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No description

Tanya Ryzhova

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Gamification

Gamification ~ learning from games.
2 steps:
1) Understand why games are successful;
2) Apply the same techniques to various situations (which are not games).

Main areas of gamification
Psychology aspects of gamification
Game characteristics:
Games are powerful
A real world business trend that influenced the development of gamification
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Game elements: points, levels, quests, achievements, rewards…

Game design: concept elements; thinking like a game designer…

Non-game contexts: business, school, social impact, self improvement…

Definition of gamification.
The use of game elements and game design techniques in non-game contexts.

Samsung Nation corporate website
Leaderboards, points, achievements…

Experience of running => experience of gaming

Nike plus
Zombies Run
Gamification in business
History of gamification
For customers
More than 30.000 people involved

For employees
For everyone
Intrinsic & Extrinsic motivation:
Cognitive Evaluation Theory
Gamification is
Gamification is not
Gamification between game and play, whole and parts
What is a game?
What is a "play"?
We all are gamers
Jane McGonigal
Jane McGonigal
1. Adopt a secret identity
Brenda Brathwaite
 A study from Brigham Young University: parents who spend more time playing video games with their kids have much stronger real-life relationships with them.
“I am either going to kill myself or I'm going to turn this into a game.”
3. battle the bad guys
2. recruit your allies
4. activate the power-ups.
Game developer

Social games are incredibly powerful relationship-management tools (a study from University of Michigan)
East Carolina University: online games can outperform pharmaceuticals for treating clinical anxiety and depression
Stanford University: (research for five years) playing a game with an idealized avatar changes how we think and act in real life, making us more courageous, more ambitious, more committed to our goals.
Thank you
725 gr, Ryzhova, Veselova, Prohorov.

Game designer
when we play a game we tackle tough challenges with more creativity, more determination, more optimism, and we're more likely to reach out to others for help.
Game developer
Trail of Tears
Brenda Brathwaite
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