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Riverbank High

Transcript: Because OVH is high open for the public, about 800 students attend our school. On average, there are about 180-200 students per grade level, and 25-28 students per class period. Our school is open for students of all gender, races, religion, and ethnicity, making it a diverse campus. Even though our school is prized for its diverse nature, it doesn't cause problems or issues amongst any students, teachers, or staff. Cafeteria Aditorium Media Center Student Rules/Policies Academics~ School Vision Classrooms The Layout of the Campus Oceanview High Volleyball Basketball Softball Baseball Soccer Track & Field Library Friday~ College Prep/Survival Day from 10:30-3:00 Evaluation Process Tuesday and Thursday~ First Bell (beginning of school day): 10:00 am Second Bell (end of production): 10:30 am Third Bell (beginning of sixth period): 10:35 am Fourth Bell (end of sixth period): 11:20 am Fifth Bell (beginning of seventh period): 11:25 am Sixth Bell (end of seventh period and start of lunch): 12:10 pm Seventh Bell (end of lunch): 12:40 pm Eighth Bell (beginning of eighth period): 12:45 pm Ninth Bell (end of eighth period): 1:30 pm Tenth Bell (beginning of extracurricular): 1:35 pm Thirteenth Bell (end of extracurricular and start of free time): 3:10 pm Fourteenth Bell (end of free time and school) 3:30 pm Leadership Tutoring Subway Tables Lounges Cafe Starbucks Panda Express The students will be evaluated on mostly attendance and participation rather than test scores. When they take a test however, it will always be open-note so as to see how well the student pays attention and takes notes rather than how much they remember. The main object of extra curricular activities, sports, and clubs, is to bring the students together and introduce them to situations that will improve their problem-solving skills, partnership and leadership skills, as well as giving them a sense of our diverse community, and worldwide issues. The Faculty Members Sports~ Gym The mascot of OVH is a seahorse. A seahorse is a majestic animal that is beautiful and strong. It is small, but mighty. This represents some of the characteristics of our students and the values of our school. Student Body Quad Mascot Online Classes Technology Outdoor Classes Survival Classes Physical Education (two full years) Regular Classes Math (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry, AP Calculus AB, and AP Calculus BC ) Art (theatrical, painting, drawing, photography, crafting, design, mixed media, and sculpture) Combined Classes (online and in-person) Health Science (Biology/Biology AP, Chemistry/Chemistry AP, and Physics/Physics AP,) History (World History/World History AP) Language (Mandarin 1 and 2, Spanish 1 and 2, French 1 and 2) English (four full years) Bell Schedule Courses and Classes Extra Curricular Acitivites and Clubs Attendance: All students must contact the school before or the day of they are planning to be absent. If a student is planning to be absent for more than 3 days, they must have proof as to of why they were absent. Students arriving at 45 minutes after school is in progress must go to the office and get a slip for either an excused or unexcused absence. Students leaving school early must go to the office and have an adult (anyone over the age of 18) sign them out in order to leave. If a student is having a visitor, the visitor must come to the office and get cleared before going to the school campus. Academics: Students maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher in order to remain off of academic probation and to be eligible for sports. Students must have a 3.8 GPA or higher to receive an Honor Roll Award. If a student’s GPA drops below 3.0, they have a month to raise it before being assigned extra academic classes during the weekend and after school. Behavior: Students are assigned detentions for any unreasonable acts of behavior such as ones not done on a daily basis. A student can be suspended for any acts of violence, vandalism, plagiarism, or any others that are considered illegal. A student can be expelled for having a GPA remaining under the required 3.0 for more than a trimester or if they receive five detentions or three suspensions in a row without serving them. Dress Code: Girls shorts must be fist length and skirts must be fingertip length. Guys pants must remain on hips. Girls shirts must not show any cleavage and can only show up to 1 inch of midriff. Some form of shoes must be worn at all times (socks DO NOT count as shoes) Teachers: All teachers must have gotten a master’s degree in the subject they work for. Teachers must also have proof of their teaching license clearly stating that they are approved to work as a teacher. Janitors: All janitors must have worked in more than 3 other sufficient jobs. They must also have clean records and good reports from their previous jobs. Lunch Staff: All lunch staff must have worked for at least 5 other schools and have good reports from each of the schools. They must also have

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Transcript: River Use Zone River Use Zone Low Costs Low Costs Medium Costs Medium Costs High Costs High Costs Construction of Campground Full-time Campground Workers Dinsdale & Spirit Park Dinsdale & Spirit Park Low Cost Low Cost Use of fishing docks/picnic shelters Use of Boardwalk Medium Cost Medium Cost Part-Time Fishing Guide High Cost High Cost Fish Cleaning Shelters including: knives tables disposal area Fishing Guide (Full Time) - formal fishing lessons Installing of boat launches Installing of fishing docks Construction of picnic shelters Fishing Classes Riverbank Discovery Centre Riverbank Discovery Centre Low Cost Ideas Low Cost Ideas Medium Cost Ideas Medium Cost Ideas High Cost Ideas High Cost Ideas Ok so I took everything that was in this prezi and tried to format it into the theme kinda style maybe it works maybe it doesnt idk but my colors are awful and I couldnt get the main page to look like yours Jenna... I think I'm done adding anything I wanted... please add and change whatever you want.. especially the colors and format I can't make it pretty Suh DUdes Suh DUdes this shit is way cooler than powerpoint but I'm so not good at it... lol ... I'm old I'm old I added a new prezi... please put whatever you like wherever you like I'm doing this because all my other classes are boring as shit #helpme I'm procrastinating I'm procrastinating Turtle Crossing Campground Turtle Crossing Campground Low Cost Ideas Low Cost Ideas Medium Cost Ideas Medium Cost Ideas High Cost Ideas High Cost Ideas Community Hall/Educational Centre - Social gathering events - Weddings - Banquets - Guided outdoor tours (meeting area)

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