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Healthcare Agenda Presentation Template

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Healthcare Agenda

Transcript: There was a huge decrease in uninsured publics whenever the Affordable Care Act was first set in place, probably because they didn't want to pay the fine with not having insurance under the ACA. This group would be the most beneficial from health insurance but they also may not want health insurance. Employers would have to figure out if they need to drop their coverage for their employees to satisfy the demand for new healthcare because it may not be up to par with the new healthcare, even if the benefits are worse than what the employer offers. People with Dependents not Covered President-Elect Trump needs a lot of people on his side to make changes to the healthcare already set in place by President Obama. Some people aren't able to have their preexisting conditions covered on a new healthcare plan, which is something the ACA tried to avoid. President-Elect Trump would have to make sure to cover this if he wants to have a successful healthcare plan. Insured Already Healthcare Providers Uninsured In 2014, 4.7 million people had their plans canceled due to the ACA. If President-Elect Trump creates a new healthcare initiative, people who are insured could lose their plans because they don't meet what his health plan has in store. Insurance Agencies There are projections that healthcare professionals are declining within the next few years, even though more and more Americans are getting healthcare. If President-Elect Trump wants to mandate healthcare, he'll need to work on getting more providers as well. Health insurance agencies try to handle the ACA as well as they can, and even though some have outright said no to being on the Marketplace, many still remain. They could have benefits for more people being on their healthcare plan. If someone gets health insurance just for them and not their dependents, they could be fined for it. Many people could have reasons why they didn't get health insurance, like not being able to afford it for everyone. President-Elect Trump will have to make sure it works for everyone. Employers Preexisting Conditions Healthcare Agenda

Healthcare Presentation

Transcript: The Benefits of Medical Marijuana The DEA has an annual budget of $3 Billion, most of which is used to combat cannabis. the US spends almost $600 billion a year on housing 2.5 million inmates, 12% of whom are in for cannabis crimes. DOJ estimates that America spends $1 Billion annually fighting marijuana related crimes. in 2005, the FBI arrested 786,500 people for cannabis crimes, more than doublet the total arrests made in all of 1992 Anorexia and Cachexia Movement Disorders (Tourettes, Parkinsons, Etc.) Nausea Glaucoma Epilepsy Asthma Inflammation Diabetes Osteoporosis Hypertension Many others... By Sam Grunow Laws and Legislation Enforcement Yes! Scientific studies have time and again proven the non-addictive traits of cannabis. Non-carcinogenic (does not cause cancer.) Does not cause emphysema (unlike tobacco) Potential Profit Medical Applications Is it safe? Considered a controlled substance in most states (with few exceptions) Some western states have introduced legislation that legalizes the drug Still recognized as a controlled substance by the Federal Government Allowed to medical card holders as prescribed by doctors for specific conditions Cannabis has become a cash crop on the black market, if the government were able to fully harness the taxability, they could use the funds for universal healthcare. San Jose, California was able to generate almost $300,000 in one month after adding the 7% tax on medical cannabis. Annually, the city was able to raise $3.5 million dollars from the tax. There is a certain stigma in America regarding the legalization, consumption, and ethics behind the use of cannabis. Hopefully the following presentation can debunk some of the myths surrounding this herb.

Healthcare template

Transcript: People Team Shared Services Our Vision Our Vision Leading the organization in delivering innovative, proactive, customer-focused services through operational excellence and employee engagement Innovative Innovative Service Now Service Now Knowledge base Workflow Reporting and Analytics Call reporting and analytics Telephone Technology Telephone Technology Queuing No down time Remote communication capabilities New system coming soon Human Capital Management Human Capital Management Customer-Focused Customer Focused PEOPLELINK ABOUT PEOPLELINK Hours of operation 7:30 am to 6:00 pm (Monday – Friday) Forms of communication: portal, e-mail, live chat, telephone One-stop department Accurate responses Anti-black hole assistance Documentation of communication SERVICE DELIVERY MODEL SERVICES Services BENEFITS BENEFITS Benefit Administration (open enrollment,qualifying events) PeopleLink employee support Education Assistance and Tuition Concession LEAVE OF ABSENCE LEAVE OF ABSENCE FMLA (continuous and intermittent) Non-FMLA Personal and Military Leave ADA Accomodations PAYROLL PAYROLL Pre-noting direct deposit accounts to prevent live checks Strategic planning for mergers and acquisitions Monthly to biweekly coversion October 1st Employee Assistance Program Employee Assistance Program HRIS HRIS Vendor Management Vendor Management OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE Operational Excellence Project Management So many projects, so litte time Bullet point bullet point We can help you by XYZ Process Improvement Employee Engagement EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT PEOPLELINK@ WAKEHEALTH.EDU 716-5555

Presentation Agenda

Transcript: Author: Cristiane Zukauskas References Coach Hire a coach when you want to discover yourself 1 - Assessement using DISC; 2 - S.W.O.T Analysis; 3 - Action Plan; 4 - Push you out of the comfort zone; 5 - Make changes effective; Instruction X Guidance Consultant Ride the bicycle for a while; Write you a "how to" manual; Provide training wheels; Overcome the challenges; Hire a consultant when you need an expert who can teach you a process or method Trends in Coaching: Trends in Consulting Consulting and Coaching Agenda Can I become a Consultant? Instruction X Guidance Difference between Consulting and Coaching; Trends in Coaching - Personal Brand; Trends in Consulting - IT Consulting; What Consulting and Coaching have in commom? References Get you on the bicycle; Walk alongside you; Guide you through the process; Make you confident; Ride on your own; There are over 200 types of conultanting; Anybody can become a Consultant; Different teams/clients; cultures; egocentric professionals; internal wars and long.... very long hours of work What Consulting and Coaching have in common? >> @ linkedin learning: for personal brand 1 - Direct strategic assistance ; re-structure the company; 2 - Obtain Fast Results; No specialist available; 3 - A company wants to double its revenue; 4 - It's just like when you want to gain muscles or loose weight;

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