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Civic Action Powerpoint

No description

Maggie Qu

on 13 July 2015

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Transcript of Civic Action Powerpoint

Civic Action Powerpoint
Unit 1 - Activity 13 Culminating Activity
Preventing the
construction of Unwanted
Activities in your Community
By: Maggie Qu

Help me save Bikini
Bottoms from turning
into a toxic waste
Leadership Styles
A democratic leadership style will be used where members of Bikini Bottom are encouraged to share their beliefs and opinions in a decision making process because this toxic dump issue not only affects Spongebob, but his friends as well. They should vote to come to a consensus.
Evolution of
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 25.
(1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.
Spongebob is caring, optimistic, and hard working which suits him as a leader. He makes sure to gather everyones' input and suggestions in order to make Bikini Bottoms a place everyone enjoys. He will try his hardest to do any task in front of him and when times are hard, he is determined to work things out to the best of his abilities. He will put others before himself and ensure the safety of his friends and home concerning this toxic dump.
Everyone must respect these rules as a common standard of achievement for all people. Constructing a toxic dump next to Bikini Bottoms would disrupt the community's growth in a healthy lifestyle. They will be polluted with toxic which can affect their bodies and their clean water supply. Spongebob and his neighbours have the right to live in well-being where their waters are not contaminated.
Evolution of
Democracy - Continued
The Magna Carta was written by barons to protect their rights and property against an oppressive king. Many regulations were written for medieval rights however it has become a powerful symbol of liberty. The most important legacy is that everyone must obey the law. Over the centuries, Magna Carta has influenced kings and lawyers as well as the principle stating that
"No freeman shall be taken, imprisoned, disseised, outlawed, banished, or in any way destroyed, nor will We proceed against or prosecute him, except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land."
This is not being respected at Bikini Bottom because they are being harmed by the toxic because someone with power ordered a waste dump in their community. The rule over their homes is taken right out of their hands. Their democratic rights are being violated in their hometown.
Democratic Ideals
to Government
Against Toxic Waste
1) Affects Bikini Bottom's cleanliness and purity of the lake. Pollutes it with toxic waste when the community is portrayed as clean and clear. Many visitors will avoid vacationing polluted areas and citizens will be discontent with the water quality
2) It is harmful for the citizens of Bikini Bottom. Toxins such as mercury can get into drinking water which are poisonous. Bacterial infections can also be created in the water habitat. The lives of the community will be put at risk.
3) With increased bacteria in the water, there is a higher chance of catching diseases and infections. Water would need to be boiled to reduce risks which uses up resources such as electricity.
For Toxic Waste
1) Creates more space for amount of garbage already accumulating in the landfills. There may be a lack of locations for toxic storage and Bikini Bottom would be best suited for it.
2) Bikini Bottom is a smaller town therefore construction would be safer and effect less people compared to a dump in the middle of the city where people are constantly gathered. It is far from other towns and species and will not affect other parts of the ocean.
3) Dumping waste in Bikini Bottoms is cheaper and less polluted than incineration or materials recovery. The waste will be managed and monitored appropriately and problems will be dealt before it becomes dangerous
Dump here
Not here
Safe Construction
Less Polluted

Everyone is entitled the same rights and privileges whatever their gender, race, or beliefs are. Bikini Bottom is treated unfairly because they do not have a say in the toxic dump project. They are not being treated as equals and it affects everyone in the community. Equality will help this cause because the people will then be able to input their thoughts on the decision of the future of their environment.
The democratic feature of participation will help this cause because if not everyone is involved in the issue, authorities may consider it unimportant and ignore the fact. When more people participate, their voices will be heard and can impact the situation greatly. Bikini Bottom should work up the courage to confront the government about the toxic waste dump and the risk it contains. With more people involved, the issue is more likely to be solved which will bring peace to the community.
Broadening the
Definition of Democracy
Freedom of Speech
Everyone has the right to express their opinions publicly without government interference. The citizens of Bikini Bottom will not get in trouble for saying what they want in order to help reach their goal of preventing a toxic waste dump.
Canada's Political
Structure & Levels of Government
The municipal government would be targeted since they deal with water supply and waste collection. Bikini Bottom's water supply is near the location of the to-be-built dump and would affect the safety of the drinking water. They would also contact the municipal government because a building permit would be needed to construct a dump. The community wants to live a safe distance from the toxic waste that can affect their health. The provincial government may be contacted because they control licenses and the dump of toxic waste near or in the sea is not healthy for marine animals and should be illegal.
Branches of Government
& the Passage of Laws
In the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, article 95 under "Release of Toxic Substances" states that one should
take all reasonable measures consistent with the protection of the environment and public safety to prevent the release or, if it cannot be prevented, to remedy any dangerous condition or reduce or mitigate any danger to the environment or to human life or health that results from the release of the substance or may reasonably be expected to result if the substance is released.
This effectively allows Mr.Bob to enact everything possible to stop the toxic from harming Bikini Bottom and protect the environment. Article 95 also allows Spongebob to reduce the danger of toxic to their health and have the right to take measures to prevent the toxic from reaching Bikini Bottoms that can potentially save the town.
Political Parties
Peter Kent

Parliamentary Address:
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6
E-Mail: peter.kent@parl.gc.ca

Constituency Address:
Unit 41 B
Thornhill, Ontario
L4J 8J1

Part of the Conservative Party of Canada
Political Parties
The Electoral Process

Bikini Bottom, many of you have probably heard about the toxic waste dump being construct near our community. It will increase the number of bacteria in our sea and will destroy our healthy living. There will be no clean water to swim around, healthy jellyfish to catch, or any non-toxic Krusty Krabs, HOWEVER, vote for the Liberal Party who will do everything in their power to prevent the damage being done. They care deeply for a clean environment to ensure the safety of all citizens. Vote the Liberals to save your community! The future is in your hands!
Political Lobbying
Greenpeace is the largest independent, direct action environmental organization in the world. They defend the natural world and support the rights of the well-being of people. They believe everyone deserves to live life without harmful impacts of toxic chemicals. They are promoting a toxic-free future through safer chemical plants and detoxing clothes worn everyday.

Vote the Liberal Party today!!
This organization can assist Spongebob in their cause because they are both trying to prevent toxic waste in our everyday lives. Having a big organization supporting their cause will enable them to make a difference. Greenpeace has experience with other projects and can contribute many ideas and tip to prevent a toxic waste dump. They also have many supporters and can promote Spongebob's situation to bring awareness to the situation.
The Liberal Party has the best platform in resolving the problems Bikini Bottom faces. the Liberals believe Canada's energy policy should be sustainable and respectful to the land. They believe that waste material should be converted to other uses by recycling at every opportunity thus a toxic waste dump would not be needed. They see that toxic will make the aquatic life suffer and will strive to prevent that, therefore protecting Bikini Bottom. The Liberals will be able to aid Spongebob's community the most in preventing the construction of the dump.
The End!
Thank you for watching! :)
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