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Make any email more engaging by including a video message. Instantly record yourself and your content together on the screen – perfect for when you want to use visual aids to land your point. Easy to make, and a heck-of-a-lot more interesting than an ordinary email, Prezi’s video messages are great at keeping teams engaged in hybrid and remote settings.

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Better than an email

Writing can make it difficult to get to your point quickly – that’s why there are so many long, wordy emails. Recording a video message on Prezi Video allows you to express your thoughts more naturally, while using visual aids such as your screen, images, and data for support. Video messages are a great alternative to written emails for remote teams who can’t simply pull each other aside for a quick sync.

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Share your video message anywhere

Share your video message with a link or embedded on a web page, or download it as an MP4 file and share it on any platform or social media channel.

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Step up your prospecting game

Your competitors are sending long, drawn-out emails to their prospects. Set yourself apart by recording a personalized video message with Prezi Video. Customize the video with your prospect’s branding – your video will stand out in their inboxes and it’ll make them feel special knowing you recorded something just for them.


how to record a video message on Prezi
How to record a video on Prezi
  1. Sign up for Prezi and open Prezi Video in your dashboard.
  2. To create a Prezi video, click "quick record," import an existing slide deck, or choose from our library of professionally-designed video templates.
  3. Upload your own images, GIFs, and videos, or select visuals from Unsplash and Giphy directly within Prezi Video.
  4. Practice as many times as you need, then record your video message. You can pause the recording at any time.
  5. Share your video with a link, embed it on a webpage, or download and share the video file.

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Find the perfect template for your video message

The most eye-catching video messages start with the right templates. Discover ready-made templates that make it easy for you to create and record quickly.



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Frequently asked questions


What is a video message?

A video message is a short video recording used to share your thoughts visually and verbally. They’re great for brief updates, explaining complex projects, and for reaching out to remote coworkers and customers.


How should I use video messaging at work?

It might seem easier to explain something like a complicated request or creative feedback while face-to-face, but if you’re working remotely or have a day full of meetings, you might not get that opportunity. This is where video messaging comes in. A video message is a nice alternative to a written one as it allows the expressiveness of video, without the difficulties of scheduling a meeting. Plus, you can usually explain something out loud a lot more quickly than you could by writing it out. The next time you find yourself writing a long email full of screenshots and links, try sending a video message instead.


How long should my video message be?

If you’re sending a video message instead of an email, a short video up to a few minutes long will likely suffice. If you’re sending a video message in place of a meeting, you might want to record a little longer. In either case, your content comes first. As long as you’re able to articulate your message clearly, your video won’t feel "too long" to your audience.


How do I send a video message with Prezi?

With Prezi Video, you have the option to share your video message with a link, and can choose your privacy settings. You can also embed your video message on a webpage, or download and share natively.


Can I send a video message externally to someone outside my company?

Yes. You can share your video message with whomever you want.


How do I brand my video message?

First, set up a brand kit. You’ll be able to quickly apply your brand’s colors, fonts, and logos to create a professional-looking video with a few clicks of a button. Note: you need a Team’s license in order to use Prezi’s brand kits.


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Video messages are better with Prezi

Prezi helps you create engaging, stunning video messages that are perfect for virtual and hybrid work environments. See for yourself – discover other cool features when you get a demo or sign up for a free trial.