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Elementary School

No description

Sairy Juarez

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Elementary School

By: Sairy Juarez Elementary School 2008 In 2008, I came to United States from Guatemala.
I was really excited to come and live in a different
place. I was nervous and scared because I hadn't been
in an airplane and I also didn't know any English. I started 1st grade at William Allen White Elementary
School. I was really nervous, I wondered how was I
gonna make friends if I didn't know any English. 2009-2010 I started 2nd grade and everybody was so impressed
that I had learned how to speak English that fast. I made more friends in 2nd grade. I still kind of had some troubles on how to make my sentences make sense. I would still get bullied because of my pronouncing and accent. During the middle of 2nd grade I was moving from an apartment to a house. I was so excited but I lived closer to Walnut School, I still went to W.A.W Elementary School. 2010-2011 3rd grade was the year that most of the stuff I expect started. I had many friends but during the year I had so many troubles with them. I would get pimples on my forehead and I also grew a lot that I was the tallest person in the grade so kids would call me "Pimple face girl" or "Tall girl"! I still wouldn't listen to them but it still bothered me. Through out the year I would worry about me and how I was supposed to be with my friends. I finished 3rd grade and was ready for 4th. 2011-2012 I was so excited for 4th grade because I wanted to see my friends so bad. I got to see them but only three out of four of my best friends were in my classroom. Isabel was in the other classroom but I still would play with her at recess. 4th grade went by fast. I would also worry more about how I looked but through out the year I realized I was becoming someone else and that I wasn't suppose to be like that. I forgot about it and started acting like myself and I liked it. At the end of the year I was scared of entering 5th grade. 2012-2013 When I started 5th grade I was nervous to see what was expecting me but I was also excited to see my best friends. It went well at the beginning but later on the year I started getting bullied. I would ignore them. I started playing soccer but then I quit and then would start again but later on I quit again, but now I started playing soccer and I would say it's really fun! Everything went well. We went to Charllote, NC,
Houston, TX, Whicita, KS, and finally Emporia,KS. 2008-2009 1st grade went so quickly. I still had to go summer school. I learned so much there.
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