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Transcript: Reading assistance and teaching Rent reimbursement Training parents to teach and read Reading WORKS April 2010 Elementary schools: Coit, Mulich, Sibley, Covell Grand Rapids Property Owners Association Mission Organizational Mandates Expand program to additional schools Obtain ACSET funding/support Obtain GRPS funding/support Seek additional grants for funding Expand marketing, create website and/or brochure O The Other Way Weaknesses Recommendation #3 Questions ReadingWORKS: Strategic Plan Funders Campfire USA Keystone Church Devos Foundation Currently serving four elementary schools, and the surrounding communities. They hope to Strategies to manage issues •Diversify funding base •Develop and maintain outcome evaluation measure •Apply for 501(c) 3 status and pursue grants independently from ASCET •Develop better marketing tools. (e.g. website, pamphlet) •Avoid 501(c) 3 status and become a program funded and sustained by ASCET •Partner with ASCET and work collaboratively, neither becoming an independent 501(c) 3 nor a program of ASCET •Identify key community partners with whom to team up Strong and committed leadership History of success and growth Positive community relationship Adequate funding to meet needs Diverse funding stream provided to program Provides networking for parents Kent Schools Services Network We recommend that Reading WORKS establishes a unified mission and vision statement Opportunities Sustain funding by diversifying funder base through website design, resource management, and donor aquisition Introductions: Internal Stakeholders What they're about SWOC ACSET Issue #3 How can Reading WORKS sustain funding over the next five years? Adults play an important role in the lives of children It is the day to day experiences that count most within families Issue #2 Should Reading WORKS formalize their organization? Recommendation #2 That Reading WORKS formalizes the organization by: Clearly identified roles, contracts, structure Students Todd Workman Strengths Lack of concrete structure to the program No sustainable leadership Struggle between ACSET/Mary Lack of specific goals and direction Lack of volunteer board or advisors Decentralized training for teachers No website or brochure Lack of communication •Become a part of ASCET •Independently apply for 501(c) 3 status •Hire a Director to oversee programming, funding and community partnering •Develop a clearly identified organizational structure •Recruit a volunteer Board of Directors Strategic Issues Mission:(tentative) A collaborative community effort to educate families thereby promoting the love of literacy that is transferred from one generation to another producing stronger families and communities "I have learned to be more understanding and patient with my son." "This program has helped me a lot because I am learning with him" •Identify a singular mission statement that guides their acting, thinking, and decision making •Identify a vision for the future of Reading WORKS and take appropriate actions to achieve that vision External Stakeholders G Shane Schamper Challenges Teachers Recommendation #1 W Mary Engelsman: Creator GRPS ! Strategy Change Cycle Recommendations Services Mary Englesman Organization Description Issue #1 What are Reading WORKS' mission and vision for the future? Gathering data and reporting Sustainability Communication Need for financial reporting and day-to-day direction Ability to measure changes in GRPS Communities R Scope Stakeholders

Strategic plan presentation

Transcript: EDUCATIONAL MANIFESTO What do we mean by global? What do we want our school to look like in 2021? Community A community which is the go-to for education & learning, expert in education, online training, parenting A community with trust, equality, communication, cooperation, a win-win mentality and respect Teaching and learning Increased number of subjects offered, increased collaboration across subjects, modular teaching, service learning, vocational skills, life skills, flexibility, integrated curriculums, lessons taught jointly with other schools Effective timetable, more staff, supply teachers, reduction in workload for staff, primary specialists Lessons less scripted, more interactive, outdoors, calming activities, skills based, real life experiences, peer and self-assessment, pupil led What is leadership? We have an Educational Manifesto which guides innovation in academics We have the TLiM Framework + Global Awareness Plan which guides innovation in leadership We are developing a Wellbeing Development Plan which guides innovation in wellbeing "Think win-win..." A regional, international school maintain a predominantly Romanian cohort from the region (not just locally) with additional international students Have a Voice. Make a Difference. Discover Your Spark. Think win-win... "The end in mind..." Our objective The 5 Paradigms from TLiM leadership potential motivation change education Who is our community? Transylvania College: A Global Journey for Mindful Leaders Secondary Results The Leader in Me Membership - COBIS, BSO Community Soul 2 lines experience Graduates People Pride The will to improve We're not afraid to make mistakes Finding opportunities to improve Open, trust, communication Parents recommendation Transformation At Transylvania College ….. …. We believe that every person is a leader and has greatness inside that needs to be discovered, valued, respected and encouraged. …. We believe in a learning process meant to develop students’ competences that will prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century. …. We believe that every student must be challenged in every lesson. …. We aim to transform every lesson into a memorable experience for the students. …. We believe that every student works, speaks and makes progress in every lesson and they are empowered to lead their own learning. …. We believe that learning must be differentiated discreetly according to the strengths and the abilities of each student in order that they work at their fullest potential. …. We believe in constructive feedback on the task and the process that will help the students learn from their mistakes, make progress and develop a growth mindset. …. We believe homework is an extension of knowledge, an occasion for the students to discover something new and not just a consolidation of knowledge. …. We believe that change starts with each one of us and all members of our community: students, teachers, parents are involved in a continuous process of learning, helping them achieving high personal and professional targets. …. We aim to ensure all the relevant, modern and appropriate educational resources are available to support the learning process. … We aim to ensure that the students are exposed to a broad variety of activities that are meant to support and develop the whole person. …. We aim to develop the students’ understanding of the world through the Global Awareness programme. What does it look like? Academics Modern / innovative / inspirational teaching which challenges the status quo Leadership Lighthouse school for Romania- modeling Wellbeing Prioritizing all aspects of wellbeing in our community to the point where we have healthy, happy, vital and mindful stakeholders Academics - Eastern Europe for the entire community with a growth mindset- admin/staff/students/parents et al. Leadership - Internationally/Eastern Europe Wellbeing - Internationally - the ESLT experience is that no one is really catering effectively for wellbeing November Strategic Planning Strategic Planning by the SLT So, what is innovation to us? Needs Workload Work space Support Nutrition Care Rest/Sleep Fun Love/connection/family/relationships Progress Significance Comfort Variety Service Choice/freedom 2016 - 2021 Activities Working effectively Mindfulness Meditation Being in nature Music Art Exercise Diet Team work Dare, Lead, Improve, Reform Improvement (continuous) - acting, reflecting, learning, refining Unique (as a result) Meaningful What do we mean by mindful? Cluj-Napoca Vision Conscious... ...of yourself ...of other people's needs ...of behaviours ...context ...cause Our purpose Environment Appropriate spaces for learning - green areas, sports, wow factors, split primary and secondary, VR, recreation rooms, more meeting rooms Members of the community Teachers who are team players, open minded, empathetic, appreciative Children who are eager to learn, independent, relaxed but focused, mindful and self-reliant Parents who are

Strategic Plan Presentation

Transcript: Balance Scorecard -Strategic Goals Customer Care Program.............. .................................First team that introduces a customer care team and they state in their team charter that “Everyone at Manchester United is committed to providing exceptional levels of service to our supporters and customers.” Quality Excellence in MU Products.............................. All official product must meet the quality standards for supporters and customers Retaining Customers...................................................... Maintaining a strong connection with followers and customers MISSION, VISION, AND VALUES Daisy Gonzalez Christian Nuñez Martin O Martinez Jose A Morales VALUES OF MU Communication Market Advertising............... As of 2011, the $458 billion global advertising market, which is forecast to grow to $600 billion by 2016, annual growth rate of 5.5% Monitoring Employees..........According to the official page ManU has 793 full time employees as of June 30, 2013 according to (Manchester United, 2013) Diversity.................................. Hiring employees fluent in several languages to communicate with the different branches of the club The Club works towards self-imposed targets The Club aims to be clear about its priorities and aspirations The Club open and balanced about its position and honest about the challenges it faces Positive difference to the community ( Worldwide) Many programs for the younger ones Employee satisfaction............................... Large salaries and benefits for good players. (W. Rooney, he makes £180k weekly) Turn Over.................................................... The turn over recorded was £320m (down from £331m in 2011) ("Tsm Plug", 2013). Innovations........................................... ManUTV, Mobile Apps, Oficial Page Translated to 7 languages, Video Games Become Globally known.................. Market transactions and strategic investments (El Chicharito Hernandez) -Strategic Goals INTERNAL PROBLEMS DEBT RISE VISION OF MU To be the best football club in the World The Club is part of the community in the widest sense. The Club success not only to be measured by the number of trophies they win but, by the impact they cause on the community. Everyone in the club is committed to environmental and social issues Employee Perspective Trends TEAM B Media Relations Languages Services Disability communication Customer feedback Financial Perspective Manchester United. (2013). The Club Social Responsibility. Retrieved from Strengths Business Process Perspective FAILED INVESTMENTS CORRUPT TRANSACTIONS DEBT RESOURCES OVERUSED GOVERNMENTS LAWS THE MANCHESTER UNITED / MU MISSION OF MU Corporate Public Relations DIVERSITY EXPANSION OF FAN BASE -Strategic Goals Quarterly financial reports. Monthly video conference meetings. Corporate website. E-mail and mail. Weaknesses References FREQUENT CHANGES MOBILE, ON-LINE MARKETING Strategic Plan Presentation Engage Effectively with stakeholders Business Class ESPN FC. (2012). Retrieved from's-sir-alex-ferguson:-it's-not-all-about-money?cc=5901 BUS/475 Mr. John Trout Customer Value Perspective Questions about this presentation? Manchester United Ltd. (2012, August 7). Code of Business Conduct and Ethics(1), 1-1. Retrieved from http://phx.corporate- Opportunities Increase Market Share....................... MU is looking stable closing at $16.90 (up)↓, and a day high of $16.97 (down), October 8, 2013. (, 2013) Increase Revenues........................... Revenues rise 29% compared to the same period in 2011 Reduce Debt....................................... Lower on long term obligations, and also lower their deferred tax liabilities. Become the most Valuable Soccer Club........................ Manchester United is valuated in 837m -Strategy Goals GLOBAL PRESENCE MARKETING SPONSORS FINANCIALLY STABLE Threats Active Social Engagement Valuing Staff Rewards System Staff Benefits Safeguarding Children Policy


Transcript: STRATEGIC PLAN ABOUT Executive Summary The Morgan Library & Museum located in the heart of New York City, began as the private library of financier Pierpont Morgan (1837–1913), one of the preeminent collectors and cultural benefactors in the United States. Since 1924 when J. P. Morgan, Jr. fulfilled his father's wish and made the library it into a public institution, the Morgan Library & Museum has been welcoming patrons. The Strategic plan was created by the Strategic Plan Committee, which consists of members from each department of the Morgan. The Board of Trustees has also played an integral role in guiding the Strategic Planning Committee. The plan began with assessing the current state of the Morgan Library and Museum and identifying what is needed to best serve our current patrons, how to procure new patrons to the library and how to grow the Morgan technologically. With this the Strategic Planning Committee identified three strategic initiatives: 1. Increasing Attendance- The Strategic Plan suggestions include a marketing campaign, innovative exhibitions and targeting “Millennials” in order to achieve this initiative. 2. Available for All - The Morgan was bequeathed to the public in 1926 so that to have all people regardless of social, or economic background were able to its treasures. The strategic plan calls to keep this important initiative by instituting “Free Fridays” every Friday and not just once a month as it currently stands. 3. Progress Technologically -The Strategic Plan suggests digitizing The Morgan’s collections and exhibits as a way of not only keeping up with the times but also to maintain a digitize VCd record of the treasures of The Morgan and adding another avenue of accessibility. The strategic plan was created to provide guidance and goals for The Morgan Library & Museum in the next year, beginning in January 2019. The strategic plan will be evaluated and possibly reassessed bi-monthly by the Board of Trustees and the Strategic Planning Committee. ORGANIZATIONAL PROFILE Overview TEAM TEAM Executive Summary OFFERING PROBLEM PROBLEMS 01. 02. 03. SOLUTION SOLUTIONS COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Strength 1 Strength 2 Strength 3 Strength 4 ACHIEVEMENT ACHIEVEMENTS 20% 42% 27% 80% 100% TESTIMONIALS TESTIMONIALS " " " TIMELINE TIMELINE 2016 2018 2017 2019 NOW Q and A Q and A

Strategic Plan Presentation

Transcript: Pricing Strategy Strategy Formulation… Riordan’s plan is to raise the percent of existing customer’s sales to 60% of all sales a consultative sales approach, to understand and anticipate future needs of customers. work with customers so they are developed around the products, services, and solutions. committed to develop products and services to help them compete and win bids. sales managers have more leverage and can give discounts to customers without the approval of headquarters as long as the sale meets minimum profit margins. Strengths: 1) State of the Art Injection Molding/Manufacturing 2) Operations Network/ 3) Marketing Strategy/Share/Top-Notch Customer List 4) E-Commerce Dr. Riordan and a team of top executives collaboratively developed a two year plan to reach the $50 million dollar mark in revenue. Helps the sales teams prioritize resources and activities in an effort to meet or exceed sales goals therefore adding revenue. The plan incorporates the input of line managers which are closest to the day to day operations Pyramid Bottle BluePrint 3D2E Global Expansion Increase in Revenue Using Six Sigma, TQM Environmental Scan Financial Process Assessments and Feedback When revenue does not match output. Possible backlash from Coca-Cola customers Not able to handle manufacturing needs When cost exceeds revenue Excellent Service Price and Profit Innovative Designing Attitude and Ability Strategy Implementation If more demand comes of the new Coke bottles than Riordan will need to build new operating plants in order to supply the demand. Production may need to be divided into more than one plant for the new Coca-Cola bottles demand. Trending Weakness: 1) No Product Design Experience 2) Huge production chain 3) Mercy of the State of the Economy Design of a kind Innovative solution Riordan’s “NEW” process of creation Global Investment Maintain the name Return on Investments (ROI) Policies and Procedures New Research Increased Production Differentiation with Lower Cos Riordan-Manufacturing.Com. (2016). Retrieved from Riordan Manufacturing :: Virtual Organization Education. (2004). Retrieved August 30, 2016, from 10 Reasons Why Strategic Plans Fail. (2011). Retrieved from Carpenter, M. A., & Sanders, W. G. (2009). Strategic management: A dynamic perspective concepts and cases. (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall. Wheelen, T. L., Hunger, J. D., Hoffman, A. N., & Bamford, C. E. (2015). Concepts in strategic management and business policy: Globalization, Innovation, and sustainability (14th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall. Riordan Mgf. Operations - Supply Chain (Hangzhou, China). (2014, January 9). Retrieved from Riordan Mfg.: Home: References Conclusion Measurement guidelines… Riordan’s board of directors needs to share their information on industrial growth and the needs of the organization. For the global industry we identified a number of elements for both domestically and globally. These elements are assessing current competitiveness. Riordan’s created a strategic plan for the company to follow a better business plan. Riordan’s utilizes the SWOT analysis to maintain competiveness, to measure the company’s health, and improve return of investment large enough to sustain other business ventures such as overseas company in China and other global entities to expand international markets. Opportunities: 1) Expanding Markets/ International 2) New Products/Distribution 3) Designing Own Products 4) Attract Customers from Every Facet of Business. Return On Investment (ROI), and Earnings Per Share (EPS) are appropriate measurements for Riordan’s ability to achieve their profitability goals. These measurements are not good for other objectives such as social responsibility or employee development. Riordan has a two year plan to create 50 million dollars in revenue. Profits are the first measurement of Riordan’s success. The purpose of a company is to increase shareholder wealth; the shareholder value analysis concentrates on cash flow as the main measurement of performance. economic value added (EVA) is a shareholder value method that measures corporate and divisional performance. Riordan will use shareholder value as a measurement of corporate performance and strategic management effectiveness. Strategic Plan Presentation Ethical and Social Responsibility.. Know when to back-out and have contingency plan when doing so. According to, “Some organizations go through the motions of developing a plan simply because common sense says every good organization must have a plan. Don’t do this. Just like most everything in life, you get out of a plan what you

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