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Comparable Worth

Transcript: Mondy, R. (2013). Human Resource Management (13th ed). Pearson Learning Solutions. Retrieved from Text Definition: Comparable Worth Opponents Say: Comparable Worth. (n.d.). Retrieved October 21, 2013, from The Pros and Cons of Comparable and What You Really Need to Know About. (n.d.). Retrieved October 21, 2013, from Research: For or Against? Mondy, R. (2013). Human Resource Management (13th ed). Pearson Learning Solutions. Retrieved from Comparable Worth According to a 2008 survey by the International Trade Union Confederation of 63 countries, on average, women earned 84% of men's earnings... a 16% gap. Advocates say: studies show that the greater the concentration of women in a job, the lower the wage employers pay that job. claim that women have been victimized by a socialization process that unjustly steers them towards precisely those fields that are the least lucrative. argue that the not only is the current system unjust by that it also imposes significant costs on society via tax dollars Equity Pay Act requires equal pay for equal work I.E. a female nurse is paid the same as a male nurse Comparable worth advocates prefer a broader interpretation of equal pay I.E. if the value of a nurse to a hospital is comparable to a the value of welder to a manufacturing company they should have equal pay... Nurse Vs. Welder Determination of the values of dissimilar jobs (such as company nurse and welder) by comparing them under some form of job evaluation, and the assignment of pay rates according to their evaluated worth. dispute the claim that the current wage system is unfair. believe a comparable worth plan would interfere with the free market mechanisms that are required for economic efficiency. aka it would damage the economy claim that implementing comparable worth programs on a national scope would raise payrolls for employers, and these increased costs would lead to huge losses for private employers and higher deficits in the public sector.

Comparable Worth

Transcript: In order to implement pay equity, the company must: - Evaluate all jobs within the firm. - Rate jobs based on level of skill required. - Compare each job according to a common index. - With index, people with different jobs, but similar ratings would be paid equally. This method should help reduce income differences between men and women. People tend to confuse comparable worth with equal pay for equal work which is not the case. Pay equity policies encourage equal pay for comparable work, work that is different, but shares the same importance to the company. Jobs that are likely to have similar requirements must be paid the same as well. The concept that women and men should receive equal pay for jobs calling for comparable skill and responsibility. Comparable Worth Comparable Worth in Depth (Contd.) - Costs a lot of money. - Due to index system, jobs would be paid equally, regardless of income differentials in the market. - No proper way of measuring the number of points a job deserves. - Limiting the number of jobs. - Laying off employees. - Increased wages equals to less benefits. Controversies behind Comparable Worth By: Mohammad Sultan The essential purpose of comparable worth is to pay equal wages for jobs that are of comparable value to the employer. This would mean comparing diverse jobs and being able to match the employees income according to the value of their jobs, disregarding the employee's age, race, gender, and any other differences. The implication of comparable worth has caused many controversies within businesses. Firms have been forced to make unwilling changes and jobs have been deeply affected. Some employees tend to be paid less than others, despite the fact that their jobs are of equal value to the company, but since they are equivalently important, shouldn't these employees be paid equally? Definition of Comparable Worth from Merriam-Webster Dictionary Comparable Worth Implementing Comparable Worth Comparable Worth in Depth I hope you all have a better understanding of comparable worth and thank you!

Comparable Analysis Chile vs. California

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