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Transcript: Timeline of the 1970's Overview 1970's The 1970's Era included multiple major events that shook the United States, good and bad. The Oil and Energy Crisis affected the economy with inflation and shortage of fuels and gas. 3 Mile Island released radiation into the Earth, toxifying it. The 70's decade completely changed our perspective of what we do, and how it affects the future. 1970-1974 Events 1970 - Kent State and Jackson State shootings occur 1970 - Janis Joplin dies of drug overdose 1971 - Nixon ends Gold standard monetary policy 1971 - 26th Amendment is ratified 1972 - Apollo 17 flies to moon 1972 - Anti-Ballistic Missle Treaty is signed 1973 - Paris Peace Accords ends US involvement in Vietman 1973 - Skylab is first US space station 1974 - Sweet Home Alabama is released 1974 - 1974 Super Outbreak of tornadoes Major Events 1975-1977 1975 - Helsinki Accords are signed 1975 - Fall of Saigon 1976 - Apple is founded 1976 - Bicentennial of US is celebrated 1977- NYC blackout of 1977 1977 - Star Wars debuts in theatres Major Events 1978-1979 1978 - Senates votes Panama Canal over to Panamanian 1978 - Volkswagon becomes 2nd non-American automoblile 1979 - Iron Hostage Crisis starts 1979 - American Airlines Flight 191 crashes Apollo 13 Apollo 13 - NASA's 3rd moon landing, but never touched the surface - At 56 hours, an oxygen tank exploded and they had to abandon the moon - The mission was originally 6 days long - Launched April 11, 1970 - "Houston, we've had a problem here" - A crew member joined 48 hours before launch - The lunar module, named Aquarius, brought the men back to Earth's%20third,thoughts%20of%20reaching%20the%20moon. Crew Aquarius Pentagon Papers Pentagon Papers - Officially titled "Report of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Task Force" - Contained Information on the Vietnam War - Papers were photocopied by Daniuel Ellsberg - New York Times released the info in 1971 - President Lyndon Johnson left out statements about the war and lied about it - The report was not declassified until 2011 - 36 analysts worked on the Papers "Charges Are Dismissed" Article At White House Daniel Ellsberg Watergate Scandal Nixon/Watergate Scandal - The burglars used tape and Frank Willis notified the police - 5 burglars tried to break into the Democratic National Committee headquarters - Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein weren't the first reporters of the scandal - Nixon was his own downfall - "Deep Throat" was a common source for Woodward - "Watergate Salad" is still a mystery - There is an 18.5 minute gap in Nixon's recordings - "Gate" is a common phrase to put at the end of scandals - Nixpon tapes himself confessing what eventually led to his downfall - The "Smoking Gun" tapes ended the Watergate mishap More Info Facts/Photos - President Nixon announced resignation on August 8, 1974 - James Neal didn't know Nixon knew about Watergate break-in - No one knows what the burglars actually tried to break-in for - Nixon was ordered to surrender the White House tapes Roe vs Wade Case Roe vs Wade - 7-2 ruling announced on January 22, 1973 - Established constitutional rights to abortion - Norma McCorvey wanted an abortion, represented by Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee - Now able to govern abortion regulations based on trimesters in pregnancy - 1st trimester is banned, 2nd is for mothers health, and 3rd is to protect the life of the mother - Jane roe filed to challenge Texas abortion laws - Supreme Court decided "a right to privacy" and abortion is not absolute :// Court Protests Ending of Vietman War Ending of Vietnam War - The last US troops left South Vietnam on March 29, 1973 - The US had a peace settlement that Vietnam didn't agree with - Before March 29, communists violated cease-fire - By 1974, war had resumed 100% - 80,000 of the Vietnam soldiers had been killed - 58,000 American soldiers died in the war - On April 30, 1975, the war officially ended,Saigon%2C%20effectively%20ending%20the%20war. Photos Three


Transcript: BEER BEER BEER What is Beer? Ice Beer - Frozen during aging process, purifying and increasing strength. India Pale Ale - Heavily hopped beer, origionally designed to withstand long journeys from Britain to India in the 1800's Lager - Bottom Fermenting yeast, at a colder temperature. Cider - Using apple juice in the brewing process rather than hops. Malting - Barley being prepared for brewing Mashing - Staraches into sugars Lautering - Separating mash into clear liquid wort, and the residual grains. Boiling - Chemical processes begin Fermenting - Carbs to Alcohols Conditioning - Aging of the beer Filtering - Polishing stage Packaging - Bottles, Cans, Kegs Types of Beer Ales - Brewed with a top fermenting yeasts, at temperatures between 10-20 degrees celsius. Dry Beer - Longer fermentation, turing more sugar to alcohol - Higher percentage Ginger Beer - Low or non alcohol flavored with root ginger. Honey Beer - Adding honey as a sweetener. Mead was fermentend Honey More Beers - The brewing process includes malting, mashing, lautering, boiling, fermenting, conditioning, filtering, and packaging. Factors Affecting Pours Huh? How its Made - Beer is an alcoholic beverage produced by the saccharification of starch and fermentation of the resulting sugar. What does this mean? - What Kind of Carbs? Malted Barely or Malted Wheat - Most beer is flavored with Hops, which also acts as a preservative. - The ingredients in beer include - Water, Yeast, Hops, and a Startch Temperature of Beer Type of Cup Temperature of Glass Pressure of beer tap Distance from Keg to Tap Distance of glass to tap Type of Beer

Beer Presentation

Transcript: For the love of beer Crouch, Andy. Great American Craft Beer: A Guide to the Nation's Finest Beers and Breweries. Running Press. 2010. Print. Glover, Brian. The World Encyclopedia of Beer. Lorenz Books. New York, NY. 2001. Print. Leventhal, Josh. Beer Lover’s Companion. Black Dog and Leventhal Publishers Inc. Beer Advocate. “History of American Beer” Web. Brewer's Associarion. “History of Craft Brewing”. Web. The Smithsonian Magazine. “Beer Archeologist”. Published August 2011. Web. Growth of the craft brewing industry in 2012 was 15% by volume and 17% by retail dollars. 2012 Craft Beer Industry Production Volume Regional craft breweries 10,237,632 bbl Contract brewing companies 227,702 bbl Microbreweries 1,905,212 bbl Brewpubs 870,371 bbl Domestic Craft Beer Sales 2012 13,235,917 barrels Approximately $99 billion Selling 200,028,520 barrels of beer. The Journal of the Brewers Association, released in mid-May 1 barrel = 31 US gallons Last updated on 3/18/2013 20-Icehouse 19-Bud Ice 18- Yuengling Traditional Lager 17-Pabst Blue Ribbon 16-Bud Light Lime 15- Bud Light Platinum 14- Natural Ice 13-Keystone 12- Miller Highlife 11-Heineken 10-Michelob Ultra Light 9-Busch 8-Busch Light 7- Corona Extra 6-Natural Light 5-Miller Lite 4-Budweiser 3-Coors Light 2-Samuel Adams 1-Bud Light 1. Stouts 2. American Ales 3. India Pale Ale 4. Belgian and French Ales 5. Belgian Strong Ales Works Cited: 1. Euro Amber Lagers 2. Dark Lagers 3. Fruit Beers 4. Amber Hybrid Beers 5. Bock American Breweries Per Capita: World’s oldest known barley beer Iran’s Zagros Mountains 3400 B.C. Used as liquid nutrition for early laborers One of the few "clean" beverages during the dark ages First beer in America grown by Chesapeake Bay settlers in Virginia circa 1587 Ben Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson all brewed beer and had their own recipes How Beer is made Beer Service Beer Top 20 Best Sellers What beers do Americans like? Properly showcasing beer to enjoy all of its flavors and aromas is key, especially when enjoying with food Beer industry statistics Beer by the Numbers: Most popular type of beer: A presentation by Destiny Szwiec and Mike Brown During the American Revolution, beer was the drink of choice while tea and wine were snubbed as "Loyalist Beverages" Dutch West India Company of Lower Manhattan in 1632 is the first American brewery D.G. Yuengling & Son Brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania is the longest operating brewery A Brief History The Birth of American Beer Least popular type of beer:

Beer Presentation

Transcript: Countries like France or Spain you will notice that alcohol is widely available and easily accessible day or night. Ireland being compared to other E.U countries The education their taught in school about alcohol needs to concentrate more on how the amount of alcohol consumed is more damaging than how often you consume it instead of concentrating on how bad alcohol is for them altogether. This way at least they’ll be informed on how to drink and what to drink when they do drink The Government are cracking down on minimum selling of alcohol. In Superquinn you can buy forty bottles of beer which are 300ml for €30. That works out that you are paying €1.00 for 400ml of beer. To buy a good quality craft beer it would work out at approximately €2.40 for the same 400ml amount. The people of Ireland would greatly benefit to drink lower amounts of beer but better quality beers. Such as the craft beers that are becoming more widely available.There are thousands to try so why stick to the bland beers we know so well. Binge drinking is most common in the youngest age group and has a tendency to decline with age. 71 % of male drinkers across all age groups consume alcohol in a “harmful” manner. the amount of people classified as ‘non-drinkers' has fallen from 19 % to 13 %. Introduction Drinking in the home: The levels of drinking in the home have risen since the indoor smoking ban in 2004. Low cost alcohol in off licences also plays a key role. This is causing a lot of public houses to close If somebody driving a car drives too fast you do not blame the car you rightly blame the driver. You cannot blame the alcohol if somebody is staggering home it is the drinker who gets himself into that state of mind. If you drink to a point that you don’t know your own actions you need to be held fully accountable you cannot blame the drink. Since 2002 drink consumption has been decreasing; however the availability of alcohol is increasing, and is most definitely more easily accessible for the youths of today. you can buy six cans of cheap lager for as little as seven euros in supermarkets or in off licences. The caricature of a "drinker" has slowly morphed - from lager louts downing pints to lads downing a 12 pack at home. Pubs are closing down, duty on beer is rising, and sales of cheap supermarket wine are rocketing. People are drinking at home before going to a nightclub. This is known as ‘Pre- Drinking’. Alternative facilities for young people e.g. alcohol free venues, entertainment facilities, national youth/health fitness programmes National Identity Card to every adult Parents should show by good example with regard to the level and pattern of alcohol that should be consumed Government alcohol policy to ensure that alcohol becomes less affordable permanently, not just in recessionary times. Sports as an alternative to those who are drinking too much Drinking in the Home ‘Knacker drinking’ which involves planned drinking in public. This is what a lot of underage drinkers would do.85% thought it was easy to access alcohol. Beer was seen as the easiest. One in five adults believe it is acceptable for teenagers to drink alcohol before they turn 18, a Health Service Executive (HSE) research showed in 2009 63% do not approve or agree with underage drinking 55% know young people who regularly get drunk Yet 55% feel there is nothing they can do to stop underage drinking. Only 3% of Irish adult drinkers drink daily while 43% of Portuguese adults would drink daily. Conclusion We are all slaves to advertisements, be they on social media websites, in newspapers, in magazines, on the television or on the radio. A group of 16-21-year-olds listed alcohol advertisements as five of their top 10 favourite advertisements Beer and wine are now being paired with food. People are starting to realise that beer goes excellently well with food. France and Spain are miles ahead of us in that sense. They could easily sit for a couple of hours eating and drinking a bottle of wine. Go out and socialise in a pub.‘Dublin does Fridays’ ‘Dublin does Fridays like nowhere else. Let’s prove we’re the most socialable city in the world’ Market for Craft Beers Advertising and Sport Advertising Towards a Better Pattern of Alcohol Consumption Drinking Habits The Government seem to have a simple minded approach that if the price of alcohol rises we will drink less. In that regard if we continue to increase the tax on every drink the problem will be minimized. Alcohol consumption has steadily risen for decades despite the Governments taxation that may put very minor dents in the graph. Support our own e.g. O Haras, Olympic Gold Instead of buying a pint of Heineken or a six pack of Budweiser buy a pint of craft beer if on draught such as ‘Olympic Gold’ one of Messrs Maguires home brewed beers or a few bottles of ‘O Haras’. Become more aware and educated about beer and food combined. Underage Drinking By Mark Keogh, Niamh Costello and Lorna St. Ledger Alcohol and sport

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