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Elementary School Powerpoint Templates

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Prichard Elementary Powerpoint

Transcript: Tempo Time To the tune of "The More We Get Together" Accuracy Choral Reading develops through extensive exposure to reading encompasses reading rate as well as reading flow pacing permits a reader to speed up or slow down to construct meaning text is at the student's independent or instructional level Kindergarten students are using "talk to me" phones while reading. Totally Tonality Pacing Students are reading a nursery rhyme and pausing where the punctuation should be. Expressing Rereading Lyrics By: Janie Moore The student is using a tape recorder to record and then to listen to himself reading. Pausing with Punctuation Students are singing along to nursery rhymes using maracas. Presented By: Prichard Elementary Kindergarten & First Grade Teachers The Components of Fluency The more students read, the more they want to read Appropriate texts include: high interest and a variety of genres Pacing Wide Reading Pacing Beam Reading Wrap-up The more you practice reading your reading, your reading The more you practice reading The better you'll be. Reading takes practice And practice makes perfect The more you practice reading The better you'll read. Expressing The More You Practice Reading Phrase Strips The ability to read several words together without pausing. A good reader uses phrase words together to derive meaning rather than using each word independently. ABC Punctuation Style Students are using "gloomy" expression while reading. Assisted Reading Listen to Me Chapter 4: Fluency used to develop rapid, fluent, oral, reading. decreases word recognition errors, and increases reading speed Echo Reading Phrasing Assisted Reading Rereading Expressing Pacing Wide Reading Accuracy Assisted Reading Phrasing Assisted Reading Phrasing Students selecting books according to their AR reading level. Rereading Phrasing The text comes to life and has meaning and purpose! Accuracy Students use self-assessments to evaluate their own fluency. Listen to Me CENTER TIME!!! Expressing Wide Reading The fluent reader recognizes words automatically and can now attend to comprehension. Provides support while building fluency. Teachers scaffold students' learning while readers gain confidence. Feedback and guidance provided by peers, parents, and teachers. Appropriate texts include: repetitive patterns, interesting characters, and dialogues. the ability to identify and apply the relationship between letters and sounds with ease and precision there must be a balance for the student to read with both fluency and comprehension Rereading

Elementary School

Transcript: In school many kids doze off and can't pay full attention in class due to dehydration. This is why we should pay more attention to extending the use of water fountains. We have concluded that schools don't have enough water fountains for the amount of kids in one school. If we were to extend the amount of water fountains we could make different size fountains for people who are smaller and taller. We also need to have the water bottle refill station on every floor so students can quickly refill their water bottle while going class to class. It can get quite annoying having to stand on your tippy toes or bend over in front of a crowd of people or wait in a long line just to get a sip of water but if we were to improve the water fountain by adding different heights and more fountains those problems wouldn't occur. Tip 2: Enough lockers for grade 5-8 Chairs What is School? As students, we think all schools should have ergonomically designed chairs. Ergonomically designed school chairs will enable students to sit in a matter that eliminates (or at least relieves) musculoskeletal stress, therefore helping students learn more effectively. Every student is built differently, in order for classroom chairs to be ergonomic, they would need to not only be ergonomically designed in terms of shape, but also completely adjustable- height, seat tilt, back tilt, and arm rests. Such chairs do exist in office settings, as well as for secretaries, receptionists, computer technicians, and even CEO s. Because students sit in chairs for about 80% of their time in school each day, students 18 and younger are in more risk of developing chronic musculoskeletal disorders then adults, because their bodies are still developing. Also it has been proven that with ergonomically designed chairs students are to make fewer mistakes, therefore getting better grades. Conclusion Tip 1: Better quality seats for students Tip 4: Extending the use of Water Fountains Thank You Any Questions? By: Kiera and Maha S. Lockers Google Google images In conclusion, we agree that if schools had ergonomically designed chairs, students will not be in risk or chronic musculoskeletal disorders. If schools had lockers, they would get to class on time, become very organized, and not be in risk of scoliosis, degenerative osteoarthritis and herniated discs. Suitable school bags for both comfort, and not to put stress of your spine or neck area. If every school had more water fountains and refill stations, students well remain hydrated for the day, while arriving to class on time. Lastly, if all students use computers properly they would not seriously damage their muscles, back, neck, shoulders, hands, wrists and eyes. If schools had all these qualities, schools would be more fun, healthier, and very efficient. In every school students are able to use computer technology. Students tend to sit a few inches away from their screen, especially on laptops. There are many ways to improve the way kids use the computers in school because when they aren't being used properly it can affect their health, the screen should be at least arm length away and also have your key board close to you. Your shoulders should be relaxed and elbows at a slightly open position. Every 20- 30 minutes try to do some exercises to relax your muscles, also try to look at a far distance. Not trying to improve the way you work can seriously damage your muscles, back, neck, shoulders, hands, wrists and eyes. Computer technology at School When you reach a certain age, somethings in life are often needed in school. And lockers are one of those things, we both agree that grades 5-8 should have lockers so they can arrange their supplies, so they can get class to class with no problems. If students had to carry everything around all day that they needed on a daily basis, students could get cases of chronic neck, shoulder and back pain from carrying it all. Lockers provide plenty of storage for all of their items and keeps students from experiencing pains that could haunt them throughout their whole life. In addition to extreme pains, the heavier school books kids are forced to carry around may get serious developmental problems. Many kids who improperly use backpacks to carry around all of their books are at an increased risk of scoliosis, degenerative osteoarthritis and herniated discs. 70% of school kids are now using unsuitable bags which in the long term is a serious concern, but with ergonomically designed school bags children won't have to suffer from serious health problems. Ergonomically designed backpacks are made to protect the growing spine and promote posture improvement. They provide support and padding that allows your back to rest in the correct position and prevents strains on the neck and shoulder. Regular school bags do not provide the


Transcript: Isaiah 56:1 Maintain justice and do what is right – for my salvation is close at hand and my righteousness will soon be revealed We will be your mentors. You are not alone. 28,1 Everyone can dream their own dream. And we can help them achieve it. "In 2011, 65.7 percent of new students at the Seoul National University came from the Gangnam" BUT ACTUALLY IT'S LIKE THAT "95 out of every 10,000 high school graduates in Seoul went on to the SN university.In contrast,42 out of every 10,000 high school graduates in six other major cities went to SNU" 8,3 2,8 CEO: 강성태 SungTae Kang There are 95,000 hagwons(47,000 only in Seoul) and 84,000 individuals providing tutoring service 31,8 STATISTICS In 2010, 74 percent of all South Korean students attended hagwons 10,2 UNIVERSITIES' TUITON FEES Eight out of 10 South Korean parents say they feel financial pressure from hagwon tuition costs. 22,2 STATISTICS South Korean families spend an average of $2,600 per year for each child to attend a hagwon. Families with higher incomes often spend up to $1,000 per month on hagwons 34,4 “Every student in Korea will have at least one mentor. ” 36,1 37,5 Monthly charge for hagwon can vary from two hundred thousand to two million won depending on area and presentability 20,2 "In Korea it costs W262 million to bring up a child until graduation from university" 16,8 HAGWON is a privately-run educational academy EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM HAGWON 11 65,6 13th. April. 2013 Yonsei University 3 20,1 CHANGES OF TUITON FEE 21,8 89,8 21,8 "20 percent decline in a parent's economic status or surrounding conditions of a student led to 10 percentage point drop in their chances of being admitted to a four-year university" 16th. November. 2013 Kyung-Hee University 18,1

PowerPoint Game Templates

Transcript: Example of a Jeopardy Template By: Laken Feeser and Rachel Chapman When creating without a template... Example of a Deal or No Deal Template PowerPoint Game Templates There are free templates for games such as jeopardy, wheel of fortune, and cash cab that can be downloaded online. However, some templates may cost more money depending on the complexity of the game. Classroom Games that Make Test Review and Memorization Fun! (n.d.). Retrieved February 17, 2017, from Fisher, S. (n.d.). Customize a PowerPoint Game for Your Class with These Free Templates. Retrieved February 17, 2017, from 1. Users will begin with a lot of slides all with the same basic graphic design. 2. The, decide and create a series of questions that are to be asked during the game. 3. By hyper linking certain answers to different slides, the game jumps from slide to slide while playing the game. 4. This kind of setup is normally seen as a simple quiz show game. Example of a Wheel of Fortune Template Games can be made in order to make a fun and easy way to learn. Popular game templates include: Family Feud Millionaire Jeopardy and other quiz shows. Quick video on template "Millionaire" PowerPoint Games Some games are easier to make compared to others If users are unsure whether or not downloading certain templates is safe, you can actually make your own game by just simply using PowerPoint. add logo here References Example of a Family Feud Template PowerPoint Games are a great way to introduce new concepts and ideas You can create a fun, competitive atmosphere with the use of different templates You can change and rearrange information to correlate with the topic or idea being discussed. Great with students, workers, family, etc. For example: With games like Jeopardy and Family Feud, players can pick practically any answers. The person who is running the game will have to have all of the answers in order to determine if players are correct or not. However, with a game like Who Wants to be a Millionaire, the players only have a choice between answers, A, B, C, or D. Therefore, when the player decides their answer, the person running the game clicks it, and the game will tell them whether they are right or wrong.

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