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TAPE Presentation

Transcript: Empowering our diverse communities for success. My Role Continuous performance improvement How does my work and activities align with the mission of my institution? (What's the mission?) Category 1 Data Days (Fall, Summer) ALAMO WAY Texas Award for Performance Excellence (TAPE) Alamo Colleges TAPE Application What training or development am I participating in to improve my own effectiveness? Category 5 ALAS What am I really good at? Category 7 Data Walls Deb Morgan, Carlos Ayala, Angela Stewart What is my contribution to continuous improvement for performance excellence? What is my plan to fulfill this purpose? Category 2 - Strategic Planning 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity Strategic Planning and Performance Excellence Neon Buzz 7 Categories: Category One - Leadership Category Two - Strategic Planning Category Three - Student Focus Category Four - Measurement, Analysis, Knowledge Management Category Five - Employee Focus Category Six - Operations Focus Category Seven - Results What do I measure and how do I improve my performance to better serve my customers? Category 4 - Measurement, Analysis, Knowledge Management How do I improve my work to meet my stakeholder requirement? Category 6- Operations Focus How do I know if the people I am serving think I am doing a good job? Category 3 - Customer Focus Examiner training (Sept. 3-6, 2013) Crucial Conversations What is my purpose in the organization? Category 1 - Leadership Alamo Colleges TAPE Application What evidence can I provide today that I am successful at what I said I'm good at? Category 7

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