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Transcript: GMOs these days Should a restaurant be allowed to sell genetically modified (GMO) chicken under the name chicken? CONCLUSION One reason... buisness! When all they have to do is add some DNA to an egg and then the chichen will become fat enough to double the meat, they're going to do it. If it's healthy or not. They can sell it for mor so the people earn more. like the "chicken" to the left it's born without feathers, so one less job there so they dont have to pluck th "chicken" . And since there was obviously way to much genetic modification, it's born with six wings and six legs. It's not fair that restaurants can keep secrets so you will buy their chicken. The people don't know what they're eating. It's not worth getting sick because you want a bigger chicken sandwich. Some people who don't care what they eat will see a giant chicken that doesn't say its loaded with GMO but it is. Then they see a smaller chicken for the same price. The smaller one might say organic. But the other ones bigger, and cost the same. It isn't okay. Restaurants should NOT be allowed to sell genetically modified chicken under the name chicken. Credits Why do they use GMOs? GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are the result of adding the genes of one species into another species. Therefore making the original species different. So adding genes from a different animal to the egg of a chicken could make them different. By adding all these genes it makes their breasts or their legs bigger but not their lungs or heart are bigger. That makes it hard to live. And some of these GMOs make me wonder if they're just mad. Okay I hope all of you know that wasn't a chicken, but some of the chickens we eat are made by humans. They basically make the egg that the chickens come out of therefore it's "not a chicken". But the government lets restaurants to sell them under the name chicken!

chicken presentation

Transcript: Now you would yell dinner no one listens you walk in to every room saying get off your electronics and then start counting to two every one runs for there lives before you get to two and they sit down and eat quietly. how to prepare the chicken then Now we just put butter on pan and set up our electrical or gas powered oven and wait a few minutes then you set in the chicken and cook. Then your would yell at the top of your lungs and say dinner is ready, everyone comes running in and sit down at the table and eat amongst there selves. how to set up now how to cook a chicken then and now Then you would wash it again cut off the skin then get a pan and then put olive oil in it then set the temperature on your propane tank and hook up to heating box and put in side. dig in (now) how to cook the chicken then Now people that own farms feed the chicken and wait till they are fat then they would take the chicken and chop off there heads and put the chickens in a machine and it pulls out the feathers, feet and guts it then it plucks the feet out and washes it and packages it to a store like HEB, Wallmart, etc. Now your take out your plates , forks , knifes , and cups and place them nicely down then you take out the chicken and cut it up and place in plate then your done. how to prepare the chicken then this presentation is a bout how difficult it was to cook chicken then and now. how to cook the chicken now Back then you would go to your farm or market area and check the chicken is perfect or trash then once you find your chicken you buy it and take it home after you chop off it head and legs you take out all the feathers how to set up then Now you set out your fanciest silver utensils' then you take out your either china or glass plates and then you place your cup(glass) next you take out your chicken and sprinkle parsley then you are done dig in (then)

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