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Gamification Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Game characteristics: 2010 Gamification ~ learning from games. 3. battle the bad guys What is a game? The use of game elements and game design techniques in non-game contexts. A study from Brigham Young University: parents who spend more time playing video games with their kids have much stronger real-life relationships with them. What is a "play"? Jane McGonigal Brenda Brathwaite 1980-2002 Experience of running => experience of gaming 4. activate the power-ups. Social games are incredibly powerful relationship-management tools (a study from University of Michigan) For customers Stanford University: (research for five years) playing a game with an idealized avatar changes how we think and act in real life, making us more courageous, more ambitious, more committed to our goals. Psychology aspects of gamification Game elements: points, levels, quests, achievements, rewards… Game design: concept elements; thinking like a game designer… Non-game contexts: business, school, social impact, self improvement… Gamification Game developer Main areas of gamification Thank you Nike plus Games are powerful Game designer History of gamification 2. recruit your allies Definition of gamification. MUD1 Today Examples Train Trail of Tears Jane McGonigal Leaderboards, points, achievements… “I am either going to kill myself or I'm going to turn this into a game.” 1. Adopt a secret identity Cognitive Evaluation Theory Behaviorism More than 30.000 people involved Intrinsic & Extrinsic motivation: when we play a game we tackle tough challenges with more creativity, more determination, more optimism, and we're more likely to reach out to others for help. A real world business trend that influenced the development of gamification 2003-2010 Samsung Nation corporate website 725 gr, Ryzhova, Veselova, Prohorov. Gamification in business Game developer Zombies Run Gamification is not Brenda Brathwaite Gamification is TRUE MASS MEDIA GAME Slavery We all are gamers For employees Gamification between game and play, whole and parts Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures For everyone 2 steps: 1) Understand why games are successful; 2) Apply the same techniques to various situations (which are not games). East Carolina University: online games can outperform pharmaceuticals for treating clinical anxiety and depression


Transcript: The Face Game at Zappos Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, has made the company culture the number one priority at Zappos. For them, building community is what it is all about. It has become part of their brand. One way to help build community is an internal game they call, The Face Game. In most companies, logging in to the computer systems requires a login and a password. At Zappos, an additional step is required: a photo of a randomly selected employee is displayed, and the user is given a multiple-choice test to name that employee. Afterward, the profile and bio of that employee are shown, so that everyone can learn more about each other. Although there is no penalty for giving the wrong answer, we do keep a record of everyone’s score. Gamification helps motivate people to do things that they would be less eager to do. Gamification 1. The new generation is used to gaming priciples 2. People respond to the rewards & enjoy showing others achievements What is gamification? We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our company culture, no matter how unconventional or counterintuitive the approach may be. Key to success Instant feedback Rewards for almost anything Clearly defined progression Elements of competition Peer pressure Scientific breakthroughs Student faculties Environmental issues Traffic congestion Advanced technology Solving Tech problems Intranet for companies The use of game elements and game design techniques in non-game contexts Why it Works? In the Code Review Game, four teams choose a section of code to attack. They receive points based on the type of bugs they discover. Different groups can come up with different strategies: One focused on code produced by error-prone developers, while another team waited until a flaw was identified and then hunted similar bugs, since the coder who contributed to the section would likely repeat the same mistake. by Patrick Lynch The project went so well that the company has used such teams to vet at least six other major releases. What it can help? Celebrate small achievements Notification must be instant Badges & rewards can be shared with others Keep it fun! -Skill development -Information sharing -Corporate citizenship -Performance review -Fun Websites using gamification Microsoft's Code Review Game tackles a very difficult problem. In 2007, Ross Smith was overseeing a group of 85 highly educated programmers who handled mind-numbing work, intensely scrutinizing thousands of lines of code for security glitches. Smith wanted to see if game design could improve the quality, productivity, and job satisfaction of his crew. How do Companies use it? For example:


Transcript: We can avoid cost of recruitment with a good training and engagement people We increase our workforce readinees. . We monitorize the training of our employees We keep informated to our employees We empower our employees We assure a cost efficiency training We establish a competitive advantage from the other companies We create a better work enviroment We attract the better profiles in the market We are known as a highly attractive employer of choice (Brand strenght) Develop We give to our employees social recognition We compensate better to the right employees We make fun the goal´s achievement We provide attractive rewards (non monetary), performance related and motivating rewards is the integration of game mechanics in non-game environments to increase audience engagement, loyalty and fun. We accelerate feedback cycles and foster the teamwork Employees feel more integrate within a social network Positive and enjoyable work experience Employees have all the information close enough to touch We ensure that the employees have the right knowledges to do their activity Attract Employee life cycle We give feedback frequently Employees can fill an exit interview Training on line Accelerated feedback cycles Integrate Foster the competition/coopetition Separate Retain Reinforce behaviours We keep our employees committed and motivated Our employees are loyal to the company Social collaboration platform Social recognition Compensate Gamification Improve productivity Recruit High levels of engagement

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