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Transcript: Every product on the market is required to pass the standards set by laws and regulations. Our product will be tested in areas that involve fair trade practices,competition,product safety,environmental protection, truth in advertising,consumer privacy and packaging/labelling/pricing to ensure it is legally and ethically acceptable for the market. Emo The hipster can be categorised as part of the millenials. The millenials are the children of baby boomers, born between 1977 and 2000. While all the other generations are happy and comfortable with technology, the millenials have grown up with it as a way of life. Our product is targeted especially towards these millenials and more specifically, the 'hipster'. Physical Evidence - The appearance of the product is an important factor as well as its function because with Hipsters the product must be a fashion statement as they are a tribe which are fashion conscious. Pricing strategy - Keeping prices low and affordable against competitors to appeal to the Hipsters as they are mostly teenagers without a sufficient income. Marketing on social media sites as their worlds revolve around it. On sites and applications such as facebook, twitter, instagram, Hipster blogs and youtube. Tribe Analysis Product Price Product Hipsters are referred to as a subculture of young adults and teenagers highly associated and persuaded by recent and upcoming trends. A hipster’s behavior is greatly influenced by technology, fashion, society and social media. Hipsters are mainstream and tend to follow suit with various types of crazes. Unlike the ‘Hipsters’ from previous eras, defined as rebels of their age, Hipsters of this generation are becoming a prevailing youth demographic globally. Stereotyped as a youth culture involved with drugs and disregard for politics, this label identifying Hipsters has drastically changed, and is instead replaced with a depiction of individuals with fashion styles consisting of thick-rimmed glasses, ripped skinny jeans and vintage clothes. Camera Glasses In this day and age technology is without a doubt a main impact on the lives of Hipsters which is where and how the product has come from. Marketing Strategy Today, people work more, at an increasingly younger age. This is for more money and more independence, which means younger people are acquiring more disposable income. Our product is the type of technology that hipsters take interest in and want to buy. Promotion Government bodies such as the ACCC enforce the Competition and Consumer Act 2011, as well as ASIC. We are prepared to comply with the regulations set by these bodies, as well as adopting a code of ethics to cater for the increasing push for business ethics desired by consumers. Economic Environment References Hannah Tamayo Melanie Tran Process Metal Armstrong, G, Adam, S, Denize, S & Kotler, P 2012, Principles of Marketing 5th edn, Pearson Australia, Frenchs Forest, NSW. Haddow, D 2008, ‘Hipster: The Dead End Of Western Civilization’ online posting, 29 July,, viewed 29 April 2013, <>. Kreitman, N 2008, ‘ A Chicago response to “hipster, the dead end of western civilization.”’, Word Press, blog posting, 12 August, viewed 29 April 2013, <“hipster-the-dead-end-of-western-civilization”/>. Tracy, B 2004, The 7 P’s of Marketing, viewed 1 May 2013,<>. Wallpaper Hipster 2013,image, Deviant Art, 3 April, viewed 5 May 2013, <>. Political and Social Environment Legislation Regulating Business Christian Fernandez The technological environment has formed the hipster. The main characteristics of hipsters are their lifestyle of technology. Hip hop These methods especially social media would work better to market the product as social media works in a personal manner that targets the user directly. By using these forms of media it comes to an advantage as it is free to upload, share and promote the product. Punk Presentation made by: Response to Tribe's needs Tutorial Group: EB.3.35 Thursday 9:00 am An example of significant international principles set is the code developed by the International Labour Organisation. Hipsterdom is the end result of previous subcultures that has mutated into a self-obsessed group, producing fashion conscious and technologically dependent individuals. Described as ‘the dead end of western civilization’, due to its loss of originality, Hipsters are a subculture lost in the superficiality of its past, formed from the merging of other countercultures to create a group that is the epitome of mainstream society. The culture has emerged from a fusion of punk, hip hop, metal, emo, techno geek and more, blending each groups style and behavior to form the idea of ‘hipster’. With their interests consisting of art and photography, they have adapted to

Hipster Marketing Presentation

Transcript: Close proximity to regular social activities and to educational institutions Look to minimise travel times and decrease environmental footprint Concentrated around Redfern due to proximity to Sydney University & CBD Age range of late teens to early thirties Likely undergraduate or postgraduate at university Living away from home either alone or with a roommate Occupation either reflects education or work in retail Unlikely to be high income earners Sporadic spending habits Spend according to environmental and social beliefs Support independent brands Very brand loyal Ambitious, creative and passionate Part of a culture that shares similar views on society Well educated or becoming well educated Value “independence” and “detachment from the mainstream” Vintage urban movement No direct competitors due to “one stop shop” nature of the café Segway competitors Public transport and taxis Buses only provide set routes and taxis can be quite expensive Segways a viable cheap alternative for short distance travel Social Hub (free wireless internet) competitors Internet cafés who provide similar services McDonalds provide free wireless internet for customers Bar competitors include many small local bars around the inner-city/Redfern area They would also compete with our offer of live entertainment Provide cheap entertainment and cheap transport through the use of local staff Socialising is no cost at all Three Innovative Marketing Tools Posters in local universities detailing name and location QR Codes on posters to website and blog, showing updates, special offers and events at the café Free iPhone/Android app so customers can keep up to date with the café on their mobiles Loyalty program with rewards for those with the app Advertising and sales promotions addressed through posters and the blog Personal selling, public relations and direct marketing dealt with by the loyalty program to attract regular customers A blending of advertising, sales promotion and direct marketing occurs in the form of the blog and the smartphone app Emergence of new communications channels and advances in computing and the internet - Recognising that Hipsters are very technologically savvy and keep up to date with new products, particularly those from Apple -Promote Segue Cafe through social media by setting up a Facebook page and Instagram and Twitter accounts - To attract customers, we will develop a Smartphone application available on both the IOS and Android platform. Will offer Segway availability updates, information on upcoming band nights aswell as discounts on beverages from the cafe and Segway hire. Creative, Passionate and ambitious Social Continued Behavioural Economic Environmental Factors Provides company for those who live alone Inner-city Segue Green Behaviour - Hipsters are environmentally conscious - -Environmentally friendly products and consumables from cafe and bar such as organic produce and Fair Trade items - -Segues are electrically operated and have a low carbon footprint. To offset the environmental impact of Segue Cafe's high electrical demand, we will use "Clean Energy" from our provider Geographic Close to universities Psychographic Environmental Factors Free-trade coffee Potential Competitors To the sociable hipster who supports independence, the Segue Café is the ideal hangout location to eat, drink, socialise, be entertained and access affordable transportation as well as supporting your friends and local community. Demographic Redfern Area Demographic Political Environmental Factors Segmentation Locally run cafe,not a franchise to support independent mentality of Hipsters Legal Issues - Segways are illegal to use on both roads and footpaths under State legislation. Redfern has numerous designated bike paths where they can be used. Eating Habits - As both a cafe and social hub, some patrons will want to enjoy the environment of Segue Cafe while others may take advantage of our takeaway service Bar/Lounge Growth of the Housing Market - Redfern is already a heavily developed suburb. Leaves little room for growth and will keep foot traffic at a consistent level Entertainment Hub/Band Stage Psychographic People can relax after a long day of study or work Hipster Local Independent artists can get recognition from peers Geographical Café competitors: Gloria Jeans Starbucks Michel’s Patisserie Small, independent cafés Technological Environmental Factors Support for independent music important in Hipster culture Differentiation Segue Population Wealth - Redfern is recognised as a largely low-earning student demographic - Every service that the Segue Cafe offers has to cater to a low-end disposable income market Cafe Café Cafe Behavioural Social Environmental Factors Integrated Marketing Communications Allows them to share ideas and interests Low Running Cost - Cafe and Bar run by students (low wage and passionate work ethic) - Segways are relatively cheap to purchase and insure and low maintenance - Secondhand cafe

Hipster Presentation

Transcript: Through our research we were able to identify that coffee franchises, small cafes and home made coffee or tea are the main sources of coffee. Marketing Strategy As a public company, we are bound by numerous laws which effect the way we conduct our product within the Australian market. By adopting a concentrated marketing strategy that focuses on the 'Hipster' market segment, it lowers the amount of competition and limiting the amount of resources required. Focused mainly on behavioural segmentation specifically benefits sought. + "Coffee but not really coffee!" Currently worlds biggest beverage company. In 2012, reported in Australia a net profit of $558.4 million with a 5% increase. Currently a working capital of $221.7 million. With strong cash flow of $629.6 million. Strong supply chain, easy access to retailers and consumers Either being direct or indirect competitors. Purchasing a coffee which taste great, convenient and healthy. Buying the features and quality, all organic ingredients, environmentally friendly glass bottles and caffeine free. Will provide support hotline for complaints or general enquirers and provide money-back guarantee if product is faulty Marketing Mix O'Coffee will be the first pre-made decafe coffee available on the market and tap into this new market Hipsters will tend to have an interest in products which are environmentally friendly and healthy (such as DECAF coffee or organic whole foods). Potential Competitors Within Australia 30% of people ages 18-30 can be found in Sydney Environmental Forces Competitors can be identified as companies that offer similar products or services to the same customer at similar prices. Environmental Forces Sales may struggle during the product Introduction stage. May require medium advertising campaign in specific areas. May not generate profits until the products Growth stage Also identify need for Corporate Socially Responsible practices As product develops into growth stage, will switch back to Customer value-based pricing strategy charging a acceptable cost of $3.50 for 400ml, refer to survey research. The ALL NEW, healthy, decaf and energizing coffee! Questions Feel Free to ask any Questions. Political Forces Team Members: 1. Eric Kung 2. Jessica Nguyen 3. Nikolina Trajkovska 4. Anna Feng 4. Nick Tran Customer Profile Economic variables such as income and spending that affect our target market are vastly different to those of other tribes. The Hipster has medium amounts of disposable income compared to other tribes such as Glamazons. Hipsters tend to lack buying power, as majority of hipsters are students, average income earners and few are high income earners. Our product acknowledges these economic forces and has a flat price of $3.50 for 400ml bottles. Indirect Competitors however include: Coffee manufacturers such as Nescafe & Moccona, organic beverage providers such as Lipton & T2, as well as energy drinks There has been a major shift in population with 2/3 of Australia's population living in a major city Therefore reducing the risk of being viewed negatively by our target audience and general public O' Coffee we strives to provide coffee with a twist Demographic Environment Have also differentiated the product specifically for 'Hipsters' such as organic ingredients, caffeine free and healthy. To position the product as 'More-for-Less'. The Hipster market has potential because if the product successfully gains the loyalty of this group they will not switch unless the product becomes mainstream. Directing marketing activities to final consumer in attempt to make them purchase the product Online advertising through social medias and Youtube videos or through physical bill boards or posters. O' Coffee Marketing Presentation Hipsters SWOT Analysis Directing marketing activities through retailers or directly to the consumer through vending machines, supermarket and cafes. Will lead to an increase in awareness and sales. Advertisements in convenience stores and supermarkets in catalogs and pamphlets. Product Entry stage will begin with a Market-penetration pricing strategy, which will involves selling the product relatively cheaper than other alternatives. ie, providing discounts or buy 2 get 1 free specials. Main reaction of competitors will most likely be introducing more convenient pre-made coffee Pricing Advanced vitamin & protein analysis, now allows the user to enjoy their daily coffee needs whilst receiving the health benefits of herbs, veggies and nuts . Such as ASIC and the ACCC who regulate business practices ie. Competition and Consumer Act 2011 'Hipsters' may be identified as individuals that value independent thinking, counter-cultures, art, creativity, intelligence and witty banter. Economic Forces Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy Placement Customer Profile Promotion Natural Environment Unexplored market "Pre-made decaf coffee" Few companies have focused on the Hipster market group. Other brands can emerge following the


Transcript: Fashion today is all about tunics, bell bottoms and PRINTS PRINTS PRINTS! Other trends such as draped clothing and loud solid colors are very much so DYNAMITE! Influences from women like Diana Ross and Beverly Johnson are helping us stay down with it. Valerie Thomas born in 1943. Valerie is a data analyst for NASA. In 1976 our very own Valerie discovered how concave mirrors can be set up to create the illusion of a 3-D object. Valerie believed that this could be a revolutionary if technology could be harnessed to transmit this illusion. In 1977, Valerie began experimenting on an illusion transmitter, which eventually led to a patent for her inventions. NASA continues to use her technology as of today. Women are really showing a lot of skin this year too. Bearing all? Maybe Maybe Not! Table of Contents "Toni Morrison's classic Nobel Prize-winning work about a young African-American girl's struggle for beauty and acceptance is narrated by the excellent Ruby Dee. " These Athletes are More Hip Than We Thought!!!! Henry Louis "Hank" Aaron better know as "Hammer" or "Hammerin Hank" was born on February 5th 1934. One of the first African-Americans to enter major league baseball. Hammer has lived up to his nickname numerous time. In 1974, Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run, which broke Babe Ruth's record after thirty-nine years!!!!!!!! Our famous Hammer has been an all-star from 1955 through 1975. A beautiful collection that explores blacks and whites today, Elbow Room is alive with warmth and humor. Bold and very real, these 12 stories explore a world many find difficult to define. "Artful and highly serious." Pam Grier, born Pamela Suzette is a huge trend setter. After staring in movies like Foxy Brown and Coffy, she has become a huge fashion staple. She is best known to wear mini-dresses, sexy go-go boots and bear all midriff whenever possible . Right ON! "Fearless, explosive action. Grier is astonishing" Technology Inventions by Hipster Inventors! Angela Davis has been a proud activist throughout the Black community for years. Her beliefs and morals have brought her great attention. Hired to teach at the University of California, Los Angeles, Davis ran into trouble with the school's administration because of her association with communism. They fired her, but she fought them in court and got her job back. Davis still ended up leaving when her contract expired in 1970. Hipster James Hal Cone Muhammad Ali, born January 17th, 1942. Ali is considered to be one of the greatest heavyweights in sport's history. Ali is better known for being the only three time Lineal world Heavyweight champion. He won these tiles during the years of 1964, 1974, and 1978! The most famous fight was against George Foreman where he regained the title. Congratulations on behalf of Hipster Magazine ! "Foxy Brown exists to give us some shocks and a good time" "It plays to urban black audiences' fears and fantasies" These Athletes are More Hip Than We Thought!!!! Popular new book "A Black Theology of Liberation" has sold over a thousand copies within the first week! "A blaxploitation pic that's never quite as cool as its theme song" Dr. James E. West born February 10th, 1931. Dr. West is know for the invention of the foil electret microphone in 1962. West also contributed to the African-American community in other ways such as: Joining the Association of Black Laboratories Employees (ABLE) in the 1970s. This association helped fund the Summer Research Program that helped more than 500 non-white students gradate with degrees in Science, engineering and mathematics. Sources Aretha Franklin, "Don't play that Song" “Stunning. I know of no black novel about the South that exudes quite the same refreshing mix of wit and wrath, imagination and indignation, misery and poetry.” Michael Jackson, "Rock With You" Blaxploitation The 1970 blaze at the Pioneer Hotel was one of the deadliest fires in Arizona history as hundreds of people gathered at the exclusive spot in Tucson to celebrate Christmas. When the fire erupted, exits were blocked and fire truck ladders were too short to reach the upper floors. Many guests were trapped in their rooms. Some jumped to their deaths while others burned alive. The fire at the Pioneer Hotel in was declared an arson even before it was put out. And police, who first thought the 16-year-old Louis Taylor a hero for banging on doors that night, quickly settled on him as their prime suspect. He was convicted of killing 28 people who died in a Tucson, Ariz., hotel fire in 1970. Yum what? YUMBO !! "Cohen's technique is almost laughably crude, but a core of frightening conviction remains"

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