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Transcript: Infocus Question 1) How does Infocus position itself as the first nationally recognised financial planning company in Australia 2) How to improve brand perception • increase pride internally • increase franchise growth What's the problem? Why aren't you? We believe there is a disconnect between who you are (a major financial planning company with nearly 100 offices) and how you are currently perceived by the public and internally To fix the disconnect, re-align your brand to correctly reflect who you are. You are big - act big Look at Infocus - example press ad - example local website - example bus What VA propose to do UNDERSTAND / ANALYISE / IDENTIFY work with infocus to understand how you are currently positioned compaired to national competition and to where you want to be RE-POSITION INFOCUS There is an overall strategic message (we are big) that is acheived by consistant media presence on a national level - monthly full press ads nationwide - strongly branded slow rotation TVC over 6 months x 2 years INTERNAL BUY IN Work with Corporate Office to convey the re-positioning is the right thing to do and support it financially Some ideas we made earlier We are the largest financial planning company in Australia What is the message? look at the national competition - amp - mlc - the big banks what are they doing to position themselves Develop the first fully integrated campaign A financial planner for every australian The deadline - 1st July 2012 The next step Working with Infocus to understand current positioning Answer - a unified message (clear sharp and in focus) communicating the brands positioning (Australia's Financial Planners) - broadcast nationally on tv and on press ads in national newspapers A campaign message based on your Value Propositions can be based on the timing of industry changes - needs to be trackable - needs calls to action - integrated with all mediums (tv, radio, online advertising, landing pages

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Transcript: What is considered a recordable incident? Cost of incident ( ) What we have to make up in sales to break even What does it cost the store when there is an OSHA recordable? Unsafe behavior Using the wrong equipment Unsafe working conditions When a customer hears our name what comes to their mind? Lost Time charge Incident Prescription written by Doctor Personal factors Lack of Knowledge Physical capability Mental stress Lack of motivation Less Profitability Anything requiring no more than " First Aid" Lost Time - $28,000 We have had 29 incidents reported and 4 have gone down as an OSHA recordable At this time last year we only had 10 incident reported Our plan for the year is 3.62 and we are currently on a 7.05 Store 3510 is now a Safety Focus Store meaning we are being watched much closer on safety. Over exertion is the biggest percentage of what is reported. Mighty 3510 Profit Margin (13.6% ) Maintaining Appearances Costs Less Success Sharing Associate fell 10 feet of the order picker causing severe damage to his spine. Immediate (Direct) Causes Any incident where there is such a big loss like in the case studies, will have such a negative impact on morale and environment in store. Any cuts, scrapes, bruises, or any type of injury that is more than " first aid Lets take a look at our store INFOCUS 2.0 These are things we can not immediately see Associate's foot was ran over by a fork lift resulting in below knee amputation Accident requiring a Dr visit 3.7 million dollars and still has not been settled OSHA recordable Safety directly correlates to profits as a store and as individuals. As the infocus team, we are a crucial part in keeping our store safe for customers and associates We dont get to decide when it is an incident where there is no injuries and when its an incident where there is a loss of some sort Late claim- $2,000 Minor bruises or cuts What causes incidents? #4640 Annandale, VA 2.6 million dollar settlement charged to the store Workers Comp- $7,000 2 year old lost 2 fingers while pulling himself up on a display Financial Deficits These are things we can see at first glance. Case Studies #1404 Fort Smith, AR #2915 Picayune, MS Less Payroll What are we doing to improve and maintain the positive outlook the customers have of the store and The Home Depot brand? $500,000 dollars and still not settled Who Are We? Emotional Deficits Incident vs recordable Root (Indirect) Cause What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear these names.... =


Transcript: But Why? How can a 6 megapixel DSLR take a better picture than a 10 megapixel point and shoot? Can anyone answer what a DSLR is? INFOCUS Thank You Aperture The short answer is................ image quality Aperture DIVYA BALA Slow Shutter Speeds (1/60 or slower) can be used to portray movement or speed Depth of Field So finally You now know the Definition of DSLR so whats next ? K.PRASANTH MAMAKAR Use your right hand to grip the right hand end of the camera. Your forefinger should sit lightly above the shutter release, your other three fingers curling around the front of the camera. Your right thumb grips onto the back of the camera. Most cameras have some sort of grip and even impressions for where fingers should go so this should feel natural. Use a strong grip with your right hand but don’t grip it so tightly that you end up shaking the camera. ISO D.SREEKANTH CANON SAI RAJ Each digital image is made from millions of tiny squares, known as pixels. Formal Definition Refers to the light sensitivity of the sensor HIGH ISO value means the sensor will be MORE sensitive to light, meaning it will take LESS LIGHT to get the right exposure Similar to Film Speeds in 35mm format A Digital Single-lens reflex camera Fast Shutter Speeds (600 and up) are used to stop motion and will freeze the subject. Essentially, an image is recorded by tiny microlenses (pixels) which make up the cameras sensor Aperture also controls depth of field (DOF), which refers to how much of your image is in focus. A wide aperture (small #) will give a shallow DOF and can be used to isolate a subject. Exposure NIKON So What do you think a DSLR is ? NAGENDRA KUMAR DSLR The positioning of your left hand should support the weight of the camera and will either sit underneath the camera or under/around a lens. How to Hold your DSLR Aperture Typically ranges from 100-1600 Newer Digital cameras have a higher range (up to 64000)‏ Using High ISO values causes the sensor to produce much more heat, which creates digital “noise” in images As your shutter speed decreases, your chances of getting a blurry image increase because you must hold the camera steady for a longer period. Shutter Speed What is the difference between a DSLR and normal pin point camera ? Some cameras claim to have “Digital Image Stabilization” This just means that the camera will automatically increase the ISO in order to allow a faster shutter speed Faster Shutter Speed will reduce the likelihood of camera shake, but high ISO will most likely result in a grainy image. VIVEK SHARMA ISO Very Slow Shutter Speeds (5 sec. or slower) can be used in very low light situations to obtain correct exposure, or achieve dramatic effects. Infocus -Photography Club IITH DSLR is a digital camera combining the optics and the mechanisms of a single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor, as opposed to photographic film. The reflex design scheme is the primary difference between a DSLR and other digital cameras A “correct” or “good” exposure occurs when you maintain as much detail as possible in both the very bright parts (highlights) as well as the very dark parts (shadows) of an image. How much of a range in which you can capture detail from light to dark is referred to as the Dynamic Range. As you are about to see, there can be many “correct” or “good” exposures There are three factors which influence the exposure of your image: -Shutter Speed -Aperture -ISO INFOCUS Hands on DSLR An aperture is defined as a hole or opening through which light is admitted. Inside the camera lens is a system of blades which open and close to increase or decrease the opening through which light passes into the camera Often refferred to as an f-stop, aperture is usually represented by: f/1.8, or f/5.6 A Smaller # means a wider opening and is referred to as a larger value (eg. A large aperture of 2.0, a small aperture of 22)‏ The wider the lens is open(larger aperture value), the more light gets in (you can use faster shutter speeds)‏ We welcome you to the first Session of Photography CLub Because Size Matters! Refers to how long the shutter is open, exposing the image sensor to light. (how long the camera “sees” the picture)‏ Measured in Seconds, from 30 down to 1/8000 add logo here


Transcript: distinct protocols do not allow sufficient interlaboratoy comparisons Gold Standard for compared diagnostic tests Timely and accurate diagnosis of an active infection is needed in order to initiated targeted antifungal therapy and avoid unnecessary atf treatment Hematologic malignancies and Hematopoietic stem cell transplant Invasive Aspergillosis-IA Significant Morbidity / Mortality rates performance: in vitro better than in vivo Clinical Trials for PCR accuracy ~2000 studies PCR ~40 EORTC/MSG criteria <10 studies compliant quality laboratory criteria by EAPCRI (European Aspergillus PCR Iniciative) PCR assays: dominant diagnostic assay screening /confirmatory tool future: prospective studies testing a preemptive antifungal therapy, guided by clinical, radiological, and bi-weekly blood screening with galactomannan antigenemia and a standardized quantitative PCR assay Considering.. true positive=PCR+ case classified as definitive or probable IA true negative=PCR - case classified as possible or unlikely IA Serum specificity (85%) x WB (73%) Serum sensitivity (78%) x WB (86%) PCR may be better to ruling in rather than excluding disease Biomarker performance: unable to distinguish clinical benefits of B glucan or PCR assays. The risk of IA is a complex time function of neutropenia duration and risk management. The quantitative PCR assay accelerated the early detection of invasive aspergillosis (P = .010), independently of other diagnostic information used to treat, while B glucan assay did not (P = .53). Specific criteria for diagnosis IA : EORTC/MSG (European Organizatio for the treatment of Cance/Mycoses Study Group) 2002 revised 2008 Aspergillus DNA detection and species identification in clinical samples precludes wide-spread implementation Schwarzinger M, Sagaon-Teyssier L, Cabaret O, Bretagne S, Cordonnier C, et al. (2013) Performance of Serum Biomarkers for the Early Detection of Invasive Aspergillosis in Febrile, Neutropenic Patients: A Multi-State Model. PLoS ONE 8(6): Serum (77%) Whole blood (23%)

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