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Goal Setting Powerpoint Template

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Goal Setting Template

Transcript: "Some!? More then enough!" "What!? A 100 times!" A Tool But, how can I use this template??? Finance If You zoom in... Not urgent "Make your goals memorable 'I want to spend with my family.' Tasks You can find circles like this As You draw your reality... Fitness - Stephen Covey Buttons with which You can always keep your eyes on the Training Oh, and one more thing... 20% of results Questions... Not imprtant Fitness Work Look at your to-do list - if You have 10 tasks on there, then 2 of those tasks will yield 80% of your results. & 1 Years from Now Important Compare Find what works for U! Important Career Training Difficult goals = lack of confidence Action Plan All You need to do follow the steps. Results Work Housekeeping 'I want to spend more time with my family.' It has to be one simple and tiny goal. which gives You Inspiration and Motivation Trivial tasks Training Frames & Arrows 20% which You could use to explore your Planning is the difference between being “See what you can do this week to make next week easier!” ~ FlyLady Money Stamps Not imprtant Vital tasks visually Beszteri For ex. Fun Finance SimpleGirlScraps Today Just Jaimee Not urgent This is my Future of time Method Big Picture Spiritual Education Like this Family life Wildest Dreams 31 Beginner Baby Steps Here, You can explore your vision. Urgent 'I will walk for .' Locate them on the clown... relationships Compare Time Management Matrix Fitness Fun Bobita Designs Recreation Training which expands the opportunities of Scrapbooking Education relationships Vision Compare Scrapbook Designers 20 minutes more 20% of results Family life Not imprtant Life Time Management Matrix goals = result Urgent Spiritual You've never done before." Intentions Compare 5 Years from Now Health Fun 30 minutes, three times a week Thanks to Jellow Butterfly and meanwhile You can discover some hidden quotes too. Action Plan Health So 'I want to spend with my family.' the most important elements You can rearrenge these items according to your principles. Does it really an obstacle, or an opportunity to develop a new skill? Finance which is big enough to see each areas of your Housekeeping with more instructions... meaningful work of time Time Management Matrix 80% of results - You know Work Find what works for U! CLEAN Quirky Twerp Intimate You can do anything for 15 minutes! Work of how to accomplish your goals. That goal, does it looks like a challenge for You? Do You feel the thrill, when You think of your goals? Which one is it? which you could use like a Values Statement Compare Persnickety Prints Vital tasks efficiency Intimate Friends 'The cold runs trough your back'-feeling Spiritual Journal Cards If You have goals, it means You know your expectations regarding the final result. Easy goals = lack of motivation This is the template, what You can use when drawing up your goals. In the Tool Box You can find... Priority Systems Career What is your main intention with that goal? What do U really want, actually? responsibility Family life 20% Health Find what works for U! 50% Trivial tasks Housekeeping like a hobby Education Intimate 80% of time expended What is your dream job? So You can play with it like a Compare Money 80% of results would do with this wooden toy. This is my Vision and relationships Education gives You a great deal of satisfaction? What is your level of responsibility? Trivial tasks S.O.S. Questions PROACTIVE REACTIVE The Theory and Worksheets Friends what U believe in? Dido Design Pareto Principle Action Plan Friends What type of skills do You require? Embellishments This is my Reality If You know your You already have the Finance which guides your Goal Setting Activity 80% of time expended Recreation 20 minutes more 'I want to spend more time with my family.' 20% of results Intimate 1 minute = 10 minutes 10 minutes = 1 hour 40 minutes I bet, You've read some 'goal setting' books, 80% of time expended Important Results Urgent Pareto Principle Mistiina Health and the required Recreation Do You know what is the key reuslt of your goal? You have this balancing clown Recreation relationships and at least once, Goals Career Money Fun Housekeeping 20% It could seem even childish... collaborative realtionships Family life Look at your to-do list - if You have 10 tasks on there, then 2 of those tasks will yield 80% of your results. Tool Box Result You could draw your future. Results Spiritual 'I want to increase sales .' So, let's see what do We talking about... 'I want to be a good salesperson.' challange and these items with your life areas Pareto Principle Career Vital tasks Look at your to-do list - if You have 10 tasks on there, then 2 of those tasks will yield 80% of

Goal Setting

Transcript: By Corinne Weeks My Personal Mission Statement I want to always have faith in myself and my abilities. That I am destined to do great things. And that I can become whoever I want to be in life, that I control who I am. My SMART Goal I want to turn all of my work in on time for the rest of the quarter, Action Steps I will make sure I write down my homework in my agenda. I will make a habit of checking my agenda every day and not going off my memory. I will do my homework once I get home every day. I will stay organized and make sure I put my homework back into my binder where I can find it. My Reflection Even though it is not the end of the quarter yet I did make a lot of progress towards my goal. I have started working on my homework earlier and not saving it until the last minute. I have created habits for myself and I think I will reach my goal. Some things that helped me reach my goal were my parents, They helped remind me to do my homework and not delay it. Some obstaces I had to overcome were the temptation to procrastinate and activities I had during the day. I can continue my improvement by setting longer periods of time and setting higher expectations for myself. By reaching my goal I will have better grades and less to worry about. This was a realistic goal, I just had to work hard to reach it. By working on my goal I have leaarned that I work hard to reach my goals and that I don't give up. By reaching this goal I will now always try to turn in all my work in on time. By acomplishing this goal I feel good about myself and that i worked really hard so I am proud of my hard work. By acomplishing this goal I have learned that goal setting is nessesary to be successful. In the future I will set goals for myself and raise the expectations each time. My Wish List 1. Go skydiving 2. Become a certfied scuba diver 3. Vist the wave 4. Go on a mission trip to another country 5. Go on another cruise 6. Write a book 7. Be involved with wildlife 8. Travel all over the world 9. Learn a language 10. Go to a good college Goal Setting The End

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