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Feature Presentation

Transcript: Major Customers Empanelled Vendor Why Liaising? What is needed? Solution Projects / Long Term Contracts TET (Primary teacher recruitment) CCTV in Elections KKR in IPL Finals Jyoti Basu's funeral B. Ed. College Multiple instances of Air conditioners / Television / Fridge Coffee / Tea machines Mobile phones / Tablets Copiers / Fax machines Websites Now we are looking for quality vendors for big business and long term relationships. Feature Presentation BNI Dreamz 24 years in IT - since 1992 Over 20 years with Government - since 1996 Over 95% turnover from Government Demand came from them Now we actively do it Why people don't do it? Work done in IT Credentials - proof of experience Standards & Quality - ISO and others Industry certifications, affiliations, prominence in trade association or chamber of commerce Awards, Certificates Tendering PPP / BOOT / Maintenance Most profitable Sell once, earn for years Low competition, high margins Service or Goods/Service combination Various agencies Direct orders Referral orders Indirect orders DGS&D Advance payment !!! Goods only or with standard service Fisheries Land & Land Reforms Fire Services Civil Defense Kolkata Police SIDCL WBSEDCL KMDA Minorities Affairs Tea Board Port Trust All RTO's All District Magistrates Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Maneesh Kasera Director Venus IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Four modes Good quality at reasonable price Deep pockets Scalability Authorizations Registrations and compliance Trade Licence, VAT, Service Tax, PAN, Prof. Tax PF, ESI MSME, SSI, Import Licence, other relevant Ideal for retail business regular requirements small ticket size Closed tenders Various agencies Work done in Liaising Home P & AR Transport Education Health & Family Welfare Social Welfare Tourism Disaster Management PWD Panchayat & RD Maneesh Kasera My Company Red Tape Payments Contacts Entry barriers Involvement Competition Burnt Fingers Why Government? Least profitable Sometimes unavoidable Work before Spec to skew Statewide Medical College & Hospital networking Schools >1100 Colleges ~35 Driving Licence & Vehicle Registration Certificate Raktim & Thalamon Chief Minister / Chief Secretary Election / Gangasagar / Muharram / Haj Statewide - RTO (Motor Vehicles) Disaster Management Fisheries ICTC Mass Education & Libraries many more Too many to list here And almost everyone else with office in WB !!! LIAISON Rate Contract Liaising BIG orders BIGGER margins BIGGEST satisfaction Social responsibility Doing business with the Government Identify / create opportunities Develop a sales pitch Contact the right people Avoid tendering or influence it Pre-order paperwork Pricing advice Tender formalities and follow ups Procuring orders Deliver goods and services Get certificate of work done Post sales paperwork Getting the payments Getting the deduction certificates Getting the securities released Sales Related Empanelment Certification Licences Registration Rate contracts Subsidies Waivers Misc

Fan-Made Economy

Transcript: Fan-Made Economy Minecraft Culture Valuable Resources Diamonds are essential for powerful gear and tools in Minecraft, and hold sentimental value, obtained only through mining or looting chests. Obtaining Resources Diamonds Netherite Netherite, the most sought-after item, is crafted from rare ancient debris found in the hazardous Nether, offering enhanced durability and speed. Emeralds, diamonds, and Netherite are some of the most usefull tools obtained through mining, looting chests, or defeating mobs in Minecraft's many dimensions. Emeralds Cultural Significance Comunity In the ever-evolving world of Minecraft, the value of resources has shifted over time. How has the community's perception of diamonds transformed since 2011? Let's explore the cultural and economic impact of Minecraft's valuable commodities. Are diamonds still the ultimate symbol of success and rarity in the Minecraft universe? Emeralds, diamonds, and Netherite convey varying values and significance within the Minecraft community, shaping the in-game economy. Diamonds in the Minecraft world symbolize the very essence of exploration, creativity, and perseverance that define the Minecraft culture. Emeralds serve as Minecraft's official currency, obtainable through mining, trading with villagers, or raid farming for an infinite supply. Diamond & Distribution In 2013 minecraft had a ditribution of about 3 diamonds per chunk (a 16x16 slice of the world). This means people would not have a lot of diamonds hence the popularization of the material. Since the resourse is so scarce people horded then or whould use them in builds to flaunt thier wealth. Now in 2024 the world is deeper than it was in 2013. diamonds are able to be found at a rate of 19 per chunk. Drasticaly increesing the amount any player can find. This is what i belive has made the comunity more likly to offer up what used to be a beloved and almost sacred material as a curency. Shift from community focus on building to obtaining resources Comparison of 2012 castle vs. 2024 mining video Highlight of players' shift to mining and capitalistic nature Significance of building a giant mountain to showcase resources Transition from large house/castle to showcasing material wealth works cited Conections Covid relating to the amount of diamonds Changing values of diamonds “How Many Diamonds Are in One Minecraft Chunk?”, Accessed 22 Apr. 2024. ‌“Diamond Guides Are WRONG! - Discussion - Minecraft: Java Edition - Minecraft Forum - Minecraft Forum.”, Accessed 22 Apr. 2024. ‌“Diamond Ore.” Minecraft Wiki, Accessed 22 Apr. 2024.

Home-Made Fan

Transcript: Home-Made Fan Presented by Sergio Aznar, Elena Lacámara, Javier Sin y Carolina Perez. Phases Index NEED IDEA DEVELOPMENT CONSTRUCTION MARKETING Idea Need and idea A kind of leaf blower but made with recycled materials and with a box in which we would put some ice to cold the air produced by this fan and it would be able to cool a room. Need (tender document) Conditions of the project 1. Original and attractive design 2. ON/OFF light 3. Easy to transport 4. Built with recycled or recyclable materials 5. Use some clean and renewable energy 6. Be efficient (cool in a fast way) 7. Have a durable and rechargeable battery Six principal elements Six elements that affect technology 1. Materials and their properties 2. Scientific and technical knowledge 3. Thechnical drawing 4. Computers 5. Work skills 6. Economic factors Process Construction and development Materials Materials: 1. Plastic tube 2. DC toy motor 3v-6v 3. A paint spry 4. Portable battery 5. ON/OFF switch 6. Plastic box (to contain ice 7. Materials you can find at home: a. CDs plastic box b. Plastic bottle of water c. A can d. Glue Budget MATERIALS PRICES Plastic tube DC toy motor Paint spry Portable phone battery 3€ 3€ 2€ 3€ 15€ TOTAL: Plastic box 0,50 € ON/OFF switch 3,50€ Marketing We should be aware of the decisions we take today because they will have a social and environmental impact for future generations. In our project, we use recyclable objects so they don’t affect negatively the environment Environment Environment Conclusion Conclusion Our final decision is to make a portable fan made with some materials that everybody can find at home. We have choose this idea because it was the easiest to build, also, it isn't quite expensive and it is easy to transport.

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