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Footstep Energy Generation

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Ranjith Kumar

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Footstep Energy Generation

In this project, we are going to implement the design and development of footstep based energy for street lights which consists of Pressure transducer,Relay,Comparator,Battery,Real Time Clock(RTC),Micro controller,Street lights
The main aim of this project is to generate the energy through the pressure generated by footsteps.

The port 0 of the microcontroller is attached a pull-up resistor and interfaced with LCD. The output from the piezoelectric sensor plate is given to the comparator chip(LM 324N), this chip converts it into digital data while it amplifies the data also. The output from the comparator is fed into the microcontroller through port 2.0, where the pinone relay is connected to VCC, pin 2 to ground, pin 3 to the High intensity LED, and the 4th pin to the microcontroller for switching mechanism purpose, whenever the right amount of pressure is applied onto the sensor plate, the comparator receives the signal amplifies and converts it feeds it into the microcontroller as soon as microcontroller gives the indication the contacts in relay touch each other making the LED to glow. The comparator is connected to the battery so whenever the energy is generated that is stored in the battery. The real time clock is interfaced to port2.4, 2.5 for timing so that the counting is done according to real time
The power supply to the circuit is given through a step down transformer which reduces the 230 Volts AC supply to 12V AC, that is converted into pulsating DC supply through the bridge rectifier used in the circuit. Now the pulsating DC is passed through a filter this filtered output is pure DC, this filtered output is then given to a voltage regulator and a 5 Volts DC supply is obtained and used to power the various components used in the circuit. This 5 Volts DC supply is given to 40th pin of the Microcontroller which is VCC, 9th pin of the Microcontroller for the RESET button, LCD segment, Comparator Chip (LM 324N), Real Time Clock(DS1307).

Piezoelectric Sensor
A piezoelectric sensor comprises a piezoelectric crystal which is typically mechanically coupled to an object which produces a mechanical movement. In piezoelectric materials, an applied electric field results in elongations or contractions of the material.
Footstep Energy Generation
Block Diagram
Circuit Diagram
Expected Outcome
The outcome of it ensures the power saving and efficient power management for street lights without any manual labour and thus can also be used to provide power for home appliances.

Future Scope
In future the number of piezoelectric sensors used can be increased according to the power requirement and placed along the road side,shopping malls or in heavy pedestrian areas so that with the footsteps they put creates more energy and that energy basically used not only for street lights but also for other purposes.


Thank You..!
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