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Oracle Interview Presentation

No description

Kannan Srinivasan

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of Oracle Interview Presentation

About me (Summary from my Resume)
Key Objectives in driving Customer Engagement
Sucess Manager

Drive product / service usage & adoption tightly aligned to customer's idea of success
Identify up-sell / cross-sell opportunities
Kannan Srinivasan
Pre Sales
Work for Sage
About me (What doesn't say)
Play Soccer &
Travel &
Learn new tech
code & write
tech blogs
with Industry
articles around
Business Apps
Customer Success Engagment
Customer sucess is the seamless experience of consistently recieving value from the product deployed or service consumed. This in customer's view could be as simple as increasing profitability, controlling costs & increase productivity or any other criteria defined by the customer.

Vendors can measure customer success via a proactive & holistic organization engagement levaraging technology into customer activities to ensure customers use the product / service continually.
Proactive collaboration between functional teams such as Technology, Sales, Onboarding, Delivery & Support aiding towards customer usage
Challenges exepected during
Customer Engagement
Commitments made during the sales process
Decision makers vs End users - Buy in & training needs
Vendor's disconnected teams comprising Sales , Professional Services , Training & Support having their own priorities as a business unit
Work with the customer to establish critical goals or key performance indicators, and aid customer in achieving those goals , play the role of the account manager where required.
Engagement I worked recently
Task Expected from me
Actions taken
A company based in the middle east, venturing into distribution of pre paid SIM cards.
wanted to automate their distribution business process covering Finance, Sales, Field Sales & Invoicing, Sales Route Planning & Optimization , visual merchandising, Customer help desk, Sales forecasts & marketing campaigns
needs included an online/offline mobile Android app along with a Mobile platform that extended the functionality of a traditional ERP & CRM for managing Field sales restricted to Sales territory/s & routes defined, capture customer data , connect to a thermal / bluetooth printer & print invoices as well as synchronize with the accounting system for inventory adjustments ,credit limits etc. Link into the e-voucher activation engine for SIM card activations
Management was tilted to SF.com to build this entirely using Force.com
Understand the business requirements.
Identify our capability in delivering the solution aligned to the business needs
Identify risks around the solution (if any) related to functionality / delivery
Present the solution
Leveraged a relationship in India that had a Mobile product platform built for Android which could deliver all business centric apps, along with built in capability to manage routes, optimization of routes, as well as had the capability of extending into ERP & CRM applications. They had done this with the likes of SAP.
Gave a heads up regarding the engagement & expectations with the company's representative and started working towards building a POC by providing them the specifications
assisted the development team to plugin our CRM & ERP API's into the mobile application framework addressing a single business process that covered creation of a customer via the mobile, synchronize the products distributed by the company such as pre paid sim cards & e vouchers along with pricing information, creation of invoice and print the invoice
Learnt some of the core capabilities of the mobile platform such as route plan creation, route plan approval, synchronization of a route into the mobile & present to the customer the above POC built for the mobile connected into a live ERP & CRM instance
Created a number of dashboards around the customer's business with some sample data
gave the customer a compelling reason to consider sage
changed the perception with the customer around sage's capabilities
aided the sales team to win the deal which was worth 500,000 USD license revenue
Sales team saw the outcome address a new business segment of customers looking for an advanced mobile enabled ERP
post the deal the relationship was converted into a global ISV for Sage opening new opportunities, the product is now white labelled in middle east as Sage mobility ,currently new features are being added such as arabization of the mobile apps related to field Sales, Employee Self Service & Project Timesheets.
Why me ?
my 15 + years of industry experience in different customer facing roles helps me to start contributing from day one
Oracle can definetely leverage my ability to work with partners, developers & customers
I would like to know the induction and developmental programs
Growth path from this position
What have some Implementation success managers done to succeed in this role
Areas where I would be collaborating with my Manager here
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