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Beer Presentation

No description

Destiny Szwiec

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Beer Presentation

A Brief History
World’s oldest known barley beer Iran’s Zagros Mountains 3400 B.C.
Used as liquid nutrition for early laborers
One of the few "clean" beverages during the dark ages
First beer in America grown by Chesapeake Bay settlers in Virginia circa 1587
Ben Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson all brewed beer and had their own recipes

How Beer is made
The Birth of American Beer
During the American Revolution, beer was the drink of choice while tea and wine were snubbed as "Loyalist Beverages"
Dutch West India Company of Lower Manhattan in 1632 is the first American brewery
D.G. Yuengling & Son Brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania is the longest operating brewery
Beer by the Numbers:
American Breweries Per Capita:
Growth of the craft brewing industry in 2012 was 15% by volume and 17% by retail dollars.
2012 Craft Beer Industry Production Volume
Regional craft breweries 10,237,632 bbl
Contract brewing companies 227,702 bbl
Microbreweries 1,905,212 bbl
Brewpubs 870,371 bbl
Domestic Craft Beer Sales 2012 13,235,917 barrels
Approximately $99 billion
Selling 200,028,520 barrels of beer.

The Journal of the Brewers Association, released in mid-May 1 barrel = 31 US gallons
Last updated on 3/18/2013
Top 20 Best Sellers
19-Bud Ice
18- Yuengling Traditional Lager
17-Pabst Blue Ribbon
16-Bud Light Lime
15- Bud Light Platinum
14- Natural Ice
12- Miller Highlife
10-Michelob Ultra Light
8-Busch Light
7- Corona Extra
6-Natural Light
5-Miller Lite
3-Coors Light
2-Samuel Adams
1-Bud Light

Beer Service
Properly showcasing beer to enjoy all of its flavors and aromas is key, especially when enjoying with food
Works Cited:
1. Stouts
2. American Ales
3. India Pale Ale
4. Belgian and French Ales
5. Belgian Strong Ales
Most popular type of beer:
1. Euro Amber Lagers
2. Dark Lagers
3. Fruit Beers
4. Amber Hybrid Beers
5. Bock
Least popular type of beer:
What beers do Americans like?
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Beer industry statistics
For the love of beer
A presentation by Destiny Szwiec and Mike Brown
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