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Good Background For Rome Presentation

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Good Shepherd Background

Transcript: Good Shepherd Service-Learning Project Marlea Maddox Mod 6F This service project will have a great impact on my future because through this experience, I have learned teaching skills,which are a very important set of skills to have so that I may become a leader to others. Through this project, I learned good communication skills, which are another very important asset to have. I also learned to value my Catholic faith and education. If The Good Shepherd school had not been established, these children might not have been able to freely exhibit their faith like many other children in Catholic schools and they may not grow up to be rooted in their faith. Through this experience, my life has been forever changed because I will carry the skills I have developed through this experience with me throughout the rest of my life. Good Shepherd Background Good Shepherd Background Socializing with students after the lesson Scripture Lesson at Ursuline In my time with the Good Shepherd students, I experienced a great change in my view on the value of Catholic education. I noticed that I was starting to take my Catholic education for granted, but now that I have experienced a short amount of time in the children's lives, I realize that Catholic education is a vital factor in today's society. Through spending time with these children, I realized how much of a privilege Catholic education is and how much these children value it. I noticed that the Good Shepherd students are always eager to learn, and for me, that was a very rewarding experience. This was a rewarding experience because most children who go to school in a Catholic setting, much like me, do not value their Catholic education as much as the Good Shepherd students do; their will to learn proves that there are still children out there who value Catholic education. Through my time with the Good Shepherd students, I learned how to teach young children successfully. I learned that although it may be difficult at times, there is always a way that I can teach people, especially children, new things. This experience also strengthened both my own and the Good Shepherd student's faith. By teaching the children the Bible stories of Moses and Noah's Ark, I helped them to gain an understanding of vital Bible stories all while helping myself to better understand these stories by teaching them to others. In the future, I hope that the Good Shepherd students will share these stories with others and help them to grow in their faith. Taking Action Ursuline students teaching students at Good Shepherd. Ursuline Students making Moses Prayer cards with Good Shepherd Students At Good Shepherd, Ms. Kass' Theology class mainly worked with children who were in kindergarten or first and second grade. Good Shepherd is a very small, close-knit school, much like Ursuline. Good Shepherd is also very devoted with providing children the education they deserve. The Good Shepherd School provides an education to help at-risk children in order to spur academic and personal growth. Good Shepherd is addressing a problem that concerns making a catholic education available to everyone. The Good Shepherd School is helping to fix this problem by providing a Catholic-based school environment for those who cannot afford it. The Good Shepherd school is also helping students grow in their faith by instilling the Catholic faith throughout school starting at a young age When the Ursuline students visited Good Shepherd, we had a lesson prepared to tech the students about Moses. In class, we created a special prayer that reflected traits of Moses and a drawing to put on the front of each prayer card. First we taught the children about Moses, using quotes from Scripture, such as: "The Angel of the Lord appeared to him as fire flaming out of a bush." After explaining Moses' story, we created individual prayer cards with the Good Shepherd students Our class came together as a whole to contribute to this lesson, and in the end, it was a success! When the Good Shepherd students came to Ursuline, Ms. Kass' mod 6F class taught the children about the story of Noah's Ark in the Bible We taught the students using quotes from scripture, such as "The animals came onto the Ark, just as God has commanded him" (Genesis 7:9). After teaching the students the story, the class came together as a whole and each individual group performed a play they wrote to re-enact the story. We voted on this activity as a class, to make sure that both the Good Shepherd and Ursuline students would lear something new about Noah's Ark. Brother Lawrence Huck and three Good Shepherd students Experience Prayer Cards at Good Shepherd How will this impact my future? Brother Lawrence Huck and four Good Shepherd students.

Presentation for Rome

Transcript: By Svea and Emma Medicines of Rome How medicines were important to Rome Why medicine was important to Rome Medicine was important to Rome because they wanted to keep everyone healthy so diseases didn't spread through Rome. It was also important so people wouldn't be sick or hurt for awhile. What is the purpose of the medicine The purpose of medicine in Rome was to keep every one healthy, not hurt or not sick. They didn't want people getting sick or unhealthy because then there was a chance of diseases in Rome How Romans used medicines Medicines in Rome were used for various things. Some medicines were for sores, wounds, to help the heart, lung diseases, fevers, and more. Types of medicines Some medicines were garlic, sage, egg yolk, silphium, cabbage, and many more. How medicines affected the culture and life of Rome How it influenced Roman society Rome had a spiritual view on medicine. They believed that wine, oil, cabbage, or spells would cure themselves of any sickness. The Romans eventually began to think about the importance of public health. They even started doing small operations on wounded soldiers. Opium would be used to relieve the pain. How medicine affected the culture and people of Rome The Romans knew how diseases were caused, so they figured out how to stop the diseases. Without the diseases the Romans were healthier, and that is why medicines affected the people and culture of Rome. How medicine developed and who the Romans took the idea from Who the Romans took the idea of medicine from The Romans got the idea of medicine from Greece. They didn't completely copy them. The Romans went for ideas of Greece that would help the quality of Rome. How medicine developed over the years In the beginning, the Romans used wine, oil, wool, and cabbage to try to cure any illness. They also used bloodletting for a cure. Now a days, people are smarter in remedies for diseases. Many different cures have been made, in different shapes and forms. There is still a long way to go. How medicine affected Greece Greece had a scientific view on medicine, instead of a spiritual view. This way, they were able to come up with ways that would lessen the chance of death. For example, if a wounded soldier needed an arrowhead extracted from their body, doctors knew to clean the wound, stop the flow of blood, and remove the arrowhead.

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