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No description

Hannah Tamayo

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Hipster

Tribe Analysis Economic Environment Technological Environment Demographic Environment:
"Millenials" Hipsters are referred to as a subculture of young adults and teenagers highly associated and persuaded by recent and upcoming trends. A hipster’s behavior is greatly influenced by technology, fashion, society and social media. Hipsters are mainstream and tend to follow suit with various types of crazes. Unlike the ‘Hipsters’ from previous eras, defined as rebels of their age, Hipsters of this generation are becoming a prevailing youth demographic globally. Stereotyped as a youth culture involved with drugs and disregard for politics, this label identifying Hipsters has drastically changed, and is instead replaced with a depiction of individuals with fashion styles consisting of thick-rimmed glasses, ripped skinny jeans and vintage clothes. Hipsterdom is the end result of previous subcultures that has mutated into a self-obsessed group, producing fashion conscious and technologically dependent individuals. Described as ‘the dead end of western civilization’, due to its loss of originality, Hipsters are a subculture lost in the superficiality of its past, formed from the merging of other countercultures to create a group that is the epitome of mainstream society. The culture has emerged from a fusion of punk, hip hop, metal, emo, techno geek and more, blending each groups style and behavior to form the idea of ‘hipster’. With their interests consisting of art and photography, they have adapted to the technological evolution and uses technology for self-expression in issues involving fashion, music, media and art to build their own identity against the expectations of society. Dead end of Macro-environment
Analysis The hipster can be categorised as part of the millenials. The millenials are the children of baby boomers, born between 1977 and 2000. While all the other generations are happy and comfortable with technology, the millenials have grown up with it as a way of life. Our product is targeted especially towards these millenials and more specifically, the 'hipster'. Today, people work more, at an increasingly younger age. This is for more money and more independence, which means younger people are acquiring more disposable income. Our product is the type of technology that hipsters take interest in and want to buy. The technological environment has formed the hipster. The main characteristics of hipsters are their lifestyle of technology. Political and Social Environment Legislation Regulating Business Every product on the market is required to pass the standards set by laws and regulations. Our product will be tested in areas that involve fair trade practices,competition,product safety,environmental protection, truth in advertising,consumer privacy and packaging/labelling/pricing to ensure it is legally and
ethically acceptable for the market. Government Agency Program Government bodies such as the ACCC enforce the Competition and Consumer Act 2011, as well as ASIC. We are prepared to comply with the regulations set by these bodies, as well as adopting a code of ethics to cater for the increasing push for business ethics desired by consumers. Marketing Strategy Once the marketing strategy has been developed there is a formula known as the “Seven P Formula” which is used to evaluate the business’ activities. The seven ‘p’ are: product, price, people, process, physical evidence, placement logistics and promotion. Product We must look at the product and decide if it is the right type of business needed at that time. To do this we questioned the product and made sure to understand if it is suitable for today’s market and the needs, wants and demand of today’s customers. Price The prices of the product need to be appropriate to the current market. By spreading prices over months or even years, there is a greater possibility of selling much more than at the given time and interest being charged will make up for delays in cash receipts. Process It is ideal to make an impression that would find the hearts and minds of our customers. To do this there we needed to identify what was the best way to interact with customers, which is through relating with them. Physical Evidence By making sure that the product is aesthetically pleasing the product appeals to customers. This means even minor alterations can attract different customers. This is where subtle style differences are integrated into the product. Placement Logistics It is important that the product is sold at the best location, which is determined by where the customer can receive the essential buying information and receive the best service to assist their buying decision. Promotion We must let customers know about our product and it is up to us how we decide to market and sell our product to them. Whatever method of sales and marketing used today, will sooner or later stop working, so developing new ways to promote our product is important as it will help continue attracting customers. Response to Tribe's needs In this day and age technology is without a doubt a main impact on the lives of Hipsters which is where and how the product has come from. Pricing strategy - Keeping prices low and affordable against competitors to appeal to the Hipsters as they are mostly teenagers without a sufficient income. Marketing on social media sites as their worlds revolve around it. On sites and applications such as facebook, twitter, instagram, Hipster blogs and youtube. Physical Evidence - The appearance of the product is an important factor as well as its function because with Hipsters the product must be a fashion statement as they are a tribe which are fashion conscious. Promotional giveaways to attract a following and encourage word of mouth. These methods especially social media would work better to market the product as social media works in a personal manner that targets the user directly. By using these forms of media it comes to an advantage as it is free to upload, share and promote the product. Whereas television advertisements, newspapers and mail are more distant forms of marketing and costs a vast amount of money in comparison. It wouldn't be as successful because Hipsters communicate and use social media through portable devices (for example: phones and laptops) rather than reading a newspaper or watching television. Product Camera Glasses References Armstrong, G, Adam, S, Denize, S & Kotler, P 2012, Principles of Marketing 5th edn, Pearson Australia, Frenchs Forest, NSW.

Haddow, D 2008, ‘Hipster: The Dead End Of Western Civilization’ online posting, 29 July, adbusters.org, viewed 29 April 2013, <http://www.adbusters.org/magazine/79/hipster.html>.

Kreitman, N 2008, ‘ A Chicago response to “hipster, the dead end of western civilization.”’, Word Press, blog posting, 12 August, viewed 29 April 2013, <http://nextleftchicago.wordpress.com/2008/08/12/a-chicago-response-to-“hipster-the-dead-end-of-western-civilization”/>.

Tracy, B 2004, The 7 P’s of Marketing, viewed 1 May 2013,<http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/70824>.

Wallpaper Hipster 2013,image, Deviant Art, 3 April, viewed 5 May 2013, <http://infinitedreeams.deviantart.com/art/Wallpaper-HIPSTER-363401471>. Western Civilization They use it in every day situations e.g. Phones, laptops, GPS, MP3 players etc. An example of significant international principles set is the code developed by the International Labour Organisation. Hip hop Emo Techno Geek Metal Punk Presentation
made by: Tutorial Group:
9:00 am Hannah Tamayo Jasmine Dorhauer Christian Fernandez Melanie Tran
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