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Food Truck Powerpoint Template

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Food truck

Transcript: People will cover the tacos with wrapping paper and then will put them inside plastic bags. Cell wall The owl will drop the recipe at the person that's standing at the door. Workstation The engine will help the truck to move Mitochondria The steering wheel would make the truck to turn. The cytoplasm is like the inside of the truck because is where everything is made. Ribosome is like the workstation in the food truck because it's where the stuff in made. An owl will hold the copy of the recipe and bring it to the workstation. Packaging Center The recipes and documents are inside of file folders, and those folders are inside of a briefcase that is lock, so that way the documents or recipes are secure. The recipe is like the DNA in the food truck because it contains all the instructions. Food Truck The mitochondria is like the engine in the food truck because it provides the energy that truck needs to move. Golgi apparatus is like the packaging center because it packages the food and distributes to the consumers. The ingredients are placed it in different dishes. The workstation is like the endoplasmic reticulum because it transforms the ingredients into food. Process for doing tacos. A trash can will cleaning up messes, recycle old broken down parts, and will get rid of things that cannot be used again. Workstation The ice container will be a way for raw materials to enter and be stored in the truck. The printer will make a copy of the original recipe. Packaging Center The nucleus is like the briefcase in the food truck because it stores the recipe. Food is exiting from the workstation and is being transported it to the packaging center. People inside the truck will give the food to customers by this small window, so that way bugs can't go inside the truck. Cell wall is like the frame of the food truck because is provides the shape of the food truck. The will A person will bring the packaged food from the Packaging center to the food truck The chloroplast is like the solar panel in the food truck because it absorbs sunlight and transforms it into energy. The vacuole is like the ice container in the food truck because it stores raw materials. A lysosome is like the trash can in the food truck because it helps the truck to be clean. Extra materials will be placed in plastic containers and those containers will be separated and placed on metal shelves, hat way it's going to be easier to get something that they need.

Food Truck

Transcript: El Flying Sombrero Carolina Avila, Kayla Covert, Hayleigh Gavaldon, Peter Mortimer, and Jordan Rodriquez Industry & Market Analysis/ Research Operational Analysis That's only 5 people per hour! Target Market Room for growth Marketing Mix Common design for a food truck Pricing: $0-$10 Family-Style Varying menu based on location Less Cost of Goods Sold of $34,656 Mission Statement Taco Less Operating Expenses of $43,121 Including: Wages Truck Payment Utilities Rent Supplies, etc. Allows customer input and order customization Design: Chalkboard/Vinyl hybrid Food Truck Storage This will cover any debt taken by our estimated $40,000 startup cost! Break Even Analysis Human Resources (Duties) Taking and preparing orders Resolving customer issues Driving the truck Preparing food for service Truck maintenance Growth and Revenue $40,656.53 Microbreweries Projected Market Sources Food trucks have been around for several decades, as early as the 1970s in the form of ice cream trucks and taco stands and continue to grow in popularity. Competitive Analysis 1708 Units per Month 1 Unit: See where we are going to be, What deals we have and our menu! Competitive Pricing Strategy Basic Burrito Projected revenues for next 5 years FLYINGSOMBRERO Supreme Burrito Predicting sales of $124,206.63 for three months (including retail) Income Statement Gen X - Staple menu item For every entree purchased we will donate $1.00! Baby Boomers Food Truck Wrap Hakala, David. "16 Ways to Measure Employee Performance - HR World." 16 Ways to Measure Employee Performance - HR World. N.p., 19 Feb. 2008. Web. 30 Nov. 2013. Myrick, Richard. "Determine Your Food Truck's Staffing Needs." Determine Your Food Truck's Staffing Needs. Running a Food Truck For Dummies, Feb. 2013. Web. 30 Nov. 2013. "Who You Hire.” View Job. Texas Chili Pie Co., 14 Mar. 2012. Web. 30 Nov. 2013. Prospective location STUDENTS Some days working conditions can be over 100 degrees or below freezing. Late hours Holidays Fast-paced At El Flying Sombrero we start each day with fresh, zesty, local ingredients to provide our authentic Mexican recipes straight to our amigos in Fort Collins Colorado. We like to keep it green and support out local farmers with organic garden-fresh ingredients. We make our food with a little bit of fiesta at affordable prices. Our scrumptious food will certainly make your taste buds dance and say “viva!” and make you come back for more. That's a total revenue of The Holy Trinity and The God Father, also known as social media platforms and Klout score Human Resources (Environment) Presence and Popularity El Flying Sombrero for three months FLYINGSOMBRERO Break Even Point 1,708 Units Break Even Point: 1,708 units 1 Entree 1 Beverage Cost to Make: $5.25 Break Even Point: 1,708 Units 1 Unit: Profit: $3.25

Food Truck

Transcript: Analyze to see if IUP students would embrace idea of another food truck on campus Create menu with items college students can eat easily eat and incorporate in a busy schedule Operate during preferred times of the students on campus Select a location that student traffic is high and is easily accessible. Food Truck initial cost Introduction Employee Rates Late Night Munchies Menu Categories Survey distributed to 70 students Interview with current Aramark employee Secondary research that consisted of costs associated with food trucks and how to start a successful truck Eight Methods to starting a truck “How to start a food truck”(Reinink,2011) Food Problems Located in the “Quad” Open 11am-2am Food Choices: subs, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, and breakfast foods 4 main categories of items on menu Breakfast items Subs/Sandwiches Pizza Burgers/Hot dogs Most popular option: Subs/Sandwiches-33% On Average, how many times a week do you eat on campus? Another truck on campus may create shorter lines Be more convenient for those living near the area Provide more food options Later hours for dining Better Location Low end truck - $50,0000 High end truck _$200,000 Average Food truck cost Between 70,000 and 80,000 (“The Cost Of,”2012) Where would you most likely visit the food truck? Data collection Methods What is your class standing? Interview with Andrea Byer, Aramark Food Service Director Food Truck is seasonal and opened 8am-2pm Open for suggestions Most popular food item is a chicken patty Least popular food item is salad No other healthy substitutions Willing to open for longer hours Current location is across the street from Cogswell Recommendations Justin Loll Landon Prutznal Raechyl Hurst Tyler Dummermuth Zach Yearick Are you male or female? 2-5 employees present while in operation Average of 3 employees per day Minimum Wage-$7.25/Hour Estimated cost per week for employees-$1200 If IUP had a food truck located on campus that was open all day do you think you would eat at it? Know the code Keep the menu simple Prepare for equipment malfunctions Budget for bad weather Pick a prime location Use social media to attract crowds Think beyond the truck Offer an Experience Interview Additional Costs Proposed Solution What hours would you feel you would most often access the food truck? Fuel Maintenance Business Permits Kitchen equipment Food supplies Insurance Employee expenses Limited number of Food options on IUP campus Limited hours of current food truck Long wait periods for food if you go at lunch and dinner hours What food options would you like to see available?


Transcript: In our project, we want to show our costumers the city of Madrid, and give people a new and unique experience. - What makes our bus special? On the main floor we can find the free bar, restroom and a little kitchen. On the second floor you will find the dinning room where you can also enjoy the views of the city. (attached to the main floor) Dreamers´ truck contain a little place for the little ones, where they are the real bosses. Customers Relationship Key resources - Drinks - Food - Entrance - Tour companies - Tourist office - Traveller agency - Food (candy) - Drivers - Ikea - Leroy Merlín - Handy crafts (for kids) - Toy planet - Mecanic The value propositions of Dreamers´ truck are; - Wifi - Food (from donuts to sandwiches) - Drinks (from water to Beer) - Music - Sights tour - TV - Socialize Bus + food Revenue Streams - Cooking -Entertaiment (Tv & Kids) - Tour Guide - Marketing - Tourist - Teenagers - Parents (family) - kids Key Activities Thank you for watching... We hope you like it! Made by: Amanda Coso, María Rico, Dowin Felipe, Sandra Serrano, Cristina Cornejo, Evelin Torres & Danae Vargas Channels dreamers´ truck Description - Food - Drinks - Truck - People - Speakers - TV - Toys - Truck - Employees - Wifi - Food/Drink - Toys - Speakers - TVs - Gas - Electricity - Furniture - Decoration - Truck repairs -Kitchen products (appliances) - Poster - Www - Telephone - Booking - News papers ads - Tv Ads - Radio ads Value Propositions Credits - Love - Gentel - Kind - Special days (offers) - Loyalty cards Cost structure VIDEO Customer segments Key Partners

Food Truck

Transcript: SCIENCE GASTRO MUSIC ART Cena de Estrellas Night. Glamurous dinner. 300 pax 250 $ - Surprissing environment - 2 chefs Michelin+2 famous artist - Rupturist Trading Day. - Selected Restaurantes show tradicional&fusion recipes + Trending Artist. 700 pax 70$. Acentos y Paladares 1 day cash required 30.000 $ Quaterly and Twinned Cronical diseases s.XXI: Diabetes, Cholesterol-Obesity, Hypertension. Predictable and correctable with eating and lifestyle habits. Famous artist giving workshops to Art Institutes Yearly 50 pax (*2) 15.000 $ sales 10.000 $ cost Underground restaurant Surprise and Luxury Foodies & realtor's clients At dinner & brunch Chefs compete, colaborate& serve Live Art and Music Food Truck H.S.F. - Food health as Focus. Segmented every 4 hours - Cultural twinning as Platform. Itinerant as circus Goals: + Bet on culinary and musical fusion as a cornerstone of health and artistic evolution. + Promote and mark trends in products& artists + Value Med, Ceviche y Spicy diet as base of healthy and creative cuisine. + Learn to "Medimentarse" + Promote eco-organic-natural + Incorporate scientific meaning into trading Food Truck H.S.F. "Promoting healthy food&Life style" Cena de Estrellas: rupturistic trade dinner. Producers & Importers invite their distributors to a top dinner & regional performance. Students from culinary institutes learn and serve; scholarships. Hispaña Show Festival F.T. A&P C.Estrellas H.S.F. Total (000$) Cash Req. 20 5/each 30/each 300 350 Cost 40% 10 100 1.000 1.260 Sales 33/m. 15 130 1.300 1.650 Frecuency weekly monthly quaterly yearly 1st. year 9 m. 6 2 1 EBITDA 52,2 30 60 300 442,2 3rd. year 2 12 9 6 (3 estates) 100 60 270 1.800 2.230 Workshops,clinics by hispañoles Michelin chefs Best Restaurants compete with healthy tapas Acentos y Paladares. "Adventure dinning" Truck on street selling healthy food&living Educator at schools, parks and sports Gastro-Music Educational Events sales/month 33.000 $ ebitda/month 4.000 $ Invest. required 40.000 $ Weekly 15.000 pax 1,0 Mio $ cost 1,30 Mio $ sales Auction best works art Proud to be Hispañol Critics, espec. magazins + Michelin= jury. Hispaña award cash required 0,3 Mio $ 2,5 days / Wynwood Sp. hospital Great artists performance with spanish and hispanic label. Trendies with award for the best musical fusion. Cena de Estrellas "Promoting best Food&Music" Monthly Sp: Realtor Crowfunding Conferences and roundtables by world experts in medicine and nutrition will propose the healthiest diet. Cuviro America Corporation People / Organizers Errors&Lessons Keys: catering + sponsor 1.000 pax 100.000 $ cost 130.000 $ sales Decorate /4 hours with art-segment

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