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Template: Strategic Plan


Todd Workman

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of Template: Strategic Plan

Challenges Organizational Mandates Stakeholders SWOC Strategic Issues ReadingWORKS: Strategic Plan Strategy Change Cycle Strategies to manage issues Recommendations Mission April 2010 GRPS The Other Way Communities External Stakeholders Grand Rapids Property Owners Association Kent Schools Services Network Funders
Campfire USA
Keystone Church
Devos Foundation ACSET Students Mary Englesman Internal Stakeholders Teachers Elementary schools: Coit, Mulich, Sibley, Covell Opportunities Gathering data and reporting
Communication Need for financial reporting and day-to-day direction
Ability to measure changes in GRPS Expand program to additional schools
Obtain ACSET funding/support
Obtain GRPS funding/support
Seek additional grants for funding
Expand marketing, create website and/or brochure Lack of concrete structure to the program
No sustainable leadership
Struggle between ACSET/Mary
Lack of specific goals and direction
Lack of volunteer board or advisors
Decentralized training for teachers
No website or brochure
Lack of communication Weaknesses Strong and committed leadership
History of success and growth
Positive community relationship
Adequate funding to meet needs
Diverse funding stream provided to program
Provides networking for parents Strengths What they're about Services Organization Description Scope Introductions: Shane Schamper Todd Workman Reading WORKS Mary Engelsman: Creator Mission:(tentative) A collaborative community effort to educate families thereby promoting the love of literacy that is transferred from one generation to another producing stronger families and communities Reading assistance and teaching
Rent reimbursement
Training parents to teach and read Adults play an important role in the lives of children
It is the day to day experiences that count most within families Currently serving four elementary schools, and the surrounding communities. They hope to G R O W ! "I have learned to be more understanding and patient with my son."

"This program has helped me a lot because I am learning with him" Issue #2
Should Reading WORKS formalize their organization? Issue #3
How can Reading WORKS sustain funding over the next five years? Issue #1
What are Reading WORKS' mission and vision for the future? •Identify a singular mission statement that guides their acting, thinking, and decision making
•Identify a vision for the future of Reading WORKS and take appropriate actions to achieve that vision •Become a part of ASCET
•Independently apply for 501(c) 3 status
•Hire a Director to oversee programming, funding and community partnering
•Develop a clearly identified organizational structure
•Recruit a volunteer Board of Directors •Diversify funding base
•Develop and maintain outcome evaluation measure
•Apply for 501(c) 3 status and pursue grants independently from ASCET
•Develop better marketing tools. (e.g. website, pamphlet)
•Avoid 501(c) 3 status and become a program funded and sustained by ASCET
•Partner with ASCET and work collaboratively, neither becoming an independent 501(c) 3 nor a program of ASCET
•Identify key community partners with whom to team up Questions Recommendation #1 Recommendation #2 Recommendation #3 We recommend that Reading WORKS establishes a unified mission and vision statement That Reading WORKS formalizes the organization by:
Clearly identified roles, contracts, structure Sustain funding by diversifying funder base through website design, resource management, and donor aquisition
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