The human connection has a new face. Yours.

Appear right alongside your content as you present—an interactive and engaging new way to deliver presentations in your Microsoft Teams video conferences.

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Prezi Video and Microsoft Teams bring you and your audience closer — no matter where you happen to be


Connect in a video conference or record to share later

Give better presentations in real time
Use Prezi Video to deliver dynamic and interactive video presentations in your Microsoft Teams video conferences.

Create and share videos anytime
Make a video, then drop the link into Microsoft Teams for people to watch on their schedule. 



Make your first video presentation in minutes

Start with a template that’s already on brand
Templates with your brand colors, fonts, and logo help your team stay on message every time.

Repurpose a presentation
Have a Prezi or PowerPoint deck you like? Convert it to Prezi Video!


Learn more about using Prezi Video and Microsoft Teams for more engaging online meetings