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AIS - Presentation Template Idea

Transcript: *Track data refers to payment information stored on a credit, debit, and stored-value card *Began an investigation on March 19th O U T P U T S *Industry rules say track data is not allowed to be stored on company's system The End! Thanks for listening! 5. Do you still shop there knowing that a data breach occurred? If so do you use cash or check now? 1. Have you every shopped at Schnucks? *100 locations located throughout Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Iowa *CEO Scott Schnuck didn't release a statement until April 14th, 2013 *Schnucks found evidence of computer codes in its system that was able to strip data from the magnetic stripe on the card *Schnucks worked with its payment processor to contact the banks of all affected card numbers *Banks are required to compensate victims in instances of fraud *Gave the Secret Service and the FBI information about the methods and tools used by the hackers *Schnucks felt like revealing too much information would be giving a road map to the hackers *Database management system would help to prevent unauthorized access 3. Were you affected by the Schnucks hacking? *Many customers are now only using checks or cash Preventative Measures *Use this as an opportunity to strengthen their system *Still family owned and operated *Breach occurred between December 2012 and March 2013 *The hackers didn't access customers name, address, or other identifying information About Schnucks Class Questions *While other people think announcing it sooner would have caused customer panic and backlash *An organizations database is its physical repository for financial and non financial information 2. Were you aware that there was a data breach that occurred at Schnucks involving 2.4 million people and their credit/debit card information? I N P U T S *Began when Edwin H. Schnuck opened a meat business in 1937 The Data Breach *Some customers think Schnucks should have released information regarding the breach sooner Accounting Information Systems *Doing this would allow customers to check their information to find out if any fraud had occurred The Reaction *Set up a call center for customers who have questions *The hackers were able to gain access to Schnucks database The Schnucks Data Breach In Relation to Accounting Information Systems *The hackers were able to obtain the card number and expiration date By: Abbie Bergtholdt & Casey Jarvis 4. Did your bank send you a replacement card credit/debit card in response to the Schnucks data breach? *Hackers found a way to install malicious software into the computers processing environment that accessed the debit/credit cards while they were processing

App idea

Transcript: Calendar Map Messaging abilities Notifications Phone Wi-fi/Data capabilities What is it? Shows locations of local physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, and urgent care centers. CALL 911 Template Uses a calendar to track medications. Uses a database to assess symptoms and evaluates what should be done. Uses screen sensor technology to read pulse and temperature. Accesses database for diseases in the area. Home screen InstaMedi By: Tommy Strei, Firas Odeh, Blake Bremer, Anthony Gang, Dean Le Calendar Can be used to create specific icons on the phones home screen for quick access to info on the situation at hand (e.g. Panic attack help) Video Functions of the Phone used Ease of access Messaging/Phone Medical App meant for all ages Pill-reminder Medical condition identifier Emergency contact database Local medical information How does it do it? Map Within the app Tracks when medication should be taken. Can connect to physicians and pharmacies to order refills and prescriptions. Evaluates symptoms and suggests proper care initiatives. Can check vital signs. Alerts of possible outbreaks in the area. Ease of access modifications. Inferior Apps/Websites Used to track dates and times to take medicine. Can suggest when regular physician appointments should be made. What does it do? WebMD Med Helper app (sends reminders to take medications, sends refill info., sends reports to doctors in emergency situations) Go to first aid (provides info. for emergency situations, has hospital locations, reads instructions for CPR) WikiEM: Database of emergency medical situations and emergency protocols. Includes step by step instructions that can be read out loud by the phone Alerts the user to take medications if there is no active internet connection available. Can call emergency medical services within the app.

App Idea Template

Transcript: Bar Models This part of the app would give instruction about how to use bar models with interactive examples. The app would gradually release the ownership to the student until they are ready to begin their own work with practice problems. Practice } In my search of apps, I did not find any on the concept of bar modeling to solve math word problems. Since my school district has adopted a math program based on the methods used in Singapore, we use bar models to solve complicated, multi-step word problems. The following slides are a general plan for what my app idea might look like. } Learn General Description Jeremy Wemhoff American College of Education May 14, 2014 Challenge This section of the app has many practice problems that build in difficulty This section would include more problems to solve, but have different levels. Users can solve five problems to move to the next level. As levels increase difficulty increases. The main page would have a menu like this: 275 Create Learn Storyboard - Bar Modeling App Students could choose any of the four options listed. They can learn how to use bar models, do practice problems, create models for problems encountered from other sources, or work on challenging problems. Create ? This section gives students a space to create models using adjustable bars to drag and drop. Symbols and numbers would be available to make the bars like the ones in the practice problems. App Storyboard Math Bar Models Practice Challenge Main Page

IDEA Template

Transcript: President Reagan signed the Handicapped Children's Protection Act. this act allowed the parents to have a say in the development of their child's Education Plan Conclusion/December 3, 2004 April 9, 1965 May 17, 1954 January 1, 1990 The Education for All Handicapped Children Act had many major changes. Traumatic brain injury and autism became new disability category. Work Cited August 6, 1986 June 4, 1997 U.S Supreme court believed that the Brown v Board of Education Case was unconstitutional for schools to segregate children by their skin color. That is when the talk about special education came about The Education for all Handicapped Children's Act turned into the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. ALL students would now have the same curriculum. IDEA Template Introduction Elementary and Secondary Education acted was signed by Lyndon B. Johnson. It was called to equal education for all students and federal funding for students that were in poverty. The landmark legislation are the reason why children with learning disabilities are allowed to attend the same public schools as everyone else. Education for All Handicapped Children Act is that 8 million children in the U.S with disabilities, majority of the children didn't get the proper eduction. Lastly the children that were allowed to attend public school, were put in a separate classroom and also didn't receive the proper education. Congress congratulated the IDEA by having interventions for students, greater accountability and improved educational outcomes. Also the standards for instructions who teach special education went up. 15% of special education funds went towards general education if it were proved that a not equal ratio of students that were minority were placed in special education even if they weren't disabled. Timeline of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). (n.d.). Retrieved February 26, 2017, from

App idea

Transcript: BookTalk The app for your literary needs Hello This is is BookTalk, the app that lets you snap photos of the cover of the books so you can get instant reviews for it from all over the Internet and much more. Every detail from the name of the author, to the publishing house, we got you covered. And if you read the book already, you can leave your own review so you can help others decide. INTRODUCTION Minimalist approach Logo and tagline Logo Logo is meant to represent both a speech bubble and a book cover, alluding to the thing you photo and the subsequent reviews. The tagline is a play on the famous saying "don't judge a book its cover", because , essentially, that's what you're doing by using this app. Color Scheme Visual identity The color palette revolves around blue, teal shades and white. It's meant to emphasize the calmness, introspection and simplicity of reading a book. It also stays in line with the minimalist approach, avoiding bright and strong colors. Target Group Target groups Analysis People that are avid readers Students, but everyone involved in the educational process is desired Social media users iDEALLY... ...OUR PERFECT USER PERSONA would be a young adult with superior studies that enjoys reading on a regular basis and is wiling to share their passion in an online community. coMPetitors At its core, BookTalk, is a "review" platform and it has to go against big names like: Market and competition Google- biggest search engine Goodreads- main competitor, acts like an aggregator of people's reviews Amazon- one of the biggest retailers of books, allowing reviews on its site ...booktalk is unique All of the aforementioned companies can find the books you want only by typing the actual name of the author or the book's itself. Sometimes that can prove a challenge especially when you're not used to other languages or cultures. BookTalk lets you snap a quick photo of the book's cover and all you need or want to know about the book is sitting in front of your eyes. Also, we want a bigger interaction between our users, allowing for liking, sharing and replying to others reviews. Despite all of this... pricing We want our app to be available for everyone, because we believe there is no price for what you love But we do have a donation button that can be found in the menu bar if you want to support us. KEY-WORD: ACCESSIBILITY The ad campaign will mainly take place online and the platforms we target to make ourselves seen are as follows: Advertising strategy Social media platforms for visibility (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Video sharing/streaming services for a more focused targeting (YouTube, TikTok) Influencers to promote us

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