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Transcript: Oracle Advanced Compression option Agenda Contains the following features Thank You. Any Question? As Data is an assest for an organization, securing data is an object of oracle Best customer satisfaction is what Oracle strive for. Founded in 1977. More than 420,000 customers. In 145 countries. Cloud application. Platform services. Engineered systems. Here are four options of the database options Data Guard Network Compression. Data Pump Compression. Fast RMAN Compression. OLTP Table Compression. SecureFile Compression and Deduplication. Flashback Data Archive (Total Recall). Feature Availability by Edition Oracle premier support: 24/7 technical assistance. Powerful proactive support resources. Product updates. Oracle profile. Benefit of Oracle Database. Oracle Database products family. Oracle support. Conclusion. Oracle Support Benefit of Oracle Database Oracle In-Memory Database Cache Optimize Sales and Marketing. Ensure Perfect Ordering, Fulfillment, and Revenue Recognition. Deliver Superior Customer Service and Support. Oracle profile Oracle advanced customer support: Maximize performance. Achieve high availability. Reduce risk. Oracle Active Data Guard. Oracle Advanced Compression. Oracle Advanced Security. Oracle In-Memory Database Cache. Amin Alnadeem | Account Manager - Sales Department | Email: Phone: +966112736000 | Fax: +966112736100 | Mobile: +966540805533 Oracle Saudi Arabia | Al-Faisaliah Center, 1st Floor - King Fahd Street | P.O.Box 295675 Riyadh 11351 Oracle Database options Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) for columns. Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) for tablespace Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) for securefiles DataPump Export File encryption RMAN backup encryption Business applications. Server. Storage solutions. Oracle database product family Physical Standby with Real-time Query Fast Incremental Backup on Physical Standby Oracle Advanced Security Conclusion Oracle Database Standard Edition One. Oracle Database Standard Edition. Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. Oracle Database Express Edition. Oracle Database Personal Edition. Contains the following features Includes the following features Includes the following features Static and dynamic caching of Oracle database tables Automatic data refresh from Oracle database to the in-memory cache Automatic transaction write-through from the in-memory cache to the Oracle database Automatic data aging with user-defined policies The Active Data Guard option Oracle Presented by Amin Alnadeem


Transcript: Oracle Around the World References: - - - - - - All pictures from - Presentation by - The Oracle Corporation is a computer technology corporation that develops computer hardware systems and software products, especially database systems The Oracle Database THE ORACLE CORPORATION - The data of the Oracle Database is stored in the data blocks. - A database uses and allocates free database space in the data blocks. - A data block matches a specific number of bytes of the physical database space on the disk, which is a place where the computer information is stored. - All Oracle database contains one set of two or more redo log files. - A redo log is made up of redo records. - The main function of the redo log is to record all the changes that were made to the data. - The information in the redo log file is used only for recovering the database from either a system or media failure which can prevent the database data from being written on to the data files. - Oracle database can be used around the world. - It can be used in different language and format according to the country. - Oracle is the most popular database because it has high performance in networking, large memories and reduces cost of operations, and also, because it is international. - The level of structures above data blocks are the extents. - An extent is a number of similar data blocks, which is obtained in a single shared place or allocation, its use is to store a specific type of information. Logical Database Structure Extents - Database's purpose is to store and regain information. - A database server's purpose is to solve the problems of the information manag- ement. - Database server also prevents unknown access and provides effective solutions for recovery. Recovery of the Database - The database occurs recovery when systems occurs failure. - Oracle database can complete recover medias and most hard wares. - Data files can still be open after recovery if most of the database is not damaged. - The Oracle database uses redo log, undo records, control file and data base backups to occur recovery. Physical Database Structures - Every Oracle database has one or more physical data files which contains all the data. -The data of logical database structures like tables and indexes, is physically stored in the data files and has organized for a database. - Data files can extend itself when the database runs out of space. - Data files can only connect with ONE database. By Timmy, Serena, Bobby, Omar The Oracle Database has 2 kinds of structures: 1. The Physical Database Structures 2. The Logical Database Structures THE END, Thank you for Listening! - Above the data blocks and extents are the segments. - The segments are sets of extents which is organized into a certain logical structure. - There are 4 kinds of segments- data, index, temporary, and rollback segments. - When the extents of a segment are full, the Oracle system organizes another extent for that segment. The Physical Database Structures contain: 1. Data Files 2. Redo log files 3. Control Files Redo Log Files Introduction to Database - Multitier Application has: 1. a client or starter process that starts an operation 2. one or more application's servers that will function the parts of the operation. 3. an end or database server that will store most of the data that are used in the operation. Database Structures The Data Dictionary - Every oracle database contains a data dictionary. - The data dictionary is a set of information that are used as a reading reference about the database. - The data dictionary stores both logical and physical structure's information. - The Oracle database relies on the data dictionary to record, verify, and organized or conduct the ongoing work in the database. Data Blocks DATA FILES - The client is the application that starts a request for an operation and will operate at the server - The client runs on different computers instead of database, mostly it runs on PC. - The server runs the software and handles the functions that's required a shared data access. Segments Control File Client & Server - The Oracle database is divided into logical storage units called "table spaces". - The table spaces will gather related logical structure together. - The levels of logical database structures after table space includes data blocks, extents, and segments. - These structures makes the data- base have a well-organized control of the disk space. Application for Database Multitier Applications - The control file contains the entries that specify the physical structure of the database. - The Control File include: 1. Database Name 2. Names and locations of datafiles and redo log

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Transcript: What is a database? What is an instance? An instance is a set of memory structures that manage database files. The instance consists of a shared memory area, called System Global Area (SGA) and a set of background processes. An instance can exist independently of database files. A. Theory Backup & Recovery Steps to decomission a database: c) TRUNCATE ORACLE Database Training 8. Remove trace files RMAN - Recovery Manager Exercise 1. REVOKE Exercise 2. Mirroring Use ASM as storage solution VARCHAR2 represents variable length character data, whereas CHAR represents fixed length character data. Exercise 4. DELETE The MERGE statement allows conditional update or insertion of data into a database table. It performs an UPDATE if the rows exists, or an INSERT if the row does not exist. Create an Oracle Database version 11gR2 Java Pool 6. Start the database in restricted mode B. Practice Exercise 1. What is the difference between VARCHAR2 and CHAR? Extents The DML statements are used to add new rows to a table, update or modify data in existing rows, or remove existing rows from a table. b)NVL What is the difference between Level 1 Incremental Backup and Level 1 Differential Backup? Adjust memory parameters SGA 404 MB PGA 150 MB Use Unicode for CharacterSet Incremental Diferential Questions? ASM Level 1 Which of the following code will remove all the rows from the table LOCATIONS? Striping Database Decommissioning Storage Options in Oracle Database Q&A session Adauga 5 inregistrari in aceasta tabela. ALTER Oracle database Physical Structures: Datafiles, Controlfiles, Redo log files LGWR Thank you! RMAN> CONFIGURE DEFAULT DEVICE TYPE TO DISK; RMAN> BACKUP TABLESPACE system; Data Control Language Contents B. Practice Backup & Recovery Exercise 3. Listeaza toate inregistrarile din tabela "suppliers" care au in componenta numelui litera "a". Which of the following is not a group function? GRANT ASM instance mounts and dismounts diskgroups, not Oracle Instances. Data Manipulation Language Datafiles What is Character Set used for when creating a database? What is the role of DML statements in SQL? SELECT Can I mount a database if all controlfiles are missing? Level 0 1. Get approval But what does 10. Remove database entry from /etc/oratab. SAVEPOINT 5. Shutdown the listener 4. Shutdown the database A database is a set of files, located on disk, that store data. These files can exist independently of a database instance. Disk Exercise 3. PMON 9. Remove backup from schedule Structured Query Language Oracle Database Logical Structures: Tablespaces, Segments, Extents, Data blocks. Full backup Segments Data Definition Language Creaza o tabela "customers" ce contine informatii despre IDul clientului, nume si adresa. 3. List all datbase files: What is it a diskgroup? DB Writer Tablespaces Questions? Restore/Recover database after the loss of a controlfile. How do you backup controlfile or datafiles? Structured Query Language INSERT How do you backup an individual tablespace? B. Practice How many controlfiles can I have in a database? ARCH Database architecture Database name: orcl OS Blocks What is the purpose of MERGE in an SQL statement? UPDATE ASM 2. Take a backup Suport backup: Banda Redo Log Buffer B. Practice File System ANALYZE List the storage options when creating an Oracle Database. B. Practice Lunch break a) SUM CREATE Oracle Data Blocks Exercise 5. a) DROP TABLE locations; b) DELETE TABLE locations; c) TRUNCATE TABLE locations; d) none of the above. d) MIN Questions? Diskgroups are composed by ASM disks. Buffer Cache Transaction Control Language Configure two diskgroups: DATA & FRA Physical Structure vs. Logical Structure mean? Exercise 2. ROLLBACK vs. MERGE It is organised by using ASM Diskgroups Exercise 2. Listeaza toate inregistrarile din tabela "customers", grupate in fuctie de cod postal, ordonate crescator. b) NVL Questions? SGA Exercise 1. Creeaza o tabela "suppliers" ce stocheaza toate inregistrarile din tabela "customers" cu ID > 50. The Character Set determines what languages can be represented in the database. Tipuri de backup: Decommission database previously created. COMMIT 7. Drop database c) COUNT DROP PGA Shared Pool An ASM disk group is a collection of disks that ASM manages as a unit. Within a disk group, ASM exposes a file system interface for Oracle database files. Oracle Database Architecture controlfiles, datafiles, redolog files Automatic Storage Memory RMAN> BACKUP CURRENT CONTROLFILE; RMAN> BACKUP DATAFILE 3; TRUNCATE Types of Storage in Oracle: File System ASM Database decommissioning Restore/ Recover database after datafile corruption. It is an Oracle Instance Two major advantages:

Oracle Presentation

Transcript: Includes 92 languages found in Southern China & Southeast Asia. Starter... 7.0 Languages of Eastern Asia I S O L A T I N G - Some Sino- Tibetan languages (especially Sinitic branch) - Use pitch to distinguish grammatical meaning Example: in Mandarin, most syllables carry their own tone and are differentiated only by tone. M O R P H O L O G Y Some Scholars, argued that these 2 families are not related at all: there's an absence of regular sound correspondence, in morphology, and evidence that the families have been borrowed from Chinese Vietnam Sinitic (Chinese) Influence of the European Colonization: Tones in Thai: However, some languages in the family are not tonal at all like Mongolian & Khmer. Vietnamese is considered the biggest Austro-Asiatic language with 66 million speakers. Eastern Austro-Asiatic (Mon-Khmer) By Nadine El Kersh & Sally AbdelAal 7.2 Austro-Asiatic languages Mon was a historically important languages and played an important role in the development in Thai and Burmese cultures. It is still spoken in delta area to the east of Yankon. Best known members of the Tai-Kadai family are closely related and mutually intelligible and both are south western groupings: - At first, Vietnamese exhibited some features common to other languages in the Austro-Asiatic family (Non Isolating Morphology and a richer set of constant clusters). But now, it developed: Isolating Morphology Classifier System A tonal System Tonal Systems: Romanized writing system French replaced chinese as the official language, education, and governments. Vietnamese borrowed many french words Example: ‘Dȃm’ from ‘madame’. Resulted to the development of grammatical characteristics in the Thai language through diffusion of the Chinese language. - In isolating languages, words are composed of single morphemes. Also, grammatical relations such as Subject & Object are not expressed morphologically, but through word order. Example: Mandarin (SVO) - Burmese (SOV) Instead, they determine if the sentence is a question by its tone, but using no question mark or wh- words! Vocab: Sino-Vietnamese Continued.. THANK YOU! Sino-Tibetan Languages It means that they don't have wh- questions; What? Where? When? it consists of 147 languages spoken in: Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and NicoBar Islands. - Contains only 14 languages. - One of the languges is Mandarin Chinese (spoken by 840 million speakers) - Smaller chinese languages have tens of millions of speakers: Eg. Wu Chinese has over 77 million speakers, YUE has 52 million speakers. - These languages are not uniform & have many dialects. Ex: Madarin Chinese has 4 dialect groups: Northern, North Western, South Western, & Eastern. - Despite not being Mutually Intelligible, Chinese languages are considered the same. - A chinese character will have a very different sound from language to language, but the same meaning There's a detailed recorded history only for Vietnamese,Khmer, and Mon. 7.3 Tai-Kadai Languages - Morphology - Thai is an a isolating language, its nouns are not marked for gender, number cases, tense, or mood. These are expressed by separate, free standing words. LAOS Lao & Thai have similar morphology using free standing words instead of bound morphemes to express grammatical notions. They are both SVO languages. Syntax: Western Austro-Asiatic (Munda) - It includes 169 Languages. - Spoken from eastern India across Vietnam and down to Nicobar Islands and Malaysia. - Spoken by 3 million people in Laos especially in Mekong River Valley. - There is closely related linguistic Variety between both sub families. Laos HOWEVER - The Chinese writing system was imported and used in a modified form to write vietnamese. What is wh-in-situ? So far, we have considered the morphological and tonal systems of the Sino-Tibetan family, but what about its syntax? In addition, we should note 3 other types of verbal particles in Thai: - Video Other Scholars argue that there is regular sound correspondence as well as grammar similarities. Asutro-Asiatic languages are spoken over non contiguous chunks of territory. Why? Laos Eastern Austro-Asiatic Languages - 30-40% of vietnamese vocabulary came form china. Influence of China: chinese came to pre dominate politically in vietnam and remain the governing power for nearly 10 centuries. Chinese was for long the language of literature and government as well as the primary writing language in Vietnam. - 5 Tones in Thai, 6 in Lao. Western Austro-Asiatic languages ( Munda languages) Interesting fact: Some Sino-Tibetan language use the 'wh-in-situ' phenomenon Myanmar There is 1 main subfamily of the Tai-Kadai family: Kam-Tai (includes 76 languages) & 2 other: Kadai (14 languages spoken in Vietnam and China) & Hlai (2 languages spoken in China). Continued.. influenced by indo-European ( indic) and Dravidian languages exhibit many characteristics that make them dissimilar from vietnamese and other Mon khmer languages they are agglutinative ( influenced by Dravidian

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Transcript: A company based in the middle east, venturing into distribution of pre paid SIM cards. Areas where I would be collaborating with my Manager here Present the solution Pre Sales Consulting Play Soccer & Cricket Drive product / service usage & adoption tightly aligned to customer's idea of success Learnt some of the core capabilities of the mobile platform such as route plan creation, route plan approval, synchronization of a route into the mobile & present to the customer the above POC built for the mobile connected into a live ERP & CRM instance Growth path from this position Task Expected from me Backpack Travel & Trekking Customer Success Engagment About me (What doesn't say) Identify up-sell / cross-sell opportunities Work for Sage International Key Skills Implementation Sucess Manager post the deal the relationship was converted into a global ISV for Sage opening new opportunities, the product is now white labelled in middle east as Sage mobility ,currently new features are being added such as arabization of the mobile apps related to field Sales, Employee Self Service & Project Timesheets. Identify our capability in delivering the solution aligned to the business needs What have some Implementation success managers done to succeed in this role Engagement I worked recently assisted the development team to plugin our CRM & ERP API's into the mobile application framework addressing a single business process that covered creation of a customer via the mobile, synchronize the products distributed by the company such as pre paid sim cards & e vouchers along with pricing information, creation of invoice and print the invoice aided the sales team to win the deal which was worth 500,000 USD license revenue Gave a heads up regarding the engagement & expectations with the company's representative and started working towards building a POC by providing them the specifications Product Management Personal Info Oracle can definetely leverage my ability to work with partners, developers & customers changed the perception with the customer around sage's capabilities Created a number of dashboards around the customer's business with some sample data Management was tilted to to build this entirely using needs included an online/offline mobile Android app along with a Mobile platform that extended the functionality of a traditional ERP & CRM for managing Field sales restricted to Sales territory/s & routes defined, capture customer data , connect to a thermal / bluetooth printer & print invoices as well as synchronize with the accounting system for inventory adjustments ,credit limits etc. Link into the e-voucher activation engine for SIM card activations Learn new tech code & write tech blogs Key Objectives in driving Customer Engagement Challenges exepected during Customer Engagement Decision makers vs End users - Buy in & training needs Why me ? wanted to automate their distribution business process covering Finance, Sales, Field Sales & Invoicing, Sales Route Planning & Optimization , visual merchandising, Customer help desk, Sales forecasts & marketing campaigns Kannan Srinivasan Partner Enablement Work with the customer to establish critical goals or key performance indicators, and aid customer in achieving those goals , play the role of the account manager where required. Business Applications Understand the business requirements. gave the customer a compelling reason to consider sage Questions Author Industry articles around Business Apps my 15 + years of industry experience in different customer facing roles helps me to start contributing from day one Customer sucess is the seamless experience of consistently recieving value from the product deployed or service consumed. This in customer's view could be as simple as increasing profitability, controlling costs & increase productivity or any other criteria defined by the customer. Vendors can measure customer success via a proactive & holistic organization engagement levaraging technology into customer activities to ensure customers use the product / service continually. Proactive collaboration between functional teams such as Technology, Sales, Onboarding, Delivery & Support aiding towards customer usage Identify risks around the solution (if any) related to functionality / delivery Actions taken About me (Summary from my Resume) Leveraged a relationship in India that had a Mobile product platform built for Android which could deliver all business centric apps, along with built in capability to manage routes, optimization of routes, as well as had the capability of extending into ERP & CRM applications. They had done this with the likes of SAP. Sales team saw the outcome address a new business segment of customers looking for an advanced mobile enabled ERP Outcome Networking with Industry Peers I would like to know the induction and developmental programs Vendor's disconnected teams comprising Sales , Professional Services , Training & Support

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Transcript: Is Education Becoming Boring And Outdated? Cloud Computing - Education Everyone Is Connected Teacher UK Teacher US Teacher AU Student Cloud Server The World... Student Explore ************** The World... Teachers Welcome Larry Elson Is The Cloud The Solution? App Development Student Tutorial Log in Documents Lessons Student Student Perspective Student By Jason Broomfield, Conrad Frain & Jack Ritchie Our Plan Cooking Student The World... New Document Load Document Send Document Mail Explore Log out Economics Student Student Permission Cards RFID Technology Separate User Accounts Secure Servers Capacitive Stylus Cloud English Teachers use the system to mark your work The documents are available anytime - anywhere Schools can share their notes and lessons These lessons are then made available on the cloud Mail Guitar Video Tutorial . Limited to local notes . Waste of valuable time . Not efficient . Not encouraging . Stale and boring Cloud Tablet or Computer running predominantly on the cloud. Used by both teachers and pupils alike. Quicker, more productive and a more efficient way of working. Access to a worldwide database full of notes, revision and online courses. Students have the ability to learn any skill, and the freedom to learn any subject. Easy to use word processing environment Runs completely off the cloud Documents are saved and retrieved from the cloud Student Place Card Here Maths Java Log in Allows silver cards to interact with gold cards Questions can be asked Documents can be sent Documents can be reviewed (marked) Students can ask teacher for help, and teacher can give instant feedback through mail. Summary Is It In Need Of A Long Overdue Update? Students

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