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Transcript: 1. Economy Constraints & Challenges Canopy View of the Presentation Animal Welfare 1. Effective and Appropriate Legislation, Frameworks, Strategy Plans, Standards, SoPs needs to be developed 2. Capacity to detect, Respond, and Recover from Biological risk incursion still lacking "Capacity includes adequately trained staff, equipments and facilities, diagnostics capability, financial resources etc." 3. Biosecurity Management needs to be underpinned by Science & Technology based innovative solution System and processes for surveillance and reporting capabilities, increasing efficiencies and reducing duplications Livestock Bio-security Veterinary Public Health Veterinary Public Health Importance of Bio-security to Bhutan WHy Veterinary Public Health 1. Religious Country 2. WTO References - Sanitary Requirements Management of the risk Livestock animal Pests and Diseases Entering, Emerging, Establishing and Spreading to protect our Economy, Environment and Community Inspection & Certification of livestock farms, feed plants, slaughter houses, Milk processing units, & meat shops within the country Testing, Awareness Carryout risk assessment of all livestock Commodity ( imports, Exports and internal Movements) Volume: Jan-June 2018 (Meat -2863MT, 402.54M, Fish - 907MT, 107.70M, Live animals - 742M) Total : 65.62 Million (USD) Total Jobs created: 70% total Population About 5% exported to International Markets Status of Animal Welfare 1. Draft guidelines and standards drafted 2. Tshethar guidelines approved 1. ECONOMY: 3. Human Health CASE STUDY Physical and mental status of an animals in relation to the conditions in which it lives and dies. 1964 - Ruth Harrison (Author of Animal Machine) "Life in factory farms involves entirely around profits, and animals are assessed purely for their abilities to convert food into flesh or saleable products" Science Proposed a solution (Brambell Solution) WHY Animal Welfare 2. Environment Five Freedom 1. Freedom from Thirst, Hunger & Malnutrition 2. Freedom from Discomfort 3. Freedom from Pain, Injury & Disease 4. Freedom to Express Normal Behavior 5. Freedom from Fear & Distress 1. Home 3 global biodiversity hotspots 60 Eco-regions 330 Important Bird Areas 27 globally threatened species of mammals 53 Important Plant areas 29 Ramsar Sites (ICIMOD, 2010, 2. Aquatic pest and diseases - Rivers Constraints & Challenges 4. Less Engagements from Public "Increased community awareness of Biosecurity risks and participation in Biosecurity" 1. Livestock Bio-security 2. Veterinary Public Health 3. Animal Welfare Dr Kinley Penjor Sr. RQO


Transcript: Information om i Sverige Place your logo here Mr. Basem 08/04/2022 Migrationsverket The Swedish Migration Agency 1 In Sweden, the Swedish Migration Agency is an authority that examines applications from people who want to settle in Sweden, visit, seek protection from persecution or have Swedish citizenship Till dig som söker asyl i Sverige - Migrationsverket Polismyndigheten The police authority 2 The Swedish Police Authority is the national police force of the Kingdom of Sweden, responsible for law enforcement, general social order and public safety within the country. Subtitle 1 To report a crime, call 114 14 or visit a police station. If it is an ongoing crime, or an emergency situation, always call 112 Refrence 3 Socialstyrelsen The National Board of Health & Kommunen Welfare & the Municipality Socialstyrelsen The National Board of Health and Welfare is a Swedish state administrative authority, which reports to the Ministry of Social Affairs. The authority works to produce regulations, knowledge support and statistics as well as make follow-ups and evaluations. The authority supports the development of e-health, issues IDs, distributes government grants and coordinates health care efforts in the event of serious incidents. A municipality is a territorially delimited area, an administrative unit for local self-government, a political organization with directly elected decision-makers, a legal entity with compulsory membership, which can enter into agreements and own real and personal property Kommunen Arbetsförmedlingen Employment agency 4 Arbesförmedlingen Arbetsförmedlingen is a Swedish state administrative authority, which reports to the Ministry of Labor and is responsible for public employment services and labor market policy activities. The Swedish Public Employment Service's head office is located in Solna outside Stockholm. Refrence Skatteverket The Swedish Tax Agency 5 The Swedish Tax Agency (formerly the Swedish National Tax Board and the Swedish Tax Agency) is a state administrative authority in Sweden for issues within the entire area of ​​tax administration. The Swedish Tax Agency handles annual taxation, tax registration of sole proprietors and companies, VAT and employer contributions and more. Skatteverket Refrence Försäkringskassan National Insurance Agency 6 is a Swedish government agency that is responsible for large parts of social insurance. Social insurance is a large part of public security and is important for many people, households and society at large. The insurance covers almost everyone who lives in Sweden Försäkrings kassan Privatperson Refrence Banken 7 Banks' most important activity is that, through their lending, they create the majority of all money circulating in the economy. Another important activity is to act as an intermediary (counterparty) in financial agreements and transactions. Therefore, almost all banks conduct lending and deposits. Another important activity that the banks conduct is payment intermediation, ie the transfer of money between people and companies.) Banken Sparbanken SEB Nordia Handelsbanken Examples Centrala studiestödsnämnden-CSN Central Student Aid Board-CSN 8 The Central Student Aid Board (CSN) is a Swedish authority under the Ministry of Education and is headquartered in Sundsvall. CSN is located in 11 locations around the country. CSN is the authority in Sweden that handles student aid, home equipment loans and driving license loans. CSN Reference Folkhälsomyndigheten The Swedish Public Health Agency Sjukvården The Health Service 9 The Swedish Public Health Agency (Fohm) is a Swedish state agency that has a national responsibility for public health issues. The authority works for good public health and works to ensure that the population has protection against infectious diseases and other health threats. In Sweden, the responsibility for health and medical care is shared between the government, regions and municipalities. The goal of health care is good health and care on equal terms for the entire population. Folkhälsomyndigheten och Sjukvården (VC ) vårdcentralen -( VC ) care center Akuten - Emergency Sjukhus - Hospital Example


Transcript: Patriot Civilians Resolution Self-Government a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors. a person sent or authorized to represent others, in particular an elected representative sent to a conference. Delegates Committees of Safety & Correspondence government of a country by its own people, especially after having been a colony. a firm decision to do or not to do something pertaining to or of the nature of a union of states under a central government distinct from the individual governments of the separate states, as in federal government; federal system. 2. of, pertaining to, or noting such a central government: Constitution Belinda Guy's chapter 6 Vocab Federal System a body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is acknowledged to be governed. Reform A central government is the government of a nation-state and is more typically a characteristic of a unitary state. make changes in (something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice) in order to improve it. the troops stationed in a fortress or town to defend it Many Committees of Safety were established throughout the Thirteen American colonies at the start of the American Revolution in 1774-75. They became shadow government that took actual control of the colonies away from royal officials who became increasingly helpless. These committees in part grew out of the less formal Sons of Liberty groups, which started to appear in the 1760s as means to discuss and spread awareness of the concerns of the time, and often consisted of every male adult in the community. The local militias were usually under the control of the committees, which in turn sent representatives to county-wide and colony-level assemblies to represent their local interests. the legislative body of a country or state. Legislature Ayuntamiento people who are not in the armed forces Minister Ayuntamiento is the general term for the council of a municipality, or sometimes the municipality itself, in Spain and Latin America. Historically "ayuntamiento" was often preceded by the word excelentísimo, when referring to the council. Garrisons central government A person sent to another country to represent his or her government

Prime minister presentation

Transcript: Sir John A Macdonald BY Abdullah Sir John A Macdonald Born in Scotland immagrated to Kingston Introduction About him Explain Your Topic The Science He was the first prime minister and he was born on Jan 11 1815 and died June 6 1891 + Macdonald was born in Scotland and when he was a boy his family immigrated to Kingston in the Province of Upper Canada (today in eastern Ontario).As a lawyer he was involved several high profile cases and quickly became prominent in Kingston, which eleected him in 1844 to the legislature of the province of Canada.He was prime minister from 1867 to 1873, 1878 to 1891.Some of his acheivements were that he was the first prime minister, the architect of the canadian confederation which founded the dominion of Canada. And he was adept at making the necssary that were required to bring colonies together. Positive Aspects _ The last stage of Macdonald's public career was plauged by difficulties. The North-West Resistance occured when Macdonald himself was superintendent general of Indian Affairs . The subsequent execution of Louis Riel in 1885 greatly increased animosity between French-speaking and English-speaking Canadians, and cost Macdonald political support in Québec, where Riel was regarded as a martyr to the forces of Anglo-Saxon imperialism. In addition, Ontario Premier Oliver Mowat launched a series of successful legal challenges to the powers of the central government, resulting in a federal system that was much less centralized than Macdonald had intended. The federal power of disallowance, which enabled the federal Cabinet to cancel provincial legislation, had been freely used during the early days of the Dominion, but was virtually abandoned by the end of the 19th century due to provincial opposition. Negative Aspects Go Viral The political party that he belonged to and years as prime minister The party he belonged to was conservative party of Canada.He was prime minister from 1867-1873 and again from 1878-1891 when he died.At that time his party dominated the others even the liberals but when John died things changed and took a toll for the worst. The party and years as prime minister IDK Sir John Alexander Macdonald's childhood wasn't the best but was certainly good.Let's learn more about it. His family Family is best John's family were definately not the most succesful but lets take a quick look on who they were His family II His family His father was Hugh Macdonald and his mother was Helen Macdonald.His 3 sibligs were Margeret,James,and Louisa Macdonald.His children were John A macdonald JR who was his oldest son and died at the age of 1.Then next up is Hugh John Macdonald the middle child I guess.third is Ramsay Macdonald who was the fourth prime minister of GB.Lastly, we have Margeret MaryTheodoreMacdonald a long one ehAnd finally his first wife was Isabella Mascdonald but sadly she died on Dec 28 1857 so he remarried and was then married to Agnes Macdonald . His family continued for the III time A very big list of wars were going on while he was in office but not only that but a lot of protests struck out about Equal rights for women and Black or as they called them "coloured" people also began the blacks got their rights but women did not.Not until they got hurt and not just them but other Canadien citizens also got hurt.So John pulled himself together and finally gave womean equal rights like men. Things going on while in office Whats going on

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