 7th Year Services Montana: 68% U.S. Average: 77% Comfort level 6% exchange email 39% talk on their mobile phones 63% text on a daily basis Students that received texts about the college enrollment process were 7.1- 11.3% more likely to matriculate than students who did not receive texts College specific texts: - dorm deposits - orientation - health records - transcripts - class registration 6% exchange emails Platform Overview Summer Melt Students receive campus specific texts and encouraging texts/reminders from GU -Student support services/TRIO -activities -tutoring -tuition payment plans -well wishes -writing labs Retain ability to communicate text with campus partner & MT GU Not aware of tasks required to begin college Texts come from MT GU and campuses - students can interact with campus representatives and MT GU Timely communication Students overwhelmed by multitude of steps SignalVine Texting Platform Hi _________, Just checking 2 make sure ur getting the right msgs. Have u chosen a college yet? Txt back "yes" or "no" If yes, college codes If no, generalized plan Teens: Lacking sense of belonging Winter of Senior Year The Power of Texting: 10-15% of students nationwide who have been accepted to college fail to enroll in the year following high school Spring and Transition Don't know resources available Teens: Why is the transition from high school to college so difficult for students? ***63% send texts on a daily basis*** Irrelevance of email Interactive two-way texting... not just alerts, but counselor-centric Programmed message content... consistent, well-timed messages Hyper-personalized messages... not just mass texts, but unique by student Data-driven... determines what text, goes to which student, and when Message branching... enables unique message paths 18 Month Cycle Questions? Helps reinforce vision of themselves as college material Loss of support after graduation Communication Barriers Texts come from MT GEAR UP: - Students can respond & get one on one help - Include video demo links - Personalized 39% talk via mobile phones Retention Rate of 1st time Freshmen returning their 2nd year (2010) Hi it's Katie with GEAR UP! The FAFSA is the 1st and most impt. step in applying 4 fin. aid 4 all college students. Learn more at Hi ____, We have FREE options 4 u if u need a tutor... Stop by room 404 of GU building any time. Set filters based on profiles and info you capture. 85% of students reported that the texts informed them about something they hadn't realized they needed to do Montana: 68% U.S. Average: 77% Source: NCES, IPEDS Fall 2010 Retention Rate File Texts began about FAFSA & scholarships Source: NCES, IPEDS Fall 2010 Retention Rate File Reduces complexity Reduces hassles Combats procrastination Reduces barriers to assistance Hesitant to ask for help Retention Frequent change of residence Unplanned expenses

Vine Presentation

Transcript: On January 24th Twitter acquired Vine in an effort to provide users a way to share "life in motion". By limiting the recording time, Vine is trying to get at your "abbreviated" moments. General Electric Are you creative enough to come up with a 6 second video for your client? Within the first few weeks of launching brands began producing Vine videos to share on their Twitter pages. Vine and our clients... A Creative Opportunity Team Challenge! Brand Opportunities for our clients A Vine, a history... Vine is Twitter's new mobile app: Principles kept in mind when creating the app: Strive for simplicity. Iterate, again and again. Be thoughtful. Cons: Don't be left behind... Pros: Instantly share a marketing message Engage creatively with customers Extend brand reach Only available on iOS devices Easily record 6 second looping videos Start/stop recording Share on Twitter, Facebook or Vine A Twitter account is not necessary to use the application "Like Tweets, the brevity of videos on Vine (6 seconds or less) inspires creativity." What's in it for you? The create button is the only reference to traditional film making in the entire Vine app. Currently in the top 5 apps! Vine is Twitter's new social video app Introduced January 24th Easily create and share 6 second videos Users do not need a Twitter account Currently among the top 5 free apps Available free worldwide on iOS devices create button: Quality control Poorly thought out videos can create a bad brand image The respect of your peers... And a prize! Be prepared to share at the next S&A meeting! Who is already using it? What is Vine? Within the first few weeks of launching, brands were using Vine to creatively share videos their Twitter pages. Wheat Thins Create your Vine!

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