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Live or recorded, here are just a few of the ways teachers use Prezi Video to maintain the vital human connection with their students.


Preview the day’s lesson content with a short video your students can watch beforehand, so they come to class prepared to get the most of your time together.


Help your students to succeed by outlining clear expectations, due dates, and grading criteria in a short video they can review as often as needed.


Give students a valuable boost before tests by visually reviewing key concepts and expectations, plus tips for studying and test-taking.


Add a personal touch to messages home from school such as progress updates, announcements, homework assignments, and semester highlights.


“I love that I can infuse my personality into lessons, direct student attention and focus, and still have ‘face time’ with my kids—even in remote learning.”

Rachael Streitman
8th grade U.S. History teacher, Mayfield Middle School, Cleveland, OH

“Prezi helps bring my lessons alive. It makes them fun and engaging in a way that excites my students. And when I don't use it, my scholars let me know they're not happy about it!”

Jamie Ewing
K–5 Science/STEM teacher, PS277x, Bronx, NY

“I love Prezi. Information with visuals is always better-received, so when I tried Prezi Video, I was hooked. Once I realized how easy it was, I got carried away.”

Dr. Allison Upshaw
Director, Faculty Development Center, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, Stillman College, Tuscaloosa, AL


Prezi’s motion and interactivity let you show added context and make any topic feel more dynamic and entertaining—without clicking through slides.

No matter what the subject, studies show that elegant, eye-catching graphics make any message more compelling and easier to understand.


With designer templates for every subject, tons of reusable content, and a full library of icons and images, there’s no need to start from scratch—unless you want to.


Start with a template
Save time and effort with designer templates, icons, and images for any topic.

Repurpose existing content
Browse shared presentations, videos, and designs you can customize as your own.

Convert your PowerPoint slides
No need to scrap those old slide decks. Simply “prezify” what you already have.


From our dedicated Education Team to our vast library of shared teacher-created content, we’re all working together to make learning more meaningful with Prezi.


Teacher gallery
See how teachers around the world use Prezi to reach their students. Then share your own best videos, presentations, and designs.
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Reusable content
Explore our library of Prezi creations by other teachers. Save time by simply customizing with your own images and text.

Lesson plans
Tap into a wide range of well-researched, high-quality Prezi lesson plans by experienced educators for use in your own classes.
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