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Flat Stanley

Transcript: Flat Stanley Flatness Book Project Summary Plot When the museum thieves steal the most valuable painting in the world. Theme By Jeff Brown Stanley Lambchop is a regular kid. One morning all that changes. He wakes up at the sound of his little brother Arthur. He was screaming, but for what reason? He can't see yet he's not worried. Then he sees three faces: his parents and Arthur. As confusion slowly fades away he has a realization: he's flat!!! He eats breakfeast and goes to see the doctor.Mr. and Mrs.Lambchop explain to Dr.Dan the situation and what had happened. They explained how the billboard had fallen on Stanley while he was sleeping. Obviously they had to buy Flat Stanley new clothes. The nurse measured Stanley and he was 4 ft. tall, about 1 ft. wide, and 1/2 inch thick!!! Now that Stanley is flat he has many things other people can't do, privileges you could say. These include sliding under the cracks of doors, going to far away places in big envelopes through the mail, flying as a kite, ect. Stanley even got famous for stopping museum art thieves!!! Sooner or later, though, it had to happen. Stanley stopped liking being flat. He got made fun of and it made him feel bad about himself and uncomfortable.The problem got resolved though when his little brother thought of a great idea. He grabbed a bicycle air pumper and pumped Stanley back into normal, round state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stanley Lambchop wakes up to find a billboard has flatened him to a thickness of only 1/2 inch!He has lots of fun doing things like crawling under doors. By Abdel Pena Banks Climax/High Point

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