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Footstep Energy Generation

Transcript: A piezoelectric sensor comprises a piezoelectric crystal which is typically mechanically coupled to an object which produces a mechanical movement. In piezoelectric materials, an applied electric field results in elongations or contractions of the material. Block Diagram Expected Outcome The port 0 of the microcontroller is attached a pull-up resistor and interfaced with LCD. The output from the piezoelectric sensor plate is given to the comparator chip(LM 324N), this chip converts it into digital data while it amplifies the data also. The output from the comparator is fed into the microcontroller through port 2.0, where the pinone relay is connected to VCC, pin 2 to ground, pin 3 to the High intensity LED, and the 4th pin to the microcontroller for switching mechanism purpose, whenever the right amount of pressure is applied onto the sensor plate, the comparator receives the signal amplifies and converts it feeds it into the microcontroller as soon as microcontroller gives the indication the contacts in relay touch each other making the LED to glow. The comparator is connected to the battery so whenever the energy is generated that is stored in the battery. The real time clock is interfaced to port2.4, 2.5 for timing so that the counting is done according to real time Circuit Diagram The outcome of it ensures the power saving and efficient power management for street lights without any manual labour and thus can also be used to provide power for home appliances. Footstep Energy Generation Base: DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF FOOTSTEP BASED POWER SYSTEM 1. 2. 3. 4. In future the number of piezoelectric sensors used can be increased according to the power requirement and placed along the road side,shopping malls or in heavy pedestrian areas so that with the footsteps they put creates more energy and that energy basically used not only for street lights but also for other purposes. Future Scope Thank You..! Working In this project, we are going to implement the design and development of footstep based energy for street lights which consists of Pressure transducer,Relay,Comparator,Battery,Real Time Clock(RTC),Micro controller,Street lights The main aim of this project is to generate the energy through the pressure generated by footsteps. The power supply to the circuit is given through a step down transformer which reduces the 230 Volts AC supply to 12V AC, that is converted into pulsating DC supply through the bridge rectifier used in the circuit. Now the pulsating DC is passed through a filter this filtered output is pure DC, this filtered output is then given to a voltage regulator and a 5 Volts DC supply is obtained and used to power the various components used in the circuit. This 5 Volts DC supply is given to 40th pin of the Microcontroller which is VCC, 9th pin of the Microcontroller for the RESET button, LCD segment, Comparator Chip (LM 324N), Real Time Clock(DS1307). Abstract References Piezoelectric Sensor

My FootStep

Transcript: Here is 212 bus stop in LA It is a interesting experience while taking the bus. It would be our first day in LA and my friends and I want to buy the day pass in the bus. The driver found that we did not have the card(something like clipper) after inserting all the fees in the machine. He faced a difficulty that he could not refund us and he did not have extra card on hand. Later, he gave his own card and even the monthly passes to us when we arrived the destination. I was really surprised because it would be never ever happened in Hong Kong and some people(drivers) are so generous that giving their own card to someone they do not know, or even driver may not allow people without paying the bus fees to get on the bus. His behavior reminds me that I should be more generous to others and even helpful. Sure, we had mail back the card to him and wrote some words to appreciate his kindness. Hopefully, he can get our words! Here is at Pier 39 I remember clearly that I went here alone in my first week in SF. It is not common to see people play such a large performance in Hong Kong without others helps to operate all instruments at the same time. I enjoyed his performance around 30 minutes and I really inspired by his passion and braveness to make his dream comes true. He said that he like music and want to share with people here who spend their time to stand here and listen his play. At that time, I was thinking that did I really have the brave to catch my dream and is my dream really big enough to scare myself that I can really give up all my life to work with it? At that stage, I would say I was still searching my dream that I really want to do and it is value that I give up all my hard work to catch it. So, I told myself that I should try more to experiment what I really want but my do the things that told from others (parents). My journey would be continued... Here is the waterfall in Yosemite Valley. I was so excited to go to Yosemite since people said that here is very beautiful and even apple use the views here as its wallpaper template. I was really attracted by the view here, it is really beautiful and I can see the amazing nature. It records the changes from the past to now and it would keep change. And just like us, we would change our attitude towards things and people differently. At that time, my mind sparks up a perspective that I should come here after 30 years with my family or children to see any changes about the rocks or the amount of water falling down. Maybe stand at the same area with the same pose to take a picture. The changes in the nature seems record my growth too and I can share my feelings to my family. Here is Lego land @ California I remember that while I am on the riding of an Uber driver that where we had been in San Diego and I said we had been to the Lego land. He laughed and said it is for kid. I agree with him that it is for kid, but I told him that it is important for us to keep a kid heart or mind to be more happy in life. He knocked his heard and I think he agree with me. And the reason why I put on this picture is while my friend see this snow white, she was keep laughing and said why she is so ugly. I agreed that this princess is not the one we normally saw but I think the message want to share is we should not focus on others appearances and ignore their inner beauties. It is more important for us to understand a person and just determine a person from his/her outlook. Even this snow white does not look like as the one we familiar with, it is true that we all know she has a kind and warm heart. It is a lesson what I learned from this lego puzzle. It would be my travel diary to record my feeling to a specific object or event. Record my perspectives, after few years, when I look back, It would be an amazing moment to see the growth of self. My born city The place where I familiar with, I learn many knowledge and approaches to face my happiness and sadness. When I look back my 20 years life, it seems that I just stay inside this box and stay as usual as not understanding other cultures and I would say it just like I have only one thinking side or mind set but not a multiple to develop myself. So, I make a big decision that leaving my family, friends and all things that I used to and join the exchange program. And, It is time to put my step forward to see other communities and develop my self, the inner part of me! Growth My FootStep Hong Kong San Diego Yosemite National Park Los Angeles San Francisco

Giant Footstep

Transcript: Mathematics G&T day Today you will work in mixed groups, make new friends & learn new skills. you will also be supported by our BIST 6th formers Group work is a fun way to learn and to make new friends. O -We have a footprint -The giant is male -He is very destructive, so finding him is important! -He is wearing clothes with a striking tesselating patterned tie Bromsgrove International School B Remember Your help is needed today to solve a mystery....... You must be ready to make a presentation at 1pm Today is about exploring and having fun with Maths – if you are confused or need help please ask for help. -We would like to see what you can do / research there is no correct way to do it! Your task today Our head teacher is very concerned about this and contacted the police & the Thai Army.. The Thai Army have asked if we could use the best mathematicians to calculate the actual size and weight of this giant D Group work Calculate the actual size and weight of the giant, his arm length, the size of his legs, the size of his head, making sure to show all your working out Please produce a scale drawing – you have plenty of paper, sticky tape and pens to colour his features You must be ready to make a short presentation straight after lunch which contains the following information: -Introduce your Giant, have you given him a name? -State the weight, height and shoe size, head size, If you have time make a photofit of what he could look like -What maths was used to create your photo fit & description? -Any good / interesting characteristics about working together in your group? S A M What we know so far........ A Giant footprint has been found on the grounds of the school and golf course


Transcript: 1.0 INTRODUCTION The piezoelectric effect is understood as the linear electromechanical interaction between the mechanical and the electrical state in crystalline materials with no inversion symmetry. The piezoelectric effect is a reversible process in that materials exhibiting the direct piezoelectric effect (the internal generation of electrical charge resulting from an applied mechanical force) also exhibit the reverse piezoelectric effect (the internal generation of a mechanical strain resulting from an applied electrical field) . The figure shows how some of the charge becomes separated in a piezoelectric material when stressed. The ability to produce electric power from mechanical reaction (force) and then it change to electric charges. It is impossible to replace the existing electricity generation, but at least to vary and reduce the dependency on the conventional electricity generation. Design concept used in this project is to use piezoelectric place at the walking area named as “foot step power generation system”. When a human walking, jumping or dancing on the surface which contain the piezoelectric, it then will produce sufficient force for energy generation process. Therefore, the continued pressure will provide sufficient resources to be used to produce the electricity required. Power generation using foot step can be used for agricultural, home applications , street lighting. Foot step power generation also can be used in emergency power failure situations. Other than that , it can also be used at: a) college b) hospitals c) shopping complex d) many other buldings Piezoelectricity has arose as a way to harvest energy. The array of piezoelectric crystals are laid under the pavements. The voltage produced can be utilized to charge batteries. It is to be noted that scientist at the Hull University worked on converting motion in to electrical energy. Japan has installed piezoelectric tiles in Tokyo’s busiest stations. This method is to save usage of electrical energy and use the energy from our daily activities which can be used to generate electricity. CONTENTS DEE 5081 PROJECT 1 1.1 PROBLEM STATEMENT 2.0 BLOCK DIAGRAM 3.0 CIRCUIT DIAGRAM Whenever force is applied on piezoelectric crystals that force is converted to electrical energy and it is used to drive DC and ACloads. At that minute, voltage is stored in the lead acid battery, the battery is connected to the inverter. The inverter is used to connect the 12 volt D.C to the 230 volt A.C. This 230 volt A.C voltage is used to activate the loads. We are using conventional battery charging unit also for giving supply to the circuit. 1.2 OBJECTIVES 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Problem Statement 1.2 Objectives 1.3 Scope 2.0 Block diagram 3.0 Circuit Diagram 4.0 Flowchart 5.0 Components and Costing 6.0 Working Principle 7.0 Application 8.0 Conclusion 9.0 Refference 6.0 WORKING PRINCIPLES SUPERVISOR : ENCIK FAIRUZ ABADI BIN KHALID 7.0 APPLICATION 1.3 SCOPE Day by day, the population of the country increased and the requirement of the power is also increased. At the same time the wastage of energy also increased in many ways. So reforming this energy back to usable form is the major solution. As technology is developed and the use of gadgets, electronic devices also increased. Power generation using conservative methods becoming deficient. There is a necessity arises for a different power generation method. At the same time the energy is wasted due to human locomotion and many ways. To overcome this problem, the energy wastage can be converted to usable form using the piezoelectric sensor. So by using this energy saving method, that is the footstep power generation system we are generating power. DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 4.0 FLOWCHART GROUP MEMBERS : SEEMA A/P KANNAN ( 03DET15F1007 ) : AIN FAEZAH BT AHMAD SABRI ( 03DET15F1156 ) 5.0 LIST OF COMPONENTS AND COSTING THANK YOU Q & A SESSION 9.0 REFFERENCE 1. Vibration based energy harvesting using piezoelectric material,m.N. Fakhzan, asan G.A.Muthalif, department of mechatronics engineering, international islamic university malaysia, iium,kuala lumpur, malaysia. 2. Https://www.Elprocus.Com/footstep- power-generation-system/. 3. Https://www.Slideshare.Net/ranithram/ footstep-power-generating-system The project Foot Step Based Power Generation can be used for many applications in rural areas where power availability is less or totally absence. As Malaysia is a developing country where energy management is a big challenge for huge population. By using this project, we can drive both AC and DC loads according to the force we applied on the piezo electric sensor. FOOTSTEP BASED POWER GENERATION SYSTEM As technology is developed use of electronic equipment also increased. Conventional methods of power generation becoming insufficient. It introduced a problem which is lack of power. There is a need arises for an alternative power generation method. Energy is wasted in many form and one of them is due to the

Footstep #4

Transcript: Out of Eden Learning Footstep #4 Footstep #1 Footstep #1 In footstep #1 we explored our own personal stories of migration. I chose to interview my grandpa who immigrated from Cuba to the US when he was a child. In my presentation I touched on how he was bullied for speaking his native language. That bullying has effected my whole family, because he never taught any of his kids spanish and never spoke about his experiences in Cuba. We lost a piece of our culture because of the way he was treated as a kid. This isn't just a personal experience a lot of immigrants have to give up their culture when they move. Since theirs so much prejudice against immigrants in the united states people don't always feel safe expressing their culture or speaking languages other than English. I learned that a lot of immigrants have to go through similar experiences as my grandpa. Picture My Grandpa in Cuba Footstep #2 In footstep #2 we explored borders we could find in our everyday lives. A border I abide by in my everyday life is the end of my street. As a kid I was never aloud to leave my street alone because the neighborhood I live in isn't very safe for children. As I grew up I still followed that rule to the point where I won't even leave my street as a highschooler. I decided to take a deeper dive into where this started. I came to the conclusion that borders don't need to be physical to keep someone out. People can create their own borders or borders that were introduced to them as a child can still effect how they act as an adult. This can seriously affect peoples actions both positive and negative ways. Footstep #2 Topic 3 Footstep #3 Topic 4 Footstep #4

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