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Transcript: Service Awards 5 YEARS IRENE ANAK TUGA Date hired: 1/1/2013 Dept: Production 2: Liquid (P2LQP) MUHAMMAD ASMADI ABDUL TALIB Date hired: 8/1/2013 Dept: Production 2: GMP (P2GMP) MOHAMAD REZUAN ROSLI Date hired: 5/2/2013 Dept: Process Engineering Department MOHD HISYAM RAZALI Dept: Production 2: GMP (P2GMP) Date hired: 13/2/2013 Date hired: 1/3/2013 MOHD SAIFUL AMIRRUL YAHAYA Dept: Production 2: Liquid (P2LQP) Date hired: 11/3/2013 NOR NEKMAN AMAT Dept: Production 2: GMP (P2GMP) Date hired: 26/3/2013 MOHD YUSOF SAMSURI Dept: Warehouse Material (WHDM) Dept: Warehouse Finished Goods (WHDFG) NEZAL MAMAT Date hired: 1/4/2013 Dept: Purchasing (PUR) SALINAH SALIM Date hired: 8/4/2013 Date joined: 8/4/2013 NUR BAIZURA MOHD YUSUF Dept: Production Planning Deparment (PPD) Dept: Production 3: Packing (P3P) MOHD SAFUAN ABU BAKAR Date hired: 15/4/2013 Date hired: 8/5/2013 NOORASWANNA ARIFIN Dept: Quality Assurance (QA) Dept: Marketing Department EDWARD LIEW FUI PING Date joine: 6/6/2013 Date hired: 7/6/2013 SHAHRULLAZI AHMAD Dept: Administration & Human Resources (AHR) Date hired: 7/6/2013 KHAIROL IBRAHIM Dept: Production 1: Drying (P1D) 17/6/2013 LIU SHEAU MEANG Dept: Factory Administration (FACAD) Dept: Purchasing (PUR) JULIANA ZAINAL ABIDIN Date Hired: 9/7/2013 Dept: Production 1: Drying (P1D) MOHD ZULKIFLI MAHUSSIN Date Hired: 9/7/2013 Date hired: 24/7/2013 WONG KWAI SHIEN Dept: Production Planning Department (PPD) Date hired: 24/7/2013 SYAIFUL ASMA ARSHAD Dept: Warehouse Material (WHDM) Date hired: 18/9/2013 TEE KIAN MENG Dept: Process Engineering (PED) Dept: Production 2: Liquid (P2LQP) NORATIKAH MAT SORI Date hired: 20/9/2013 Date hired: 23/9/2013 MUHAMMAD FIRDAUS IBRAHIM Dept: Production 2: GMP (P2GMP) Date hired: 23/9/2013 MOHD FAREZ AMIN Dept: Production 2: GMP (P2GMP) Date hired: 1/10/2013 LIM YAN LONG Dept: Management Information System (MISD) Date hired: 2/10/2013 MUHAMAD FAIZ HASSAN Dept: Production 1: Drying (P1D) 1/11/2013 JESSICA ONG ZHEN FANG Dept: Finance (FIN) Date hired: 6/11/2013 MOHD ZULKIPLI MOHAMAD Dept: Quality Assurance Date hired: 7/11/2013 JAMALUDDIN ALI Process Engineering Department Date hired: 11/11/2013 TUAN MOHAMAD ALINY TUAN ARIA Dept: Production 1: Sulfonation (P1S) Date hired: 27/11/2013 NOR AZLIMEN BIN IDRIS Dept: Production 2: Liquid (P2LQP) 19/12/2013 SYUKUR ISMAIL Dept: Production 3: Packing (P3P) 10 YEARS ABD RAZAK KASSIM Date hired: 15/1/2008 Dept: Administration & Human Resources (AHR) NOORAZLIN NASIR Date hired: 9/4/2008 Dept: Factory Administration (FACAD) RODZAINE SALEH Date hired: 7/5/2008 Dept: Quality Assurance (QA) RAIHAN RAHWI Date hired: 26/5/2008 Dept: Warehouse Material (WHDM) AZHARUDDIN HASSAN Date hired: 16/6/2008 Dept: Warehouse Material (WHDM) NORHALIZA JAMIEN Date hired: 25/6/2008 Dept: Purchasing (PUR) UBON ANAK MANGGIS Date hired: 10/7/2008 Dept: Administration and Human Resources (AHR) NORIZAN MOHD BASAR Date hired: 3/9/2008 Dept: Process Engineering (PED) MUHAMMAD SYAHIR YAHAYA Date hired: 6/10/2008 Dept: Production 3: Packing (P3P) NIK TARMIZI NIK ABDULLAH Date hired: 5/11/2008 Dept: Production 3: Packing (P3P) GOH CHENG LOOI Date hired: 4/12/2008 Dept: Marketing 15 YEARS HASBULLAH SHA'RI Date hired: 14/4/2003 Dept: Production 3: Packaging (P3P) MOHD NAZRUL OMAR Date hired: 16/9/2003 Dept: Production 2: GMP (P2GMP) 20 YEARS HANAFI BIN ROSAK Date hired: 7/2/1998 Dept: Production 3: Packaging (P3P) MAHADI ISMAIL Date hired: 10/6/1998 Dept: Production 1: Sulfonation (P1S) MOHD HAZLEE ABDUL RAHIM Date hired: 16/7/1998 Dept: Production 1: Drying (P1D) SUYUDDIN AKMAL SAJARARI Date hired: 14/7/1998 Dept: Production 1: Drying (P1D) SANI MOHD SHARIFF Date hired: 24/8/1998 Dept: Production 3: Packaging (P3P) MOHD NASIR AWANG Date hired: 5/10/1998 Dept: Production 3: Packaging (P3P) ZULIADI ABDULLAH Date hired: 24/10/1998 Dept: Production 1: Drying (P1D) JAMALUDDIN ISMAIL Date hired: 16/12/1998 Dept: Production 3: Packaging (P3P) 25 YEARS HASMAH OTHMAN Date hired: 1/4/1993 Dept: Production 2: GMP (P2GMP) ARENAWATI ABDULLAH Date hired: 1/4/1993 Dept: Production 2: Liquid (P2LQP) MOHD SHAMLY MAT OMAR Date hired: 2/4/1993 Dept: Warehouse Material (WHDM) MONALIZA MOHYA Date hired: 5/4/1993 Dept: Production 3: Packaging (P3P) ZALINA ABIDIN Date hired: 2/6/1993 Dept: Product Development (PDD) SIEW MUN YIT Date hired: 16/8/1993 Dept: Marketing (MPC) MOKMINAH ABDULLAH Date hired: 1/11/1993 Dept: Production Planning (PPD)

Award Presentation

Transcript: Laura Ingalls Wilder Award Green Eggs and Ham Selection Criteria The Grouchy Ladybug Selection Committee (2011) Born in 1867 in Wisconsin Lived to be 90 years old! First book - "The Little House in the Big Woods" 1932 Wrote about her home and family for entertainment purposes Wanted her books to be passed down in her family so children could remember their ancestors When and How Recipients are Announced "The award, a bronze medal, honors an author or illustrator whose books, published in the United States, have made, over a period of years, a substantial and lasting contribution to literature for children." Quoted from the American Library Association Website: Purpose Author or illustrator Has to have more than one book that meets the award criteria Books are published in the US Books have been available for at least 10 years Contribute to children and world literature/has to be children's literature Leading examples of the genre to which they belong New type, kind, or trend of books Award given every two years now Winners are announced at the ALA midwinter meeting and receive the medal at the annual conference in June of the next year Awarded by Association for Library Service to Children who are part of the ALA Characters: Sam-I-Am, unnamed character Point of View: Third person narrator Plot: The story begins with the unnamed character sitting down reading the paper when Sam-I-Am enters with green eggs and ham. Sam-I-Am offers the character the green eggs and ham, which the character refuses. Sam-I-Am follows the character through various settings, trying to get him to try green eggs and ham. Finally, after the character's boat sinks, he tries the green eggs and ham and finds out that he likes them. Theme: The theme of this story is that you should not say that you do not like things before you try to them. Illustration Elements: Characters are established/developed through illustrations Setting is established Style similar to other Dr. Seuss books Stuart Little Book Share Characters: The friendly ladybug, the grouchy ladybug, yellow jacket, stag beetle, praying mantis, sparrow, lobster, skunk, boa constrictor, hyena, gorilla, rhinoceros, elephant, whale Point of View: Third person narrator Plot: The grouchy ladybug wants the aphids on a leaf all for herself. She tells the friendly ladybug that she will fight for them. When the friendly ladybug says that she would fight, the grouchy ladybug says that the friendly ladybug is not big enough, so she flies off to find something big enough to fight. The grouchy ladybug travels from animal to animal to try to find something big enough to fight until it gets to a whale. The whale does not answer the ladybugy, so she continues to fly down the whale, eventually asking the whale's tail if it wants to fight. The whale's tail slaps the grouchy ladybug back to the leaf where it began. The friendly ladybug asked the grouchy ladybug if it wanted the rest of the aphids, and she said yes. Conflict: The grouchy ladybug doesn't want to share. Theme: It is better to be friendly to those around you; nicer to share. Style: Repetitive Illustration -Watercolor -Text is reinforced -Similar to Carle's other books -Characters are established Characters: Stuart, Mr. and Mrs. Little, George Little, Snowbell, Margalo Setting: New York City Point of View: Third person narrator Plot: Stuart is a mouse born into a human family. They must adjust their lifestyle to having such a small son. One day the family bird, Margalo, overhears a plot that one of Snowbell’s friends plans on eating her. She flies away before they can catch her. Stuart is determined to find Margalo. He finds a small car and heads north to find Margalo in the country. The book ends with Stuart not having found Margalo yet, but vowing to. Conflict: Stuart's smaller size, the cat wanting to eat Margalo/Margalo's disappearance Theme: Just because you may be different than someone else does not mean you can’t get along. Illustration Elements: -Characters size is established; black and white drawings with many lines First award in 1954 to Laura Ingalls Wilder From 1955-1980: awarded every five years From 1980-2001: awarded every three years From 2001-present: awarded every two years Dr. Seuss (1980) Each author.... Megan Schliesman, Chair JoAnn Jones Andrew Medlar Martha V. Parravano Angela J. Reynolds History Eric Carle (2003) Laura Ingalls Wilder Picked because at least some of their books were available to children for 10 years leading up to them winning Books have continued to be requested by/read by children Have all made substantial and lasting contributions to children's literature E.B. White (1970)

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