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Civic Action Powerpoint

Transcript: Leadership Styles S Participation Broadening the Definition of Democracy Danger 3) With increased bacteria in the water, there is a higher chance of catching diseases and infections. Water would need to be boiled to reduce risks which uses up resources such as electricity. Preventing the construction of Unwanted Activities in your Community Evolution of Democracy - Continued For Toxic Waste 1) Affects Bikini Bottom's cleanliness and purity of the lake. Pollutes it with toxic waste when the community is portrayed as clean and clear. Many visitors will avoid vacationing polluted areas and citizens will be discontent with the water quality Everyone must respect these rules as a common standard of achievement for all people. Constructing a toxic dump next to Bikini Bottoms would disrupt the community's growth in a healthy lifestyle. They will be polluted with toxic which can affect their bodies and their clean water supply. Spongebob and his neighbours have the right to live in well-being where their waters are not contaminated. 2) Bikini Bottom is a smaller town therefore construction would be safer and effect less people compared to a dump in the middle of the city where people are constantly gathered. It is far from other towns and species and will not affect other parts of the ocean. The End! Unit 1 - Activity 13 Culminating Activity Resources Help me save Bikini Bottoms from turning into a toxic waste dump! Everyone is entitled the same rights and privileges whatever their gender, race, or beliefs are. Bikini Bottom is treated unfairly because they do not have a say in the toxic dump project. They are not being treated as equals and it affects everyone in the community. Equality will help this cause because the people will then be able to input their thoughts on the decision of the future of their environment. Bikini Bottom, many of you have probably heard about the toxic waste dump being construct near our community. It will increase the number of bacteria in our sea and will destroy our healthy living. There will be no clean water to swim around, healthy jellyfish to catch, or any non-toxic Krusty Krabs, HOWEVER, vote for the Liberal Party who will do everything in their power to prevent the damage being done. They care deeply for a clean environment to ensure the safety of all citizens. Vote the Liberals to save your community! The future is in your hands! Spongebob is caring, optimistic, and hard working which suits him as a leader. He makes sure to gather everyones' input and suggestions in order to make Bikini Bottoms a place everyone enjoys. He will try his hardest to do any task in front of him and when times are hard, he is determined to work things out to the best of his abilities. He will put others before himself and ensure the safety of his friends and home concerning this toxic dump. The democratic feature of participation will help this cause because if not everyone is involved in the issue, authorities may consider it unimportant and ignore the fact. When more people participate, their voices will be heard and can impact the situation greatly. Bikini Bottom should work up the courage to confront the government about the toxic waste dump and the risk it contains. With more people involved, the issue is more likely to be solved which will bring peace to the community. O Freedom of Speech Mayor Thank you for watching! :) Greenpeace is the largest independent, direct action environmental organization in the world. They defend the natural world and support the rights of the well-being of people. They believe everyone deserves to live life without harmful impacts of toxic chemicals. They are promoting a toxic-free future through safer chemical plants and detoxing clothes worn everyday. Evolution of Democracy The Electoral Process Less Polluted Dump here This organization can assist Spongebob in their cause because they are both trying to prevent toxic waste in our everyday lives. Having a big organization supporting their cause will enable them to make a difference. Greenpeace has experience with other projects and can contribute many ideas and tip to prevent a toxic waste dump. They also have many supporters and can promote Spongebob's situation to bring awareness to the situation. Equality The Liberal Party has the best platform in resolving the problems Bikini Bottom faces. the Liberals believe Canada's energy policy should be sustainable and respectful to the land. They believe that waste material should be converted to other uses by recycling at every opportunity thus a toxic waste dump would not be needed. They see that toxic will make the aquatic life suffer and will strive to prevent that, therefore protecting Bikini Bottom. The Liberals will be able to aid Spongebob's community the most in preventing the construction of the dump. Civic Action Powerpoint Against Toxic Waste Peter Kent Parliamentary Address: House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6 E-Mail:

Civic action powerpoint

Transcript: Toxic Waste Dump Construction Eunice Tang CHV20-34/35 July 12 2019 Leadership Styles Leadership Styles When forming a committee to help and find a solution for our situation I will be a democratic leader. This means that I will include, listen, and respect other's ideas. I do not believe that I could come up will all the solutions myself and having everyone pitch in is what gives a sense of community. I am Spongebob Who am I Who I am Spongebob is hard working, optimistic, and loyal. These are 3 important things that are needed to be a leader. If the leader isn't working hard, no one will want to work hard either. Optimism is what keeps people going. When it is very gloomy and there's a lot of negativity, no one will want to do anything. Loyalty is so that the citizens can trust him and trust that he won't betray his citizens. Characteristics Characteristics Characteristics that make me suitable to be a leader Evolution of Democracy Evolution of Democracy "Recalling the historic importance of the ending of the division of the European continent and the need to create firm bases for the construction of the future Europe. " -European Member. This is because in the quote it states how it is inefficient and bad for the future to do further construction projects the way that they are doing it. This is the same for the toxic waste dump because by doing that it is not helping the future of that area of land. Future generations that live there will get sick, and all the land where the dump is, is becoming less healthy. Why would spongebob use this quote? More Information Democratic Ideals Including Democratic Ideals to Government Mr. Bob Construction 1. All the toxic waste needs to go somewhere and near the lake is furthest from people to keep them safe 2. The toxic waste will be contained in an area where it can be safe to people and the environment. 3. to make sure that there is no bacteria in your water just boil it to be safe. 1. The construction is decreasing the amount of clean water we have. 2. It creates bacterial infections in our water habitat. 3. The toxic waste creates petro-chemicals that cause cancer even at low exposure rates. Definition of Democracy Broadening the Definition of Democracy Three characteristics of democracies are participation, equality, and a sense of responsibility for others. Participation will further the success of our political cause because when everyone is helping and getting involved, things can get done faster and more ideas are brought to the table which usually results in having better ideas and making better decisions. Participation Participation Equality will also further our success because people feel that they are helpful and that they matter. When it is an authoritarian leader and he/she is the only one coming up with ideas, making choices, and telling people what to do. The citizens will not be as happy and they will not work as hard to help. Where a leader that believes in equality will bring people together to find the best solution. Equality Equality A sense of responsibility for others can further the success of our political cause because when people are helping out and they see that their ideas are being contributed and respected, they will be more willing to work and they will work harder with more enthusiasm. A Sense of Responsibility for Others Responsibility Levels of Government Canada's Political Structure and Levels of Government I think the best level of government to talk to about this situation is the municipal government. This is because the municipal government is responsible for the garbage collection and the disposal services. This includes things like the disposal of toxic waste. Passage of laws Environmental Laws in Canada "All provinces have now passed legislation on water pollution and air pollution." ( Robert T. Franson, Elaine. L. Hughes, 2012). Spongebob could use this quote in the laws because it states that there are laws against air pollution and water pollution and the toxic waste dump is causing both. Jean Yip (Liberal) Local MP Local MP Mailing Address: 201-3195 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1T 3K1 Email Address: Contact Information More Information "We need to ensure that Canadians never have to breathe toxic air or drink polluted water…” (Clean Prosperity, 2017) This means that they would be against the toxic waste dump because it would result in people like Spongebob breathing polluted air and drinking polluted water. Political Parties Political Parties Conservative "Canadians must be able to trust that government will engage in appropriate regulatory oversight"(Liberal, 2015) In a way this shows how they want the citizens to trust them and even when they are doing bad things like putting toxic waste dumps near people's homes he wants citizens to trust that it is the better and right thing to do. Liberal Liberal "Enhanced waste-water infrastructure in small communities to reduce water pollution" This could mean

Activity 13: Civic Action PowerPoint

Transcript: Provinicial House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6 As I stated before, having everyone's opinion and having people that support and share that opinion will likely help the cause I think leading democratically is the best way to lead. To me, everyone's opinion matter and it's a great way to get ideas from other people. Democratic Craig Scott Support: It removes the waste from concentrated populations such as cities Creates jobs (maintaining the site) 741 Broadview Avenue, Suite 304 Toronto, Ontario M4K 3Y3 It will contaminate the supply of drinking water It will create water-borne bacteria Preventative measures will have to be taken to ensure clean drinking water New Democratic Constituency Address: I am passionate, honest and a great communicator. These three thing are some of the qualities needed in a leader. Equality Everyone gets an input because ultimately it does affect everyone in the community and if they want a say in what's going on and multiple people agree with it then it is probable that it will help the cause Parliamentary Address: The liberal party was the only party that I think really expressed their concerns on the environment which is what I want in a government so that it can help deal with the toxic waste site problem. On their site they express the need to protect freshwater and oceans. I'm assuming that if the surrounding community uses the lake as a water source that it is freshwater and that the toxic waster site will be a concern that will definitely be looked into. Participation The provincial government deals with the natural resources of a province or territory. The issue of having a toxic waste site would directly affect nature. By polluting the water you'd affect many ecosystems. It would affect water ecosystems such as fish, this can ultimately effect land ecosystems such as animals and humans who rely on drinking water and food from the water. It is the provincial governments responsibility to protect the environment to help sustain our ecosystems. July 13th, 2015 CHV2O July 2015-14/15 There is to be a toxic waste site that pours it's garbage into our lake. We all depend on our lake for things like drinking water, hygiene and produce. This toxic waste site will completely destroy our community by polluting our lake. This is where the Liberal party comes to play. Their concern for the environment is what we need to rid our community of this site. They express their concerns for freshwater and our lake will be a top priority. If we don't prevent this toxic waste site it won't just contaminate the water but also, our lives. Activity 13: Civic Action PowerPoint Opposition: Why I would be a good leader


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