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App idea

No description

Tommy Strei

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of App idea

By: Tommy Strei, Firas Odeh, Blake Bremer, Anthony Gang,
Dean Le
What is it?
Medical App meant for all ages
Medical condition identifier
Emergency contact database
Local medical information
Functions of the Phone used
Messaging abilities
Wi-fi/Data capabilities
What does it do?
Tracks when medication should be taken.
Can connect to physicians and pharmacies to order refills and prescriptions.
Evaluates symptoms and suggests proper care initiatives.
Can check vital signs.
Alerts of possible outbreaks in the area.
Ease of access modifications.
How does it do it?
Uses a calendar to track medications.
Uses a database to assess symptoms and evaluates what should be done.
Uses screen sensor technology to read pulse and temperature.
Accesses database for diseases in the area.
Used to track dates and times to take medicine.
Can suggest when regular physician appointments should be made.
Shows locations of local physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, and urgent care centers.
Inferior Apps/Websites

Med Helper app (sends reminders to take medications, sends refill info., sends reports to doctors in emergency situations)
Go to first aid (provides info. for emergency situations, has hospital locations, reads instructions for CPR)
WikiEM: Database of emergency medical situations and emergency protocols.
CALL 911
Can be used to create specific icons on the phones home screen for quick access to info on the situation at hand (e.g. Panic attack help)
Ease of access
Includes step by step instructions that can be read out loud by the phone

Within the app
Home screen
Alerts the user to take medications if there is no active internet connection available.
Can call emergency medical services within the app.
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