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Flat Stanley

No description

andrew reece

on 4 October 2011

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Transcript of Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley around the world!
In our classroom! Where are you from?

where is Stanley from? London, Ontario, Canada Where have you been on vacation?

Where has stanley been on vacation? I have been to _______ on vacation .

Stanley has been to _______ on vacation. Story One morning, Stanley Lambchop wakes up. His Mum and Dad see him sleeping under a notice board. They pick up the noticeboard... Stanley is flat! Mr and Mrs Lambchop are very worried! So, they take Stanley to see a Doctor. The doctor looks at Stanley, and says "Flat Stanley, it is a miracle you are alive!" He can slide under doors, fly with the wind,
and squeeze in envelopes. Stanley loves being flat. He is 120cm tall, 30 cm wide and 2 cm thick! One summer, he has vacation. His friend invites him to the USA. Excited, Stanley looks at his map. Now, Stanley Lambchop is famous all over the world and has travelled to many different countries with his friends. He loves to meet new friends! Africa Activity! ask your friends "where have you been on vacation?" Canada Alaska France Egypt China South Korea Africa Alaska Canada China Egypt France what do they like there?

In ____, they like _____ . England (worksheets) "In ___, what do they like?" (worksheet) I am from ________. Stanley is from ______ .
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