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Flat Stanley

Transcript: During the night, the board falls off the wall, flattening Stanley in his sleep! Rules! Example: "Hello I am number 8. Nice to meet you. I am going take Flat Stanley on a holiday to... xxxxx. Happy Holidays! From Anonymous" Make it pretty please! Flat Stanley is famous! Make your own Stanley Activity Activity: There will be a vote for best Stanley holiday. Winner will get a prize! Flat Stanley diagnosis. The Doctor does not know why this happened to Stanley, but he is lucky to be alive! Stanley is now flat like a pancake and 1.27cm wide. Flat Stanley is a hero! Make a Flat Stanley to send to Jangsung Girl's Middle School. Every Stanley will each get a special number to exchange with anonymous person. You must write the letter in English. Stanley goes into the gutter to find his mom's ring. He helps his mom find a ring that fell into the gutter. Anonymous person with your Stanley will take him on vacation. Thomas Anthony Jeffrey invites Stanley to stay with him in California, but air ticket is expensive! So, Mr Lambchop thinks of an idea... Stanley is sent to California by mail and has a great time! He lives with his mother, father and brother. He is an average boy with a perfect average life. Stanley is only half an inch. Flat Stanley is going on a holiday with your friend. The Story of Flat Stanley If you break or LOSE flat Stanley... You will take a video clip as punishment and you will write "SORRY" with your bum back to the anonymous person in Jangsung Girl's School with a letter. A Holiday Project Mr Lambchop gives Stanley and Arthur a bulletin board to display pictures and posters. Time to make Flat Stanley! This bulletin board hangs on the wall over Stanley's bed. The Flat Stanley Project You will receive Flat Sara next week. Write your vacation plan for Sara! Flat Stanley Flat Stanley is a book written by Jeff Brown. Flat Stanley's real name is Stanley Lambchop. Stanley Lambchop= Flat Stanley Hello! ☺ I am number _______. Nice to meet you! I am going to take Flat Stanley on a holiday to… Happy Holidays! From Anonymous ☆ Taking a photo of Stanley is even better! Who is Flat Stanley? Good thing is...Flat Stanley can now slide under the door! Anonymous will make a letter (at least 3 sentences) as documentary of Stanley's holiday.

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